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  1. mf'smom

    Dennis Rodman

    He wouldn't have to hit me. If I had to look at that horrible mess of a human, I'd ram my own head into a wall.
  2. mf'smom

    Gisele Bundchen

    My first thought was but then my 2nd thought was how hilarious this could be to watch Dr. Evil having a conversation with someone who no one can understand when she speaks. Or maybe she'll just keeping repeating "you're so cute ~ I want to have your baby!" like they did on SNL. Seriously, if they saw The Devil or Taxi, then they know she can't speak. Not that it stopped Beyonce. It doesn't matter how good looking she is...she cannot enunciate English. I never did figure out what she said in Prada...I think that is probably why Brady goes out with her. She can talk away and he doesn't understand so he can nod and just pretend he cares and then they have sex. I think a bigger deal should have been made about those idiotic shorts she is wearing than the sheet wrapped around Miley. That is hanging on the verge of obscene and is classless....oh yea, she's a model, so it's ok.
  3. mf'smom

    Miley Cyrus

    This is one of the DUMBEST Non-Issues I can remember. Good GOD, Miley has seemingly been a good kid, has a show that tons of kids love, has conducted herself just fine and she takes one photo with NOTHING showing but a little sexy teen angst and a bare back and everyone has gone nuts. LET IT GO. I have seen so much worse on kids in Jr. High and I wonder how in the world their parents let them leave the house. These are probably the same parents that are screaming the loudest.
  4. mf'smom

    Oprah Winfrey

    Oprah is SO overexposed and thinks that she can do anything and nothing will touch her. Karma WILL get you Oprah. There are a LOT of people who are wondering why you are showcasing this complete sicko on your show and instead of saying "well, he must be OK, Oprah likes him" people will start saying, "what is wrong with Oprah". Tommy is an evil cult leader, and Oprah has blown it big time to sell her soul for ratings. Wonder how much this little midget asshole contributed to her "charities" to get this gig? I'm not ever watching her show again.
  5. mf'smom

    Miley Cyrus

    It's the overt sexuality in both shots that I find disturbing, as I found it disturbing with Brooke Shields back in the day. Of course with Shields there was a clearly defined villain. Her mother Teri was always the stage-parent from hell. With Miley Cyrus' father making his comeback on his daughter's back - I suspect he's the one to watch. Teenagers are sexual, there's no question about that and there's nothing unhealthy about it. I just dislike it when the sexuality of children is used to sell products, movies, magazines, music, whatever. Let them grope each other in cars and be slightly embarrassed about it later. We don't have to see their simulated nudity and their parents shouldn't want us to, imo. I agree about the over-sexing of kids, but the way some kids dress these days, this would be REALLY tame. I showed this photo to my 16-year-old daughter who really likes Miley. She said, she looks like she just got out of the shower...she would look better if she got dressed. No comment on the "sexy pose", just that it was stupid. I would bet most kids would feel about the same. Kids are not making a big deal about this, parents are. This parent thinks there are a lot of good things about this girl and this will be a good lesson for her. She's rich, she's successful and yet we want her to stay an innocent babe-in-the-woods. There's a lot of wolves out there. Lots of luck, Miley. I think she's actually doing pretty darn well.
  6. mf'smom

    Cameron Diaz

    Um..... no, dear. These people are taking pity on you and being polite. What they are actually thinking is, " Oh my GOD - I had no idea that she was so fucking ugly. Can't she see someone about that skin?" TOO funny, Hedda. This is one girl that always talks about how good looking she is, and I cannot understand how she cannot see how unattractive she is. She is a 10-drink minimum unless you use a couple of paper bags. Great bod, though.
  7. mf'smom

    Jessica Alba

    Oh, the things you read when you don't have one of those smileys that vomit. And, how many people are going to say, "get Honor and stay Honor"....BAD name. Teasing until the end of time...good, this loser deserves no less. She really looks lousy. I don't think she likes being preggers, even though it's a big "honor". Wait until Cash walks because of her whining...
  8. mf'smom

    Jenny McCarthy

    ^^^GOOD for her. I was told that immunizations were MANDATORY in California and one morning, they gave my 9 month old baby 6 shots. It was just AWFUL. I would never have her go through that again. She's fine, luckily. It is great when celebrity can be used for positive things, instead of bombarding us with the uselessness of those fake celebrities (yeah, Paris, you asshole, I'm talking to you). Jenny is doing a great service to all those with autistic children.
  9. mf'smom

    Kate Hudson

    She should not get involved if she is thinking of dumping him in a month or two. If she is going to get into this again with him, she needs to hang around. I was just traveling with my daughter, looking at colleges and we were in a hotel room and channel surfing, she found this movie with Kate and Matt McC...how to lose someone in Ten Days or something like that. It was the WORST garbage I have seen in a long time. I could not take it anymore and put the headphones on with no sound and read a book. My daughter thought it was AWESOME. That kind of movie with a good actress, like maybe Kate Hepburn or Clark Gable in the role where Matt shouldn't be, it MIGHT have worked. I don't think either of them are worth $5 for a twilight movie ticket. ICK. She is SO overrated and he is just slimy.
  10. mf'smom

    Julianne Moore

    Idiots. None of those movies made decent money. Poor Gerard Butler, so handsome and that bod in 300 was to die for. So his romcom with Hilary Swank tanked - quelle surprise. I think he's better off in sand and swords flicks for now. He can do the heroic/larger than life thing while not everyone can. Romantic comedy is something else altogether. I'm not sure he has the right touch for them. Zeta Jones should be able to pull them off, but hasn't thus far. She's better with the femme fatale roles. Well, one thing's for sure - no co-star romance. Hedda, could it have been that nobody wanted to see horse face Swank in a romantic movie? I know I don't like her since that hideous thing she exposed about her ex (so she could pick with her male double manager) and I cannot see anyone as good looking as Butler falling for her without getting paid a LOT of money for it.
  11. mf'smom

    Heather Locklear

    Your friend has her pegged exactly and she didn't change at all after she hit big on Melrose. She's always been a sweetheart and a consummate professional. You never get any diva shit from her. I think her current troubles are a dreadful shame. And seriously, if Aaron Spelling were still alive, she'd be well taken care of. He knew who'd made him his fortune and he always treated them well. Look at all the chances he gave to that selfish, evil cow Shannen Doherty! There are a few stories about him with other women during his "Felicia" marriage but they're mostly for show (as was that marriage). There are a lot more stories about him with other men. As far as I know, the dude's gay. I don't blame Heather for dating him right now. After the Sambora marriage and that coke-fuelled hell with David Spade, she probably just wants a photo-op-friendly guy she can make appearances with - no strings attached. Of all the celebrity trainwrecks in this town, she's one I'd really like to see pull out of it intact. Good luck to her. The funny thing is that I saw a photo of her the other day and thought she looked fabulous. She has a few wrinkles, but I think laugh lines are very becoming as opposed to these overly botoxed (Yes Nicole, I'm talking about you) celebs who cannot stand one line. She is a beautiful woman and still looks awesome. I hope that Jack is as nice as he looks and helps her. I'm sad to hear this, because I have always liked her. Hollywood can be very cruel.
  12. mf'smom

    Robert Downey Jr.

    Sounds like the actor Stiller was trying to lampoon here was St Angelina Agreed....but Blackface is a no-no, regardless..IMHO. It might've been funnier and less offensive if they had gotten a black actor, like Samuel L. Jackson and pretended that it was Downey in full makeup and fully committed to playing a role...but I guess this way is much, more, funnier. Bobby, I agree. Trying for a laugh this way is insensitive and never funny.... black face wasn't funny way back when and it is even less funny now. I say shame on all of you.
  13. mf'smom

    Jessica Alba

    Yea, Good ONE, Jessica. I was just reminiscing about the time that Ella put a cigarette out on her cheek and had a heroin blackout. What a friggin' jackass. How much of a brat is her kid going to be? Bought and paid for Father, check, completely self-absorbed brainless Mother, check. OH MY GOD, she's having Paris Hilton.
  14. mf'smom

    Matt Damon and Wife

    hum. You know he is in all the Ocean films with George & Brad, don't you?......and is Ben's close personal friend. Chasten up already!!! Matt Damon is one celeb that I will NEVER believe is gay. His wife looks like a pretty cool down to earth gal and my bet is that she would NEVER be a tool or a beard. Matt is all man, and he is so, so hot. I love that he loves his wife and his kids, and that "I'm fucking Matt Damon" song just makes him look even hotter. Sense of humor with great teeth wins with me every time, plus the Bourne movies are the best action movies in years.
  15. mf'smom

    Celebs Getting Airbrushed 2

    I LOVED Michael Clayton and thought his performance was wonderful. If Daniel Day Lewis wasn't in the running, I think he'd get it. I'd take him un-airbrushed any day of the year....YUM.