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    I think she looks lovely. The dress is beautiful and the sentiment sweet. It’s also the best way possible to PR spin the loss of your big fancy wedding and the fact that your father is human scum. But i choose to go with lovely and sweet and probably made her grandmother super super happy.
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    From US Magazine. The sleeves were added and the bottom was modified. xxxxx The queen wore the ivory peau de soie taffeta dress to the premiere of the film Lawrence in Arabia in London in 1962. It was modified for Beatrice with the addition of organza sleeves. and from Hello: The Queen's dresser Angela Kelly and royal dressmaker Stewart Parvin added the feature in order to adhere to the rules of a place of worship, whereby bare shoulders are deemed inappropriate. there are photos of the queen wearing the dress at the Lawrence of Arabia premier and also at an Italian state dinner. The shoes Beatrice wore were the same shoes she wore to William and Kate’s wedding.
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    She wore QM's dress and crown/tiara that QE wore on her wedding day. I'd say that loan trumps all other loans for her generation!! https://www.townandcountrymag.com/society/tradition/a33356019/princess-beatrices-royal-wedding-secret-garden-theme/
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    Well, 16 year old became our first Covid test today. We went to the pediatrician for some thing we thought was relatively random, only to find out it’s a Covid symptom! Doctor doesn’t really think she has it but it’s weird enough that he’s suspicious and had her tested on site. Hopefully we should hear by Monday possibly even Saturday. So, double extra quarantine for her this weekend. As an aside, I know he has kids in my school district. I said, “I know it’s a day too late, but do you have any strong feelings about which school proposal to choose?” He paused for a minute and said, “All I can say to you at this point is that we decided to do online in our house.” Feeling better and better about our choice. Even distraught child is seeing the logic.
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    I will admit that while it wasn’t the deciding factor, we definitely considered the fact that taking our daughter out was one less body crowding a classroom for the kids who have no choice but to be there. I agree with what you said, Witchkitten. This is a real disaster. The exact same people (At least where I am) saying we need to open everything up and fix the economy are the ones who won’t mask. How do they not see they are the problem!
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    Sorry, couldn't resist posting a baby face Keanu Reeves photo The streaming services are starting to take over new movie releases. Does anyone else think this may not be a temporary thing?
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    Here’s the vanity fair story on the complaint (I chose an accessible source that wasn’t a U.K. tabloid!) https://www.vanityfair.com/style/2020/07/prince-harry-and-prince-william-respond-charities-funds
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    They have FOUR kids? Wow. I lost track somewhere. I remember North and Saint. I vaguely remember there was a surrogate. Was that for Saint or the third one? I try SO hard not to pay attention to them, but Kanye meltdown sucked me back in.
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    Watched it last week. Loved it. Not really a rap / hip hop fan but changed my tune on that. So much talent on that stage.
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    That was my exact thought. FWIW all of the articles I’ve read use the phrase “gave birth.” I know this because I specifically looked for it. Doesn’t mean it’s true, but it’s there.
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    Ha they suggested she was pregnant, on the basis she appears to have been avoiding full body shots on her social media. So who knows 🤣
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    I wondered if the sleeves were added due to the tradition of covering shoulders in a chapel. I love the tiara, I think it might be my fave of the various weddings.
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    Justin and Jessica have reportedly welcomed a second child...I can’t help but wonder if it’s a band aid baby, given his cheating scandal? https://metro.co.uk/2020/07/18/justin-timberlake-jessica-biel-welcome-second-baby-secret-pregnancy-13009049/
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    Love that they released photos on Saturday - saying they didn't want to take attention away from the Knighting ceremony for Sir Tom Moore. Also smart to release photos with Queen and Philip and NOT her parents 😉
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    Bold move to crop the Queen out of the first photo. 🤣 one way in which social distancing helped! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53457958
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    The British press have been mentioning that she’s the first member of the queen’s family to become a stepmother. The timing did always seem suspect. (If the dude is dodgy maybe she’s gone for the old cliche of falling for a man like her father....)
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    Beatrice has married in a “private ceremony”. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53445109
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    San Diego announced virtual only next year for schools. Everyone I know with kids says their kids won't learn as well with distance learning, but their children will be safe. Better safe and behind in school than at school and end up dead, heart defect, brain damage, etc. Saw this earlier this week, thought even if the numbers / % are slightly off the point is certainly made. Scary shit.
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    I love that we're all so jaded that no one commented on Kanye's Presidential run. He apparently has now "dropped out"
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    My district hasn't decided yet. They're still in the process of mulling it over, sending out surveys to parents, etc. We're in the suburbs of Philly so right now things are good (or as good as can be, anyway) in this area -- but it's only a matter of time before, in my opinion, cases rise again. I'm not sure what I will want to do with my kids (who will be in first and third grade in September) if we are given the option. I'm so, so conflicted. (Then again, without concrete options, it's hard to anticipate what I would do, so we're all in limbo right now.) Add to this -- two local elementary schools in my children's district (not their elementary school, though) advertised for an assistant librarian position. I applied. It's like my dream job. I am a former high school English teacher, and I'd never go back to the classroom, as there is no way I could handle the workload and take care of things at home. But this? An assistant librarian job? OMG. So I applied and have an interview via Zoom next week, but now I'm feeling a lot of anxiety about it all. My husband is like slow down Nellie, you haven't been offered anything yet. And he's right! But I can't help but worry anyway how it will all pan out. I'm hoping we go 100% virtual and then it's all out of my hands....but I know a solution like that has its own problems, too. So many worries! Edit to add: If I had to listen to my spidey senses, I think schools in my area will open but will shut down in October. We'll see how accurate of a prediction that is.
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    Our school district just announced we are going to start off the school year 100% distance learning. Most of the major school districts in California are doing the same (Orange County and Marin County are notable exceptions). I literally don’t know how my first grader and I are going to survive. She’s certainly going to fall even further behind academically. At this point there was no safe way to go back with cases rising so rapidly and huge budget cuts to education. As always kids and education weren’t a priority for our government (national, state, or local) and the kids and parents are going to suffer the consequences. I’m really worried about the low income and special needs kids who are going to be the most severely affected (some of those kids aren’t coming back from this), and also kids who are being abused. All because people had to go to bars, restaurants, gyms, and other crowded places where people couldn’t or wouldn’t wear masks and weren’t observing social distancing rules.
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    Tomorrow is the day we have to make the call about next school year. You may have seen Betsy DeVos on the news railing against my school district. She’s really got it in for us in particular. And my daughters Girl Scout friend/classmate was on NBC Nightly News last night talking about it from the student perspective. I think we have decided that rather than doing two days in school, my daughter is going to do all online. It’s a year-long commitment and can’t be changed after tomorrow, which stinks, but my daughter has asthma and my husband has high blood pressure, so that’s where we’ve come down. Anyone else dealing with this right now?
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    Here are the obvious BI's I've seen lately about this couple: ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/11 **6** It took over a week for the A list couple to come up with something akin to Ross and Rachel being on a break. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **1** The A list couple really should check date stamps on their social media posts before telling lies about people that can be verified in two minutes. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **3** The actress had to take the fall and drive herself under the bus to try and protect the wholesome image of the actor. It takes about ten minutes to find a dozen people he has cheated with but the actress has to be the villain.
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    What about essential workers who don’t have the option of isolating themselves? What about others who can mostly isolate but still need essentials like groceries and prescriptions? Also, those people going to concerts cause the rest of us to have to isolate longer. And before someone says “but the protests” or “but you want schools to reopen”, education/school and institutional racism/police brutality are public health issues too just like this virus. No one is going to be at a higher risk of death, disease, abuse, prison, etc. if they don’t go to a concert or to the theater or a sports game. Social interaction is absolutely necessary, IMO, but it can be done in a safer way in smaller groups, and so can listening to music. As far as I can tell there was no safer way of affecting change in policing and institutional racism than protesting. People of color have been talking about and suffering the consequences of it for years and nothing has changed. These protests seem to be making a difference and I hope they do lead to lasting changes. In terms of education, there is no substitute for in person schooling. Distance learning doesn’t work for most kids, especially for those most at risk for poor outcomes in the first place. Kids who do poorly in school are at risk for all sorts of negative outcomes including early death, chronic illness, and prison. And right now kids are trapped at home with parents pushed to their breaking point, which is a recipe for child abuse, while at the same time those children have less eyes on them to catch the abuse that is happening. So, I support opening schools (with temporary closures if necessary by region) and the protests but I don’t support people going to concerts or restaurants/bars that are ignoring social distancing recommendations. I’ll step off my soapbox now.
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    My extended family and I have finally gotten with the times and figured out only one of us needs to sign up for monthly service and then share the password with the rest of us. They usually have limits to how many users/streaming you can do, but we have figured it out. I set up kid account for my niece/nephew on my Netflix, then gave my mom my login info. So now when the kids go visit Grandma and she needs a break, they can watch Netflix movies at her house and she doesn't need to have her own monthly account she would never watch most of the time. My sister gave me her Disney info so I could watch some TV show I was interested on there, but realized my TV is so old I don't have a free USB drive to plug the thingie into to access Disney. I wasn't bothered because I have enough TV to watch as it is, but it was fun to watch my brother-in-law twitch when I wasn't interested in getting a new TV just so I could also have access to free Disney account