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  1. Maxiemom

    British Royals

    I wonder if it's coincidence or shade that Beatrice's pregnancy was announced on Harry and Meghan's anniversary.
  2. Maxiemom

    Celeb Death Watch

    Maxiedad and I caught one of her Whitesnake videos just the other day ago and promptly went down the path of "whatever happened to Tawny Kitaen....?" RIP Tawny.
  3. Maxiemom

    British Royals

    I think this is intended to be Chrissy Teigan but I highly doubt she has any tea to spill. Chrissy was only on the show for 8 episodes per her IMDB bio and none of these shows ever overlapped with Meghan. That time frame doesn't strike me as being conducive to picking up lots of great sugardaddy stories. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
  4. Maxiemom


    I'll just say that I can identify with the anecdotal evidence in this article. It will be interesting to see whether there are any significant evidential differences observed between the various vaccines. I'm especially curious about Moderna, as the recommended interval for the second dose is 28 days from the first.
  5. Maxiemom

    Official 2020 Divorce Poll

    Can't believe they did this before the new Hulu series dropped
  6. Maxiemom

    The Kardashians

    I can live with the show landing on a streaming service. It's much easier for a non-subscriber like me to avoid them. Now that ubiquitous migraine medicine ad with Khloe as a pitch woman.....make it stop!!!!!
  7. Maxiemom

    Tom Cruise

    In fairness, I'm not sure I would want the lingering fish stench in my car or home but that said....I'm also not sure I will ever look at sushi the same way again either.
  8. Maxiemom


    I second the hope that everyone stays healthy and that if any illness does occur, it's a mild case. Direct report is still sick, but said (voluntarily and unsolicited) that he has tested negative to this point. Hopefully that remains the case going forward for him and his family.
  9. Maxiemom


    If he has to have something contagious, dixiedoodah, I suppose mono is a pretty good place to land. One of my direct reports has been out every day this week with various ailments ranging from fatigue to nausea. I don't know if he's been tested (and really can't ask) but I'm fully expecting the COVID shoe to drop at any time. i
  10. Maxiemom

    British Royals

    That's the confusing part that's just not adding up for me. If Harry and Meghan don't have a contractual claim to the property, then it's really not theirs to give away, sublet, etc.
  11. Maxiemom

    British Royals

    Something's not adding up here. The People article states that "This contribution as originally offered by Prince Harry has fully covered the necessary renovation costs of Frogmore Cottage, a property of Her Majesty The Queen, and will remain the U.K. residence of the Duke and his family.” The Sun article states that " In September, it was revealed they had used private funds to pay back the cost of repairs and rent β€œfor a number of years”. " Granted, these are both tabloids but neither statement in any way implies that Harry and Meghan own the property. I wonder if Queen Elizabeth is holding all of the cards and calling all of the shots but the "facts" are being spun differently in the press for whatever reason.
  12. Maxiemom

    Harvey Weinstein

    I share your moral dilemma, Hoya, but since my mother is always disappointed in me for something anyway I will be happy to do an extra jig on your behalf.... πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ•ΊπŸ•ΊπŸ•Ί
  13. Maxiemom

    Celeb Death Watch

    I caught Ken Jennings "hosting" an entire category yesterday via videos and TBH I really wasn't feeling it. Then again, I'm still not feeling Drew Carey as host of The Price is Right after all these years so I may not be the best judge either.
  14. Maxiemom

    Celeb Death Watch

    It would be a fitting tribute to retire Jeopardy completely in Alex's honor. Unfortunately, that will never happen.
  15. Maxiemom

    Ellen DeGeneres

    Exactly! Now, if she's dumping it because she and Portia are on the verge of announcing a split then there just might be something to see here....