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    >> Thicker than blood << A sign of true love PopBitch Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie were going around creeping people out in the early 2000s by wearing vials of each other's blood around their neck. If only people knew what Kate Moss was doing at that same time. On a fashion shoot in 2001, for which she wore her own jewellery, Kate was showing off one of her favourite pieces. "See this necklace?" she asked people in the studio. "It's been up Johnny Depp's bum."
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    How cynical am I that I almost think the Queen is not entirely unhappy about Megxit in order to distract from Prince Andrew situation? Interesting Andrew is headlines in UK.
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    This feels like the kind of thing you do as a test to see if your parents will pick you. I’m sure that family dynamic is massively screwed up in ways we can only guess at, but if this story is true, And if their relationship is really so badly screwed, kudos to Brad for picking the kid. I hope he passed the test and they all get some peace in the relationship. Divorce and bad family stuff is rough for people without being interviewed about it forever. My guess would be that being removed from the family at college, really far away at college, also may have given the kid some time to see his family a little more objectively which probably helps. I would suspect thst neither of his parents are blameless in this scenario.
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    She was so good!
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    How Prince William and Duchess Kate Reacted to Brad Pitt’s BAFTA Awards 2020 Joke About Prince Harry https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/bafta-awards-2020-prince-william-kate-react-to-brad-pitts-joke/?utm_source=email&amp;em_hash=5d989d9ecd736b8131c14072926e952e
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    Found a twitter link with video https://mobile.twitter.com/d_mcconnell/status/1224091582103740417
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    Watching the BAFTAS just now and Brad Pitt’s acceptance speech (delivered by Margot Robbie as he’s not there) finished on a joke about calling the award “Harry” as he’s “looking forward to bringing it back to the States.” It got an audible “Oooh” and god bless the BBC for cutting to a shot of William and Kate, who are in attendance. She looked more amused than he did, let’s just say. It was hilarious.
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    There was a tape of Amber Heard admitting to abusing Johnny Depp. Apparently there are more tapes coming. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7947733/amp/Amber-Heard-admits-hitting-ex-husband-Johnny-Depp-pelting-pots-pans-tape.html It sounds like they were in a toxic relationship (duh!) and they both were physical at times. I think one of Heard’s ex girlfriends has come out and said Heard abused her as well.
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    Pam Anderson and Husband 5(I think) Jon Peters divorce 12 days after wedding.....Fanchitchat record?? https://www.today.com/today/amp/tdna172980?__twitter_impression=true 🙂
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    Honestly I despair at the absolute state of modern Britain that this is casting a light on; I was particularly grumpy yesterday because it was Brexit day. That’s also the outcome of racism and I’m pissed off.
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    I agree with you Wordsworth! I remember the Kate & Middleton stories (Sophie was really pre-internet so we didn't get quite as much of that over here, but I remember the Fergie stuff that made it into our tabloids!) I'm sure there are ups & downs of who & when you can go after different people (heck, keeping track of that is probably what aides & the press probably do constantly!) The racism thing really stood out to me in the analysis of the tabloid stories about Kate & Meghan - same tabloids, same topics, TOTALLY different language between them. Andrew - they need to deal with that and I really hope the FBI & New York prosecutor's office keep up the heat! And I think the Fakey blind is Nacho, talking about Harry. But suicide attempt? Maybe some over-drinking & drugs but concerted effort? Not sure....Doesn't really matter, really. If he needed to make a change for his family, for his mental health, whatever - I'm glad he's doing it.
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    I just typed a really long response to this which I lost and can’t be bothered retyping, 🤪 so to summarise in still lengthy but slightly shorter form: I fully agree aides will be encouraging the tabs to go after certain royals, but i disagree that it’s solely down to racism alone, although I do believe and agree that is in play with H&M, because since the 1980s i have watched the tabloids various rip royals to shreds then later turn them into saints like it never happened (I had typed numerous examples but Sophie is a prime example, she was even set up by the tabloids in a “fake sheik” sting at one point, and now she’s their darling because the queen favours her. And pre marriage both Kate and her family were often ridiculed (did you know her mum used to be an air hostess? Because that was in every daily hate story about Kate for years!). Our tabloids are AWFUL but they also know the royals won’t try to fight everything. So certainly i think it’s also about class, position and snobbery, (both Kate and Sophie, and indeed fergie, are perceived as “lower” class), and I do think it’s ultimately about proximity to the crown - you become fairer game the further down the line if succession you go, or the further from the queens affections you fall, because you’re seen as less of a threat to the institution. The classism, the racism and all the other isms are the tools used to try to put people “in their place”. and I think it’s that threat point that is most interesting to me - the politics of the palace are being seen worldwide for possibly the first time, because the internet has made it easy to access news from elsewhere, and perhaps people outside the U.K. are more interested because there’s an American celeb (using this as a shortcut term, not to be disrespectful) involved. So someone who is now sixth in line to the succession is no longer the minor royal, and throwing them under a bus to protect others isn’t as easy to do. Meanwhile Andrew, who is his mums favourite so would ordinarily be protected, can’t get away with it so easily because people know what’s happening through non-UK means.
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    But they're also racist worker bees - going after Meghan and Harry but ignoring Andrew and William potentially having an affair. I understand what you're getting at, but I think there's more at play....[as in - they'll go after royals that they've been told are "ok" to go after....]
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    I hope she washed it before wearing it.
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    I had kind of a laugh at myself moment today. My son is away at college. He’s a freshman. My daughter posted the photo below to our family group chat. It’s from Drake and Josh, an old nickelodeon show if you don’t know that (it’s kind of the equivalent of “Newman” on Seinfeld). My son replied back “I don’t get it.” And I realized there are people in this world who have no idea what’s going on. I told him Harry and Meghan left the royal family and he was astounded. He just kept saying “You can do that? How did that even happen? How does that even work?” I don’t know Kid, I don’t know.
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    I’m glad to hear it. I’ve been surprised by what does and doesn’t receive coverage regarding the royal family in the British press. I trust them much more than our press in the coverage of many American political issues, particularly those having to do with foreign affairs, though.
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    It was the top story on the main evening news last night. colour me not surprised by his refusal to cooperate! Spineless man.
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    Brad Pitt ditched the BAFTAs to reunite with estranged son Maddox By Elizabeth Rosner February 5, 2020 | 2:23am https://pagesix.com/2020/02/05/brad-pitt-ditched-the-baftas-to-reunite-with-estranged-son-maddox/
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    I just watched Rebel Wilson's intro on Lainey's site - it was a good speech. Loved the last line 😉
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    Harry. I’m going Nacho the polo player as the athlete. He’s been running his mouth about Harry a lot recently. Also would help explain how quickly the royals bent over backwards to make it all work out. If they really are worried about his mental health, they would probably be very willing to go the extra mile to accommodate him. assuming it’s true...
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    Princess Cynical: I wonder if Queen Elizabeth took this title (among others) in an effort to decrease M&H's earnings potential so that Harry will come back to the fold faster? Prince Harry & Meghan Markle 'Shocked' By Losing Important Role ... We're Not Youth Ambassadors?!? TMZ https://www.tmz.com/2020/01/28/prince-harry-meghan-markle-shocked-losing-commonwealth-youth-ambassador-role-title-megxit/
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    Kobe Bryant was reportedly killed in a helicopter crash this morning. 😢 https://www.etonline.com/kobe-bryant-dies-in-helicopter-crash-report-140286 ETA: His daughter was one of those killed in the crash too. Tragic.
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    I got these at Comic Con. Even got signed box I was hoping to find more of her stuff at DesignerCon. Next year!
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    I'm guessing Jen and Brad will milk the PR for a bit, but agree they will never actually get back together. However I will love to watch the PR unfold