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    She spiked a fever this afternoon. I was hoping it was just a cold. She’s been back at preschool since July but until a couple weeks ago it was only five kids. They’re now up to 12 kids again. I can’t imagine she got whatever this is anywhere else because she doesn’t really socialize with anyone else. I’m really hoping it’s not COVID but the fever makes me more concerned It is. Regardless, I get everything that comes through here so I expect to come down with it in the next couples days.
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    Such awful news. I think it’s incredibly brave of them to share it while it must still be so raw.
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    I think the people who've been private have always been private and those who are not....Are not. Chrissy's entire brand is oversharing and the fact Legend loves her because of/in spite of that ? I also think that the pause in tv/film/music production means this was a VERY good year for a lot of people who want kids to go ahead and do it.....
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    Joaquin Phoenix and Fiancée Rooney Mara Welcome First Child River, Honoring Actor’s Late Brother https://people.com/parents/joaquin-phoenix-rooney-mara-welcome-first-child-son-river/
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    There’s something quite similar going round in the UK right now, after the kids went back to school and germs are circulating. I’ve had it and my cough was short and for the exact reason you suspect, so fingers crossed!
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    I’m confused as to why bars are open at all, at least here where schools can’t be open. Priorities. ?
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    Here is San Diego, CA I've seen the college kids going into the bars while mostly maintaining social distancing and following the rules. Then as they drink, they get sloppy and next thing you know they are all hugging each other and going home with people that are most certainly NOT in their COVID circle. I would think that closing the bars a few hours earlier might help with some of that, on the other hand maybe that will just make them drink faster?!?! The colleges that opened up for onsite classes are finding out all the kids aren't getting sick from the protocols in the classroom (for the most part), it's the socializing they do after that is causing all the problems. Generally it's the young kids and the tourists that are really making it bad for us locals. Uh, I digress. At least the royals can know they aren't the only idiots.
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    We aren’t locking them down fully again (not yet) but we are closing them at 10pm, because the virus only attacks after then...! A lot have said they’ll just open earlier to compensate. And this is the trouble with much of the current approach to covid, stuff may be technically within the rules and being encouraged by some parts of government, but regardless it looks terrible on the front page. It also shows the hypocrisy in approach versus H&M, when the latter are getting nonsense bad press for being “too political” right now. But we don’t forget, as seen in this random jogger’s cry:
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    ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **4** There has been some back and forth talk between this former married couple of going out to dinner and making sure paps are there. It would make every cover of every tabloid in the world, so they are going to wait until there is something huge to promote. Please do it! It would piss AJ off so much if Jen and Brad dined together in public.
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    We loved Schitts Creek from the beginning - but we watched from the beginning because "weird" comedies are smack dab in the middle of our wheelhouse.
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    Will and Kate’s adorable children talking to David Attenborough about animals. So adorable. https://mobile.twitter.com/KensingtonRoyal/status/1312376865332420608
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    True. However, Chrissy Teigan hasn't got that message yet. :)
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    To be fair, it’s a LOT easier during a pandemic!
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    I kind of like the fact that nobody even knew about the latest round of celebrity pregnancies until the babies were already here. Further proof that privacy is indeed possible for those who want it.
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    Oh no!! Fingers crossed everyone just has normal pre-school kid germs!! It's allergy season (again) here in NC. A couple weeks ago, I was very stuffed up, coughing etc - but also a little itchy eye so I was pretty sure it was allergies. But I'm totally paranoid!
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    and just the other night, Eugenie & Beatrice out partying giving yet more bad optics to the royals. (well, hopefully not actually "partying" as in drinking, but apparently since the UK is going to have to lock down bars/restaurants again, not very good to be seen out at an exclusive club with bodyguards trying to block photos with umbrellas....)
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    That’s funny because I have the same reaction every time I see that ad! It’s like an age quiz.
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    I liked it from the beginning but I actually think it got better too.
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    I love Schitt’s Creek. Their wins are well deserved. I’ve been meaning to watch Watchmen too. I’ve heard it’s really good. I read the comic book before the movie came out many years ago but I’ve forgotten most of the story. I watched the first episode of Succession because everyone raved about the series but I thought it was a little slow and I haven’t been able to motivate myself to watch the second episode but I plan to at some point.
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    It just feels unearned. Three years ago she was a mediocre actress on a cable tv show I had never heard of. He’s probably a cool guy whose done lots of interesting things but again, this feels like it’s so out of nowhere. I get that she’s well educated and has an interest in these Topics, but she’s like, the new college graduate who doesn’t understand why they aren’t the boss in their first job out of college. They both just feel like they are getting these opportunities that they aren’t really yet qualified for. I’ll give them a shot, they need to work, but I’m skeptical that they can pull this off.
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    2020 has just claimed another musical legend: Eddie Van Halen. God bless you and his family always!!! Holly
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    Apparently Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's newborn has died. Devastating news for them. https://www.cbs17.com/entertainment-news/chrissy-teigen-john-legend-announce-death-of-newborn-baby/
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    3 of the people I know that have caught it all got it when they had to go to the hospital for something else. One in North Dakota, two in Florida. My cousins (not sure exact relation) in northern California caught it when their grand kid's school was closed because someone tested positive at the school. So they came to visit their grandparents while school was out.
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    My four year old came down with a super stuffy nose last night accompanied by a cough last night. The cough went away in the morning so I suspect the cough was due to the post nasal drip running down her throat while she was lying down rather than anything in the lungs (yet). No fever last night or this morning. I’m getting her tested for COVID-19 today. Hoping it comes back negative. I miss the before times when these mild symptoms would be no big deal.