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    John Travolta

    i can't believe it has been a week since any news on this sex scandal. usually brand new updates come out every three to five days when it is scandalous celebrity news. i googled for the last john travolta article came out and this one came out today; it kind of relates to what i am saying! http://www.eonline.com/news/john_travolta_...stay_out/319176
  2. Jerrica Benton

    Kill (or "ditch)/Screw/Marry

    kill newt cause i couldn't imagine being married or fucking him at all :gross: mary mitt romney screw rick santorum
  3. Jerrica Benton

    Trojan Virus Warning

    i am getting a generalized one now saying that fanchitchat has been made away of the security breach :shrugs:
  4. Jerrica Benton

    Things that make you say "Hummm....."

    I always said birth control should be in the drinking water. If you want to have a kid, you have to apply for a license and then you get the pill to counter-act the birth control water such a great idea!! haha
  5. Jerrica Benton

    Trojan Virus Warning

    i did the above and it stopped but am getting them again. says it is coming from "minimalka10baksov.bee.pl "
  6. Jerrica Benton

    Johnny Depp

    apparently him and vanessa have separated
  7. Jerrica Benton

    New Member Registration Disabled due to Recent Spam Problems

    i was wonder what was up with all the troll posts!
  8. Jerrica Benton

    Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore

    http://thedirty.com/2011/10/exclusive-sara...-only-mistress/ EXCLUSIVE: Sara Leal Isn’t Ashton Kutcher’s Only Mistress THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, there has been quite an interest in the latest news that Ashton Kutcher hasn’t been such the loyal husband. It has been made public that Sara Leal engaged in sex at the San Diego Hard Rock Hotel but with a good bit of information in my pocket and evidence I can also tell you this isn’t the only girl Ashton has went to bed with in the last year or so. I am sure the evidence will come out soon. But I know for sure he slept with two other girls last year, and the Roosevelt Hotel was the location. The only reason I know is because I have been told and seen photo proof. The two girls names are Lisa & Caitlin. I will provide one photo of one of the girls, I’m sure the photos will start popping off on their own. I feel bad for Demi, she is a banging women. What the hell is wrong with Ashton? And why do none of these girls respect the vows of Marriage? Looks like Ashton Kutcher is about to crash into a tree. Ladies of the world come get your pay day… DIRTY ARMY I need more intel on Lisa and Caitlin.- nik
  9. Jerrica Benton

    Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore

    ashton kutcher and demi moore are separated. ashton also slept with another woman. http://thedirty.com/2011/09/exclusive-brea...with-sara-leal/ the guy is kind of accurate with what he says is true or not
  10. Jerrica Benton

    Lindsay Lohan still broke and a mess

    there are better pictures on the internet but in the bigger photos, you see lindsays tounge and dina's too
  11. Jerrica Benton

    Charlie Sheen

    to be honest, the show is stupid, it needs to be taken off the air. why bring it back with ANYONE?!
  12. Jerrica Benton

    Britney Spears

    from gossiplist so take it with a grain of salt: Britney Spears Update Rumor has it that Britney is going through something serious. She is definitely not ever going to be what she was before. Allegedly, she suffers from schizophrenia and ADHD. Remember how she was driving around all night a few years ago, etc? It takes a ton of meds to control all that, hence the dance video doubles. And these photos? http://tinyurl.com/64ts267 Very likely staged.
  13. Jerrica Benton

    John Travolta

  14. Jerrica Benton

    Celebrity Rehab

    i don't think he did...
  15. Jerrica Benton

    The Kardashians

    wait for it. this new guy will be dumped when the super bowl comes around..she'll find someone on the winning team by sunday night hahah
  16. Jerrica Benton

    there was a fire in my building :(

    quien sabe
  17. Jerrica Benton

    Laurence Fishburne

    i saw a snippet of the video a few days ago. she has like a lot of black scars on her booty.
  18. Jerrica Benton

    Movies You Have Walked Out On

    i saw the last airbender. compared to the movies out this summer, it is okay. not worth it in 3D though
  19. Jerrica Benton

    Suge Knight!

    June 23, 2007. (AP) MALIBU, Calif. - Marion "Suge" Knight's seven-bedroom, 9 1/2-bath home has been placed on the market for $6.2 million, part of the rap music mogul's financial overhaul under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The 8,272-square-foot Mediterranean-style mansion was built in 2001 and is located on a 6.79-acre lot in the hills above the Pacific Ocean. It has access to two beaches and is being sold with an additional 2.11 acres of land. The gated property, which includes a pool and tennis courts, was listed earlier this month by Coldwell Banker. An Internet listing notes that the home is being sold "as is," and its sale is subject to approval by the bankruptcy court. Knight sought bankruptcy protection for himself and his record company, Death Row Records, in April 2006. He claimed debts of more than $100 million in each filing. At the time, Knight estimated personal assets of zero to $50,000. Calls to Knight attorneys Laurence Strick and Daniel J. McCarthy were not immediately returned Friday. In the 1990s, Death Row was home to recording artists such as Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur. http://www.mediatakeout.com/7470/suge_knig...2m_mansion.html
  20. Jerrica Benton

    Tom Cruise

    suri looks homely.
  21. Jerrica Benton

    Jennifer Lopez

    way bad angle!
  22. Jerrica Benton

    Miley Cyrus

    i like the dress.
  23. Jerrica Benton

    Johnny Depp

    Obviously Mr. Depp has never read the comments Polanski made about how young "women" want it. It almost changes my opinion of johnny depp.
  24. Jerrica Benton

    Tiger Woods

    some lady who ran a brothel in vegas just admitted to tiger being a client
  25. Jerrica Benton

    Miley Cyrus

    absolutely fascinating