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    Do I want him to Just. Stop. Talking? Yes Will I read this book? Probably also yes.
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    So sorry for you! Hope it's light and no long term issues! While it's true something like 99% of deaths from COVID now are in unvaccinated, we're just now starting to talk about morbidity again and what it could mean - long covid is no joke, potential permanent damage to brains, respiratory systems etc. MISC in kids who cannot be vaccinated yet. And so on. We're getting ready to cancel the trip we had planned for December, just gonna stick close to home for a while longer, continue with my mask & distancing..... Meanwhile my office is getting ready to start opening - next week for some. Not sure what it means for me but I've already told my boss I wanna work from home as much as possible - don't know yet if I will be able to or not.....
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    I definitely assumed it was that bad for the conservatorship to be renewed (though I know it's easier to maintain the conservatorship than to have it granted in the first place). I'm still so torn on this issue - I feel really strongly about bodily autonomy BUT if you have an illness that prevents rational decisions.....
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    I won't bother to read the memoir. As with the Scobie book, all the most interesting/ controversial/ salty parts will be discussed in the media so why bother to read it in its entirety?
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    This delta variant is scary stuff. My fire engine red part of Virginia was barely complying with mask wearing before restrictions were for all intents and purposes lifted in mid-June. Maxiedad and I just got back from the grocery store and we were the only ones masked even though we are fully vaccinated. I would bet the mortgage that we were also one of the few at the grocery store who were fully vaccinated too. Because mah-freedumbs.
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    I’m also curious about the prevelance of long Covid in people who get it after being vaccinated. It’s been 10 months since my son had it and he still can’t smell anything. Granted, that’s a mild issue, but 10 months is a long time for someone who has the more severe side effects. I’m hoping that vaccination cuts down on long COVID as well in people who still contract the virus. My husband went back to work on Monday and large swaths of the DC workforce seem to have started back this month. Even in my very progressive part of Northern VA with its high vaccination rates, mask wearing is starting to fall off just about everywhere. I saw a handful of massless people at the store this week which is absolutely new to me here. If it’s “over” here, I’d hate to see what it’s like in Missouri.
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    Any guy that is going to harass and attempt to control a girl he is dating is going to use whatever excuse he can to justify it - so yes, take this with a grain of salt. But I do find the girl's comments about family business interesting.
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    A 19yr old won the competition to design an emblem for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Lovely! https://www.vam.ac.uk/info/the-platinum-jubilee-emblem-competition https://vanda-production-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/2021/08/03/08/56/31/55aed738-7f10-426a-a398-78616abe8ee6/Winning-jubilee-emblem.jpg
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    The pictograms were AWESOME. I made my hubs watch YouTube since he missed!
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    I have some stuff recorded, but haven't really watched anything. Didn't even watch the opening ceremony - did anyone watch that? Worth me watching, or should I delete from TiVo? I do plan to watch next week individual gymnastics. I like the diving too. I'm usually really into it, but this year I'm having trouble getting started.
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    ChitChat is now officially begging for donations for our annual hosting fees! If you enjoy this site, please consider donating to assist with funds that are used for hosting, tech support and upgrades of FanChitChat! Even a few dollars is appreciated! Click Here to Donate to ChitChat! The link above will take you to paypal's secure server. In case anyone needs it, the payment email address is princess@fanchitchat.com You do not need a paypal account, you can simply enter in info and submit without registering. As we have done in the past, all who donate will be designated "ChitChat Donator" status so every knows how super cool you are Thanks again everyone! Can't believe we are 18 years old now! princess
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    Sorry for the delay in updating your ChitChat status as a donator. I made some updates today.
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    One of Annabelle Maher's family members is one of my family-by-choice-friends (FBCF) While I've never met Annabelle in person, we've both gathered at the same campfire - just on different nights. She is a good egg according to everyone I know that has met her. It has been interesting hearing her slow rise to fame. This week, she was on the TODAY with Hoda & Jenna!! Check her out. Hope she makes it big one day! https://www.today.com/video/tomorrow-s-talent-today-meet-the-14-year-old-singer-who-played-for-president-biden-117068869788?fbclid=IwAR1y5tX7qcnZoJfVLVAE9dDHoVny74ub7Yoe_PnEKu2ajqDXVDyrAyqO-fQ
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    I've been ok with all their other moves - kids books, Netflix & spotify deals, series on mental health - great. A memoir in your 30s? Nope, don't need it. A step too far 😉
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    As usual, our awesome Moderator Hoyaheel donated but I think she would like to keep her Moderator status
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    oooh. Interesting piece from Page Six! It is pretty crazy to see what Charlene used to look like, before all the cosmetic surgeries and injections, and how different from now. I honestly wouldn't recognize her as the same person.
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    I’m so sorry. I hope you are all ok, especially your father. That’s tough. Scary too since vaccinated. I’m hearing about so many breakthrough infections. I don’t think reporting on this feels really accurate.
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    Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon Show Off Silver Hair on Set of Sex and the City Reboot https://people.com/style/sarah-jessica-parker-cynthia-nixon-gray-hair-sex-and-the-city-reboot/ Just seems wrong not to have Kim in the shots.
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    She does - Rose Dorothy. I wonder if she will stick with the Golden Girls naming theme for #2? Joking aside, I do give Scarlett mad kudos for keeping her private live private.
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    Scarlett Johansson Is Reportedly Expecting a Baby With Colin Jost https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/scarlett-johansson-reportedly-expecting-baby-025138440.html
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    Great Page Six trashy gossip read about Charlene being in south Africa since January https://pagesix.com/2021/07/03/princess-charlene-mia-on-anniversary-amid-albert-cheat-rumors/
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    I have a friend who has major underlying conditions: he's had two heart attacks. We live in NJ, and he's been trying to be careful, and is fully vaccinated. BUT...then he went to Vegas (of all places) for a family reunion. Long story short, he came back with the Rona. Felt like an extremely bad flu. Went to the hospital and was given Regeneron on a Saturday. Felt much better by Sunday night. Was fully healed by the middle of the week. Needless to say, the vaccine and Regeneron saved his life. If it was last year at this time, he wouldn't have made it. His wife also got it, but she is vaxxed and had mild symptoms and is fine.
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    They assure us that if my sister and I get it, we will not need hospitalization or anything extreme because we are vaxed. They seemed very confident my Dad would be ok, even with the underlying conditions because he was vaxed. From the way the hospital staff was talking, this next wave with the Delta variant is going to be an absolute monster - and we already know the staff is overwhelmed before this wave even arrives.
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    Argh - just when I thought getting close to the finish line. Short version: my sister and I at Urgent Care on Sunday with our Dad who has advanced Alzheimer's. He has been vaccinated with Pfizer. He was diagnosed with COVID anyway. They didn't test for Delta, but assume that is what it is. Within minutes we are quarantined off, big sign on our door not to enter and anyone who does come in has full PPE on. He staying at hospital for the foreseeable future to keep watch on him - both from COVID problems and because we just not equipped to keep an eye on him 24/7 when we can't use healthcare workers either. One of his healthcare workers also tested positive, also vaccinated. My sister can't go home to her un-vaccinated children, so she is camping out with me at my house She is thrilled, this week was camp week so now her husband has to do all the pickups/drop offs . We are both going to get tested on Thurs/Fri from drive thru hospital service this week and then see how it goes. They said if we do get it will be like flu because we already vaccinated (Moderna) and not high risk, but our big concern is passing it onto those that are at risk. We are lucky that we knew the exact time we exposed and had not left the hospital since being exposed so we didn't have to backtrack and figure out where we had been and who we had exposed. Considering my sister walked out of her house to go to urgent care not knowing she wouldn't be home for at least a week has actually gone rather smoothly. We are now both working from my home sleeping in different rooms and using different bathrooms and doing our best. Have to admit, nice to have the company during quarantine and we always get along great so not a hardship. Already had friend drop care package off on front porch that included CVS home COVID test, TP, candy, Lysol cleaning stuff and face masks - my friends rock. Lots of friends/family offering to bring us stuff or do whatever is needed, we feel very lucky. We will use the CVS home tests one last time before she does finally decide to head home, whenever that may be. Docs at hospital said that the Delta variant is going to be a huge ugly monster and they know they will be getting hit with another wave soon. I wanted to hug them they looked so sad when telling us what was coming.