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  1. Antianeirai

    What Ever Happened to.....?

    Wow. She looks like she's had way too much of just about everything. Like life ? She is an older woman without plastic in her face...
  2. Antianeirai

    Russell Brand

    I think he is so sexy. I would do him in a second, wearing a full body latex suit of course. And dousing myself with Lysol afterwards.
  3. Antianeirai

    Robert Pattinson

    The Twilight franchise w that wouldould NEVER let her carry a baby to term. They aborted that embryo before any bump could arise creat any questions. Stars are still owned by the studios, albeit in a quieter way.
  4. Antianeirai

    Beyonce and Jay-Z

    Two of my friends have worked with her. One who worked with her closely for years until they were fired without any good extra $$ for getting to old and someone who worked with her in studio for awhile. She is a horrible tight wad who was *ahem* a tiny bit promiscuous before she got with Jay. She is also completely impersonal like an emotional cripple, don't believe that Papa Knowles is the one who main drives over everyone... she is very much like that herself but they have him take the blame so that her "image" won't be sullied. I actually don't know why Jay is still with her he is way more down to earth. Crap, even Kanye isn't as egotistical. I have to ask permission before I post anything too good, I don't want my gossip cut off
  5. Antianeirai

    Beyonce and Jay-Z

    She actually is one of the worst human beings on the planet. Seriously. I wish I could tell some stories on here but I just can't. Literally she is AWFUL and has been for about 10 years. I wish people would stop buying her crap and payibg attention to her. BTW everyone LOVES her to her face LOL.
  6. Antianeirai

    Bradley Cooper

    I think that he is sooo hot.
  7. Antianeirai

    Cameron Diaz

    And this woman was a model?!?!?!
  8. Antianeirai

    Drew Barrymore

    Everyone thought Drew was a lost cause too. If I recall correctly her book was titled "Little Girl Lost" and I remember her taking her top off on Letterman not too many years ago because I remember it being a big deal. She also did the lesbian thing, I see so many parallels that I cant help but wonder.
  9. Antianeirai

    Drew Barrymore

    It's so interesting that Drew was considered total trash when she was younger and strung out on drugs and now everyone loves her.... it makes me wonder if Lindsay still has a chance.
  10. Antianeirai

    Monica Bellucci

    She is so beautiful.... she does not need the airbrushing she is also one of my fave actresses
  11. Antianeirai

    Taylor Kitsch

    I'm more of the love 'em and leave 'em type so you can have him too :4biggrin: The only way I wouldn't do him is if Paris got to him first
  12. Antianeirai

    Taylor Kitsch

    Thanks, I see a trip to Texas in my future
  13. Antianeirai

    Taylor Kitsch

    Is he straight and what city does he live in?
  14. Antianeirai

    Drew Barrymore

    Awww, I think that it would look hot on someone beautiful. Someone like Dita.
  15. Antianeirai

    Britain's Got Talent

    She is amazing and I hope that this is the start of a great career. She deserves it more than any Britney, Lilo, Simpson sister combined.