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    https://themighty.com/2018/10/prince-harry-boy-with-down-syndrome-luke-vincent-australia/?utm_source=media_partner&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=ScaryMommy Prince Harry has really turned things around. It’s hard to believe this was the guy partying hard in Vegas and dressing up as a Nazi for Halloween.
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    No, I didn't think you were arguing with me. I personally didn't want to sound like I was criticizing a woman's body or reproductive issues, and that's why I was backtracking/writing annoyingly 😉 Commenting on the way a woman looks - even when intending to be complimentary! - is like quicksand!
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    Yes, it's like watching The Crown and wondering why anyone would want to be a royal. It's much better than listening to politics (can't escape that these days).
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    Yeah, it's total escapism for me.
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    I know I'd much rather discuss royal baby timelines than American politics. So I'm happy to debate this topic
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    Just announced that Royal Meghan is pregnant
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    I thought her dress was gorgeous and that tiara was the best! But the Gatsby reading? Nope, nuh-uh. That's up there with playing "I will always love you" as your first dance song - because you CLEARLY have not listened to the words, that is NOT a wedding song!!!!
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    Wow -- top shelf liquor TOO?!?!? TMZ blows.
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    Wow - I'm totally shocked they are using an age appropriate love interest for Cruise!!!
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    I'm reading See What I Have Done, historical fiction based on Lizzie Borden. It's good!
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    Thanks Hoya, our county library has each book and a comic by written by Abdul-Jabbar titled Mycroft Holmes and the apocalypse handbook 1. I requested each one. Reading Ambush by James Patterson now.
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    Have to admit, I've been impressed with most of her fashion choices this tour. I particularly like this one, because it looks like a princess would wear it :.
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    My reply wasn’t specifically to you. I was just contributing possible reasons for her being bigger than expected to the general discussion. I know a bit too much about the reasons women carry differently because I researched them when looking up old wives tales for gender with both of mine before I knew what sex they were. Didn’t mean to sound argumentative.
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    I’ve read the first. I didn’t know there was a second. I’ll have to grab it.
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    Ooh. I just had a thought. If they had IVF do we think they might have twins?? That would be fun.
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    Agreed. I feel like a lot of that was simply living in a bubble and not being very aware, self or otherwise. It seems like he’s been really open to educating himself and growing. I think going to the military and getting away from his family for a while was so good for him. It seems like he really benefitted from being with a more diverse (in so many ways) group of people. I do think his mother would be really proud of him.
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    Hey Princess, how are things going with your dad?
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    Honestly, who cares. Not our business and at her age, I kind of assumed... saw her in a white dress today and no bump. Guess she had a big lunch or that blue dress was just horribly unflattering. I am realizing that as much as I was excited about Harry’s wedding, I’m struggling to care about these royal babies and weddings lately. Maybe over saturation, don’t know but I’ve suddenly lost my fascination.
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    Reading new Deborah Harkness - Time's Convert. So far so good. Also they're making the first book into a streaming movie. Grr. I'd like things to be on TV so I can actually see things.... https://tvline.com/2018/10/08/the-dresden-files-tv-series-jim-butcher-novels/ (Also new TV remake of Dresden Files, which I'm happy about too!!)
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    ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/05 **#3** Multiple police reports were filed, against a low level operator, who is part of a big network of very evil people. This is only the beginning of a very bad month for many extremely sick and powerful people. You all know all of the players, and you all know who has been working to bring them down.
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    Never a bad time for the Tarantino gay Top Gun clip ;-) There is never, NEVER, anything wrong with that volleyball scene.
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    ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/08 **#4** This former A+ list mostly movie actress that almost every human on the planet knows is robbing from an organization she runs just to keep up her lifestyle.
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    I'm honestly petrified to leave my house most days. I truly don't believe anywhere is safe -- there's a miasma of hatred over the entire country, and that orange buffoon in the white house just continues to stoke the flames of hate. What an awful time.
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    BREAKING: Now twelve shot at Pittsburgh synagogue. gunman in custody. Local press report alleged gunman opened fire with an automatic weapon while shouting "all Jews must die." Trump says, “If they had protection inside, the results would have been much better.” ———- There were four armed policemen who were shot. I can’t even with him. This hits close to me. My mom spent the morning listening to the sirens from her window. This area of town was my home for my entire early life. These are my friends. This is my community. This is literally Mister Rogers Neighborhood. So far everyone i know is safe but much traumatization. Just horrible.