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  1. Crackerjack123

    Kelsey Grammer & Camille Donatacci

    Mazel Tov.
  2. Crackerjack123

    Mel Gibson

    What a prince.
  3. Crackerjack123

    Natalie Portman

    She's a moron.
  4. Crackerjack123

    Brittany Murphy

    Jeez. Not surprising. Unfortunately, she's not the only one--in Hollywood and outside. Very, very sad. It sounds like a cocktail (like Heath my avatar took) probably did her in.
  5. Crackerjack123

    Brittany Murphy

    This is deeply sad. She was fun in "Clueless"--one of my favorite films.
  6. Crackerjack123


    Beyond awful...just horrifying. Chris Brown should go to jail for a LONG time for what he did to that poor girl. But of course, he's going to get himself a great lawyer and will be in jail (if he makes it to jail) for about as long as Nicole Ritchie was in jail for her drunk driving.
  7. Crackerjack123

    Kevin Costner

    He has FOUR other kids. He also has a son Liam... DEADBEAT F'IN DAD Well, he wasn't married to Liam's mother so according to People magazine and its readership, that doesn't count.
  8. Crackerjack123

    Mickey Rourke?

    I appreciate his no-hold-barred honesty and his currently gracious, humble appreciation at the reception he's getting regarding his "comeback." I mean, just the past few days while turning the channels, I've seen him on Leno, Kimmel, Oprah (!!), etc. He's very appreciative and articulate in all public venues (for someone who claims not to be good at public speaking, he's been surprisingly eloquent). On Oprah, he appeared with his old Chihuahua (sp?), which both the audience and Oprah just loved. I LOVED Sean Penn's performance in "Milk" but I'm starting to think Rourke might have a good chance upsetting him at the Oscars (and I never thought that before). Whoever is doing his PR pre-Oscar campaign is doing a great job.
  9. Crackerjack123

    Mickey Rourke?

    I almost gagged when he won. Talk about not fucking worthy. There was the competition looking all put together and then their was him all sluring and tripping. It looked like he needed a fucking bath. Clearly, you didn't see "The Wrestler." He's extraordinary in it. The award is well deserved.
  10. Crackerjack123

    Mickey Rourke?

    Great performance!! Congrats to Rourke! And for someone who said he wasn't good at public speaking (when he was at the podium accepting the Golden Globe), he was surprisingly eloquent.
  11. Crackerjack123

    Monica Bellucci

    She is ten times more attractive than starlets half her age. Go Monica!
  12. Crackerjack123

    Jennifer Hudson

    Just beyond awful. There are no words for this.
  13. Crackerjack123

    Sienna Miller

    She was actually very good in "Factory Girl." The film was a mess but Sienna and Guy Pearce (as Andy Warhol) were excellent. I think she does have some acting chops but unfortunately that's being overshadowed by her love/sex life. As for the affair with Balthazar (great name by the way), I can't condemn her for this because I don't know the circumstances, such as the state of Getty's marriage when they got involved, etc. I don't know that relationship (and again, I find it hard to blast her for something that SO MANY of the actors/movie stars do). HOWEVER, at least most of them have the good sense to be discreet. Traipsing around topless on a boat and necking with her married lover was particularly silly especially when she knew the paparrazi were following her because they suspected she was having an affair with Getty.
  14. Crackerjack123

    Ricky Martin

    Congratulations to Ricky Martin!!! He's a nice guy and I'm sure he's going to be a great dad. Good for him!
  15. Crackerjack123

    Christian Bale

    I haven't met Christian Bale personally, unfortunately, but I know someone who is distantly related to him through marriage. He met him at some personal event (not a hollywood party or business function) and had nothing but nice things to say about him. Just thought I'd back up BobbyD's experience. He always struck me as being pretty decent. By the way, I've loved him ever since I saw him play Laurie in "Little Women." He was wonderful!