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  1. pinkdiamondgrl

    Oprah Winfrey

    Personally, I'm sick of her cyclical self flagelation about her weight. Its boring. With all she has accomplished in her life, can't she work on accepting her body type and stop with the shame based confessionals? If not, she can do something (yet again) about the weight if she wants, but please stop talking about it already. Its this crap that further perpetuates the body loathing garbage and societal pressure that we women have to deal with. With all that she has achieved, you would think Oprah would be a solid and credible spokesperson about how women's value is not tied into their weight. Too bad that opportunity is squandered. Enough, Oprah. I'm done. (steps off soapbox)
  2. pinkdiamondgrl

    Ashlee Simpson

    I really like the dress too, but the pregnant boobs on the verge of falling out thing-especially in the middle of the day...not so much.
  3. pinkdiamondgrl

    Wentworth Miller

    They are gorgeous together and obviously a couple!
  4. pinkdiamondgrl

    Jenna Jameson

    I say its a combo, heavier on the drug use though.
  5. pinkdiamondgrl

    Jerry O'Connell & Rebecca Romijn

    OMG How hilarious! What a coincidence- My husband and I saw them biking the same exact day in the same exact location. We live in that Woodland Hills neighborhood and we were driving towards Calabasas, 5 minutes away. There are tons of great biking/hiking trails near our neighborhood. i have also seen Rebecca at the local dog park several times. I was glad to see them keeping it somewhat real.
  6. pinkdiamondgrl

    FAQ: Avatars - old version of board

    Thanks Cydonia, I love my new avatar!!!
  7. pinkdiamondgrl

    Paris Hilton recording album

    Maybe I am missing something here, but well produced as it may be,I personally find the song hideously cheesy and the video totally cliche. And its NOT only because I can't stand this woman.
  8. pinkdiamondgrl

    Chloe Sevigny

    Yeah...That Brown Bunny scene surprised me.....It deinetely was not simulated, couldn;t beleive Chloe would be that ballsy (pun kind of intended)She is considered a fashion icon of sorts.No, she is not the prettiest woman out there, but she has amazing style-no one could pull of the vintage she does. Sometimes she misses the mark, but not often IMHO. She has a gorgeous figure and legs, if she didn't she would look ridiculous-she can somewhat "afford" to take the chances she does.Although I could NEVER wear what she does, I really admire her for not following everyone else.