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    I think all the Jonas brothers have "real" relationships. How long they'll last - no clue! But they all dated a while, engaged a while, etc. (no, Nick & Priyanka weren't engaged long - but they flirted a year or two before they met again at the Met and finally fast-tracked the relationship and OMG WHY DO I KNOW ALL THIS??!!!)
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    My youngest daughter was accepted off the waitlist last week and after a last minute trip to see the campus over the weekend, she has decided to go to UCLA! Is it weird that I am asking my SoCal friends here to be on standby? 😂. We have several friends of friends, but my first thought was you all! - I mean I have known you all for 15 years😳 We are over the moon excited for her and so proud her. When you live in small town N.C. and dare to go out of state, much less across the country, there is a lot of flack that comes with it. We should probably start a poll: will she stay in CA after she graduates or come back? Her goal is an orthopedic surgeon - so she may end up where she attends residency.
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    Baby Sussex I love that she still looks pregnant. It is like she is one of us. My mom said I looked more pregnant after giving birth 😂 They look so happy 😍😍
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    I hope that even though Jamie and Lynne are not cordial, they will figure this out together. Britney is the end game, and I find it hard to believe that Lynne does not appreciate what Jamie has done. My parents did everything in their power to not talk to one another after their divorce. However, when it came to matters of my brother and me - united front. We knew we were doomed when Mom and Dad had to talk to us. But it worked! Thankfully we are both not menaces to society 😂 (most days)
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    Congratulations! My oldest is also going away this year but staying a bit closer to home (3 hours), so I’m hopeful he will come back.
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    Congratulations to your daughter. Be prepared for her to be a total wimp in the cold when she comes home for the fall and winter holidays. This is the thing my east coast friends have teased me about the most. Also, by the end of her four years her hair is liable to get several shades lighter (if she’s not blonde already) from either the sun, a salon, or both. 😉
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    sharing this again so it's at the top of the page in case someone just clicks on page 17
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    OK, I like Archie almost as much as Freddy ;-) And some journalists are being careful to note "no courtesy titles, as requested" for those who hadn't heard and want to be offended on behalf of the Sussexes ;-)
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    Congratulations to you both! I'm in New York so I’m useless to you!
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    I think so too. Doesn’t mean it will work out but they seem healthy for the time being. They’re going to have a bigger wedding in France this summer but because they’re not French citizens they had to get married here as well.
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    Yeah, that would be a fun stat to know. For this particular couple, I do actually think it's a real relationship and as healthy as a Hollywood couple can be. What do you all think?
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    When I heard this my first thought was: what is the divorce rate for those married by an Elvis Impersonator? 😂
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    and I'm sure the Lady Cholalalalnotspellingit never said a word to anyone, hmmmmm? Let's just blame Meghan. Sure, let's do that.
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    Does anybody but me find it hysterical that people are all bent because people who knew of the cheating are not mad at the cheating but mad because it leaked in violation of "family rules?" Nice set of priorities that got going on. I know that I said Kate had gotten matronly, but "starchy?" Even I have a hard time with that one. Another thought on the cheating: Like father like son? Seems to be a royal characteristic. If I were baldy and starchy, what would I do? Move on.
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    oh please. She's like two days from her due date. Maybe her feet are swollen or maybe she just wants to lie in bed all day. I read BG everyday but they are really disappointing. Once again I lament the loss of blind item golden days.
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    This is all so confusing - it's a wonder even THEY can keep it straight 😂
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    Outside instigator makes a LOT of sense. I wonder if Lynne was worried that because Jamie was (is?) sick, he hasn't been able to be as vigilant over Britney and that's one reason she's struggling? I hate TMZ (they are SO misogynistic!) so it's hard to know what's really going on from their coverage.
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    Princess Anne refused (however one puts that diplomatically to one's mother, The Queen) titles for her children. I had read Harry has done the same. I think for Eugenie & Beatrice, it's because their father uses Prince Andrew, while Edward's kids get their titles from his Earl of Wessex title? But not sure. Because Andrew is also Duke of York so a Duke's son would usually have a Viscountancy or Marquisate to call on for a courtesy title. But daughters don't usually have those titles, so they're just Lady First Name. I'm very curious now and interested in the explanation!!!
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    I always guess wrong when it comes to royal baby names, so I'm not even going to try this time.
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    I am not the only one who did not recognize Sienna Miller on the Met Gala red (pink) carpet tonight! "Fillers are camp" said one twitter commentator ;-)
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    Ok. its been confirmed!
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    It's a boy!!
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    So excited! And I'll be up watching the wedding when it happens, regardless of the time. I'm a sucker, I know it and don't care.
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    I confess...I was up at 5am watching the wedding too.