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    The gossip on twitter (and celeb*tchy) is getting unhinged. Intimate partner violence, coma, possibly died yesterday at Sandringham (many british media wore black and had been crying - but not about Charles/cancer, about Kate dying?) Harry coming to UK not about Charles/cancer but about being regent for George as William won't take throne if/when Charles dies. I mean, I love to read a good conspiracy theory too, but yikes.
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    Dang! And yes, please. I would like someone to please pay for me to enjoy 2 months in a Corsican holiday rental for the low, low price of 1 million Euros. That must have been quite some AirBnB! "Five black notebooks filled with details of the family’s dealings have found their way to the French media, and Palmero [Prince Albert's former principal asset manager] has spoken at length to Le Monde for a series of articles shocking even in a playground for the super-rich." https://www.theguardian.com/world/2024/jan/26/monaco-royals-ex-accountant-lifts-lid-on-lavish-spending-prince-albert
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    I can’t think of anything planned that’s pregnancy related that would cause her to be in the hospital that long or require that long of a recovery. Even the emergency pregnancy situations I can think of (except those very close to birth or while giving birth) wouldn’t require that long of a hospitalization or recovery and the ones I can think of that happen further along in a pregnancy are all emergencies. I also don’t think she eats enough to get pregnant at her age. She is painfully thin.
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    We were right Kaley, was the first to divorce (she’s now on her second one). I can’t believe Tori and Dean lasted as long as they did, and I’m really surprised Eddie and Leann are still together.