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  1. Jerrica Benton

    Celebrity Rehab

  2. Jerrica Benton

    Jada Pinkett-Smith & Will Smith

    :cackles: delightful news
  3. Jerrica Benton

    ted c on radioshow

    what is Ted Casablanca up to now?
  4. Jerrica Benton

    Charlie Sheen

    a porn star that extorted Charlie came out with these allegations a few years back, http://www.celebtricity.com/porno-star-claims-charlie-sheen-is-hiv-positive/# the wikileaks email: https://wikileaks.org/sony/emails/emailid/12051 " I think I will win the 90/10 bet on the over under on this ...it's hard to to be a drug addict and be HIV positive and do 40 eps a year. Email-ID 12051 Date 2014-03-10 20:02:27 From mailer-daemon To weiser, john, van, zack, erlicht, jamie I think I will win the 90/10 bet on the over under on this ...it's hard to to be a drug addict and be HIV positive and do 40 eps a year.http://www.tvweek.com/blogs/tvbizwire/2014/03/trouble-on-the-set-of-sheens-a.php Sent on the run"
  5. Jerrica Benton

    Charlie Sheen

    Apparently the Sony email leaks reveal Charlie has HIV and execs made bets on how long Charlie could work being positive and an addict
  6. Jerrica Benton

    Miley Cyrus

    Of course they are. Her moms pockets are getting lined fatter for being her manager. Her dad, well...he didn't say anything soon enough for it to matter I guess.
  7. Jerrica Benton


    Thanks for the attention!
  8. Jerrica Benton


    WELL LQQK AT HOW FANCY WE ARE NOW! nice! meh smileys aren't working
  9. Jerrica Benton

    Tori Spelling

    NO. I refuse to give Tori another viewer. Same with Leann Rimes when her crap show comes on -- she can suck a fart out of my ass. Kardashians too. I watch my share of shit tv, but I refuse to help those famewhores continue famewhoring. Speaking of shit tv, I am watching "I Wanna Marry 'Harry'" and it's AMAZING. Great crap, fluff television for the summer. I've encountered cauliflower with more brain matter than these chicks. LOVE IT!! LOL YES! accurate!
  10. Jerrica Benton

    Tori Spelling

    but he LOVES me. our love is different! she didn't tend to his needs!
  11. Jerrica Benton

    Beyonce and Jay-Z

    they said very little. what did i expect, though?
  12. Jerrica Benton

    Beyonce and Jay-Z

    i'm enjoying it tbh. i bet we will see more stuff come out in the next few weeks.
  13. Jerrica Benton

    Fashion Industry News

    what was the theme
  14. Jerrica Benton

    Lindsay Lohan still broke and a mess

    yeah. she has been proven a liar too many times.