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    you don't want none of us anyway....we're a shitshow over here 🤣🤣🤣.....I kid, I kid* *not kidding
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    [I mean, yeah, sure, I respect their privacy, yadda yadda yadda. But I follow celeb gossip for a reason. I'm nosy as hell!!!!]
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    A Hollywood breakup no one expected??? only cause no one thinks of them at all
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    I have no opinion about the veracity of the item, but I imagine it is such a weird place to be. You are about to begin a life altering change of lifestyle just as the entire world begins a life altering change of lifestyle, which in some ways, prohibits you from getting up and running your initial large change. Nothing feels normal for me right now and Harry probably has no idea what normal is or should be. I would imagine it’s some form of weird limbo. Lots of time to feel like you’ve screwed up royally.
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    I must admit I am well adapted to quarantine life. My husband, on the other hand, is a very social extrovert and has found the lack of socialization difficult. (He is considered essential, though, so once he fully kicked the 'rona, it was back to work for him, which was the best thing for him, I think.) As for me, I'm reading a lot more, listening to a lot of music. Trying to limit my online spending, haha.
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    One thing I’m enjoying, and there are actually a few perks to quarantine, are the live stream shows. Whatever your taste in music, there is probably some singer playing it free online. I personally love Ben Folds and he’s “trapped” in an apartment in Australia where he was on tour. He bought a cheap keyboard and every Saturday night he does request shows. He’s doing learn to play piano lessons for kids. What have you been enjoying?
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    Roll call, y’all. Everyone still hanging in there?
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    It’s a big change of lifestyle for Harry so I can see him having trouble adjusting to it, but let’s be honest, no one in the media is reporting the unvarnished and unbiased truth about these two. I noticed the pro-Meghan blogs “strangely” let the news that a lot of her case against the daily Mail was thrown out by the judge pass without comment....
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    @fykeylicious So your family turned out to be positive? I’m glad you have all recovered. I would have loved quarantine if I didn’t have kids but I’ve found it to be one of the most challenging experiences of my life because of them. I was not cut out to be a teacher (remind me why teachers don’t make a million dollars a year) and while I love my children dearly I need space for my own sanity. I wish I were wealthy enough to have the income and space to have a live in nanny. I’m dreading the summer and I’m so anxious about the district possibly not reopening schools in the fall. I’d rather they open the schools and then have temporary closures throughout the year as needed when there are surges with plans for distance learning during those times. It would be better than just staying home the entire year.
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    We bought from both of these because they were basic, washable, and the cheapest per piece we could find. My daughter is excited for the old navy ones. https://stores.customink.com/health-wellness/products/2025#/ https://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=636344#pdp-page-content
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    Plugging along here too. No plans to move back to the office anytime soon. I did get down to the beach a few nites to check out the red tide/bioluminescent plankton waves which was really cool. It really does look like this video:
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    Roger that, dixie. How are you? How's everyone?
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    lol they really thought we'd be distracted by UFOs
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    The two divorces I *still* want the dirt on? Zellwegger & Chesney, and Bradley Cooper/Jennifer Esposito.....
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    I am sure this one will be plenty messy once all of the dirt shakes free but I am not reading anything in to the "marital misconduct" just yet. The cause for divorce is defined by law and that may have been the most appropriate option available in whatever jurisdiction they filed. As an example, Renee Zellweger's grounds for divorce from Kenny Chesney was fraud. We're still no closer to knowing exactly what that means all these years later (nor do we really need to) but I'd bet it's probably not nearly as scandalous as the word implies.
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    I remember back in the day there were a few BIs about a pregnant celeb still doing coke? There were two, I think, at an event doing it together? IIRC, one was thought to be Cavallari and the other was thought to be Rachel Zoe. They would have both been pregnant together in late 2013, I think, or maybe I'm blending blinds. But I definitely remember reading a lot of shady stuff about KC for awhile, so let's see what dirt comes out.
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    I think they made it home eventually.
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    Our main issue (among many) when it comes to choosing our president is the stupid electoral college system, which disenfranchises more people than all the voter suppression tactics combined. Seriously, there is no such thing as the “popular vote” anywhere else. It’s just called the vote. The electoral college system was created to protect slave states, who had the biggest populations and the most wealth at the time but had very small voting populations since they didn’t allow slaves to vote. They awarded electoral college delegates based on the total population (including slaves though they were only counted as 3/5ths of a human being) but then only allowed the non-slave population to vote. Now it weighs the votes of people from less populated states much higher than more populated larger states. It’s even worse now but in the mid aughts a person in Wisconsin’s vote was worth 33 times as much as a person from California. Since the more populated states are more diverse it overall weighs white votes more than votes from people of color so even if every person of color had the same opportunity to vote as white people in all states their vote would still be worth less as a group. Also, the winner take all allocation means that states where the margin between the winner and loser are smaller become more important than the more ideologically homogenous states. It just seems blatantly obvious that everyone should be worth the same but here you are worth more or less depending on where you live. Trump didn’t really win. Neither did Bush Jr. in 2000 even without the cheating that went on in Florida. What we have in the U.S. is minority rule and until something drastic happens that’s how it’s going to be and it sucks.
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    I look forward to Prince Harry doing reality tv, since the celeb lifestyle is the one he seems to want now. 🤣
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    I sure hope not. If you say it quickly, it comes out as "Genital Fisher". You're welcome.
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    The great Jerry Stiller has died. Ben announced his father's death via Twitter about an hour ago -- natural causes. A legend.
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    Roy Horn of Siegfried & Roy dies from coronavirus at 75 LAS VEGAS (AP) — Roy Horn of Siegfried & Roy, the duo whose extraordinary magic tricks astonished millions until Horn was critically injured in 2003 by one of the act’s famed white tigers, has died. He was 75. Horn died of complications from the coronavirus on Friday in a Las Vegas hospital, according to a statement released by publicist Dave Kirvin.
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    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/little-richard-dead-48505/amp/ Little Richard 😢
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    Still here and still working from home. Will be doing so until June. Our state is planning more this week. So far everyone healthy. I am suppose to be going to Prague in August. In February when this all started I was not worried about it being cancelled now in May I am. A trip with my siblings.