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  1. bittermuch?

    Celebs Getting Airbrushed 2

    But I'll bet the puppy is just as cute in person.
  2. bittermuch?

    Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin

    Aaaaaand this is why I hate Gwyneth Paltrow. Born on third base and think you hit a triple much? I have no doubt she works hard, but PLEASE. When Michael Douglas pulls strings to get you into UCSB (I mean, seriously....UCSB?), you do NOT get to act like you are a self-made woman. When you get your start in acting because your mother arranges for you to play the young female lead in a summer-stock production in which she is the star, you do not get to act like you are a self-made woman. When you go to Spence, you do not get to act like you are a self-made woman. When you can spend thousands an hour on a personal trainer like some of us spend $4 on a latte, you do not get to act like you are a self-made woman. It's not charming to be so clueless about the struggles that the vast majority of people endure to attain half what was handed to you on a silver platter. It's ignorant. It's narcissistic. It's monstrously self-involved. Damn, I'm crabby today.
  3. bittermuch?

    Why won't they STFU?

    See, this I find perception curious, because I recall rumors about Courteney cheating far predating the split. There have been rumors (and barely-blind items) about her and her co-stars for ages, no? I'm sure they are being as honest as any of us are in situations like that, but I do find it not-so-coincidental that Scream 4 came out Friday. It's hard not to be skeptical when everyone seems to be in constant self-promotion mode.
  4. bittermuch?

    What are you reading?

    Just read the best fiction I've read in forever: So Much Pretty by Cara Hoffman. Used the time-shifting / multiple-perspective thing better than Franzen, sucked me in from the beginning and kept me hooked until the end, and tickled the latent English major at the same time. Fykey - I think you will like this (p.s. I've missed your blog!).
  5. bittermuch?

    Plastic Surgery

    OMG did anyone see Rose McGowan on Law and Order: SVU? WHAT has she done to her face? It looks like a mask. Her upper lip is almost immobile and she can barely open her eyes.
  6. bittermuch?

    Lindsay's Upcoming Hearing/Trial Outcome

    I think she will go through a number of lawyers before this is over. Delays, delays, delays, then perhaps a near-overdose or suicide attempt that will get her put into a psych facility for a while. But I voted for "plead guilty, accept punishment," because that's what I want to happen. It's not even fun to watch anymore.
  7. bittermuch?

    Charlie Sheen

    Wow - how can anyone like him or take him seriously after this. He's totally fried whatever brains he had. And he wins for being the biggest arrogant jackass possible during his nosedive. "These are my people"????!??!?! WTF? Seriously deluded. Too bad - I never thought he was attractive, but I always thought he was an unexpectedly strong comedic actor. Can't stand that stupid show, but I do feel bad for Cryer and others who are probably losing a good gig they can't replace.
  8. bittermuch?

    Halle Berry

    Yeah, like every slave owner who impregnated one of his slaves. Halle Berry may well be batshit crazy. But doesn't that make it even more likely that she dates and marries douchebags?
  9. bittermuch?

    Jennifer Aniston

    Ugh, I hate it when guys judge women for being single. Yep, every woman is desperate to be married, so an attractive woman who isn't married must be nutso. For sure. It's particularly ludicrous when the woman in question has been divorced - seems like it would be even more likely that a woman whose major serious relationship failed would be a bit more jaded about marriage and relationships. (no offense, BobbyD - we're on the same page about most of this, this issue is just a pet peeve of mine). Admittedly, the movies Aniston chooses don't help this: so many of them have her playing roles that completely feed into that stereotype. I think Jennifer Aniston may well be nutso, but not because she hasn't had a long-term relationship post-Pitt. I liked two, maybe three, Aniston movies: Picture Perfect (cute, harmless, and perfect for her age and persona at the time) and Office Space. The Good Girl and Bruce Almighty were ok. I don't think the problem is romantic comedy vs. drama (although I can't recall the last well-written romantic comedy I've seen). And I don't think the problem is Rachel Green. The problem is that she is choosing abysmal scripts over and over and over. Maybe that's all she's offered, dunno. Actually, she's doing fine. Marley and Me did well, no? The Break-Up did ok. Not everyone gets to be Julia Roberts (bleh) or whoever else the blockbuster flavor-of-the-month is. Some people just have to be successful working actresses who sometimes are in a movie you kind of like, or a movie you wouldn't pay for in the theater but that you'll watch every time it's on HBO. But horror? Really? What: Leprechaun 8?
  10. bittermuch?

    Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo

    She's totally annoying, but I thought she was surprisingly good on 30 Rock.
  11. bittermuch?

    Lindsay Lohan still broke and a mess

    Are We Too Tough on Our Party Girls?
  12. bittermuch?

    Need light reading for book club

    Thanks for all the recommendations! I'll check them out.
  13. Hi. Our book club needs some relatively light reading for the next few months - one of our members was recently the victim of a violent crime, and we don't want to read anything too intense or upsetting or depressing for awhile. Any recommendations? We want something interesting and challenging, but without violence or too much sadness...no animals/children/cute old people dying, etc.
  14. bittermuch?

    Lindsay Lohan still broke and a mess

    I really like those sunglasses though. That's really the only valuable thing I'm getting out of all this. :2cool:
  15. bittermuch?

    Jennifer Aniston

    Adorable dress though. I'm no Aniston fan, but I almost feel sorry for her after reading the comments on those unretouched photos. Can't be easy.