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    Hi, y’all. Have I missed anything, I was busy today…
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    If you ask me it was never the face, it was the hair (or lack thereof). I wonder if I’ll get arrested for treason now.
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    And he’s done his usual “leave it vague enough so that when someone who fits does get divorced, I can reveal it as them” 😂
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    So very sad. Glad she didn't harm herself, had enough presence of mind or self-preservation to turn herself in for help.
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    I literally screamed when the notification popped up on my phone.
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    Agreed. I never really got the “Harry is illegitimate” thing because from the time he was just past little boyhood, I thought he looked exactly like Philip in his younger years photos. One of the stronger family resemblances, actually. Williams eyes have the look of Diana, but I think the rest of his face is not like her the older he gets. It’s like his face grew into a totally different shape after about 18.
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    I missed a lot of the red* carpet, but saw the actual show. It was an improvement over the last few years. I will say, I’m tired of the long pull always in award show in memorium segments that end with you not being able to see the names.
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    No one wants to perform at King Charles’ coronation: All the artists who declined https://pagesix.com/2023/03/02/artists-refuse-to-perform-at-king-charles-coronation/
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    Reese Witherspoon just announced her divorce. https://people.com/movies/reese-witherspoon-husband-jim-toth-announce-divorce/
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    Amanda Bynes placed on psychiatric hold after roaming streets naked https://pagesix.com/2023/03/20/amanda-bynes-placed-on-psychiatric-hold-after-roaming-streets-naked/ Amanda Bynes was placed on a psychiatric hold early Sunday after being found roaming the streets of Los Angeles naked. An eyewitness told TMZ Monday that the former “Amanda Show” star, who has bipolar disorder, flagged down a car without any clothes on her person and told the driver she was coming down from a psychiatric episode. Bynes, 36, then called 911 on herself and was taken to a nearby police station, where a mental health expert determined she needed to be placed on a 5150 hold, according to the outlet. The troubled star reportedly remains in a facility’s care. A 5150 hold typically lasts 72 hours but can be extended based on a patient’s need. She had been set to attend ’90s Con in Connecticut with her former “All That” co-stars Saturday but canceled due to an undisclosed illness. Bynes’ attorney didn’t immediately return Page Six’s request for comment, but her ex-fiancé Paul Michael tells Page Six exclusively that the Nickelodeon alum has been “off her meds.” Bynes’ psychiatric episode happened nearly one year to the day after she was freed from an eight-year conservatorship.