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  1. e-lin

    Lindsay Lohan still broke and a mess

    I agree. I heard on TV they let inmates have their scripts of meds but if you don't need it and are just using it to abuse it then why should she be given it? What a fucked up prison system there is in Calf.
  2. wow her beard salary just increased from "girlfriend" pay to "fiance" pay. Wonder how much she goes for?? lol
  3. e-lin

    Lindsay Lohan still broke and a mess

    sorry but I think something terrible DOES need to happen to them to wake the whole family up. As long as linds thinks she's hot stuff and her shit doesn't stink and she thinks she is still top of her game, she won't make any changes. She's already almost lost her career and is a joke but she won't get help. She doesn't think she needs help. She's lost love, career and money but it doesn't matter to her.
  4. e-lin

    Matt Damon and Wife

    good for them. Maybe they are having a "normal, down to earth family life " in the midst of hollywood!! Surprize...surprize... maybe it is possible!!
  5. e-lin

    Lindsay Lohan still broke and a mess

    if that happens it will be funny hearing Dina declaring how she was mistreated and the judicial system is just out to get lindsay. What an unfair, unjust world we live in!! Can't you hear her now!! lollol Now that will be a funny press conference!
  6. e-lin

    Tom Cruise

    he protests too much about " I am not gay" confession to katie!! That makes it pretty clear it is true!
  7. e-lin

    Project Runway 7 - premiers Jan 2010

    hmmm she's wearing Emilio's dress ... so does that mean he win's tonight??? lol I think he has a good chance but personally I would like Seth Aaron to win.
  8. e-lin

    Who will come out next?

    first gay action hero... Toothy or I mean Jakey in his new Pershia movie???
  9. e-lin

    Sex & The City - The Sequel

    will Mathew's boyfriend be going with them for the summer????
  10. e-lin

    Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones

    wow she is airbrushed and botoxed within an inch of her life!! She looks younger in those pics than when she was in her first movie!!!!
  11. probaly something is going on because Maks is one of the few straight men on the show...I am sure Pam can sniff them out!!
  12. I am sick of Nicole and don't think it is fair for her to be there with her dance experience. I am also sick of Pam and her always trying to look sexual whenever the camera catches her eye. I am sick of her comments about herself such as " everyone has seen all of Pamela" . Hello...don't talk about yourself in the 3rd person! I am also sick of the bachelor what's his name?? I am also sick of Kate..."please feel sorry for me". All the shit that is about her in the tabloids is now spilling over to DWTS and they are playing it up bigtime! When Tony walked off the one time to get away, from her he should have stayed away!! maybe then she would have been sent packing. She seriously has no sense of rythm and needs to go. She looks unhappy so send her home.... she is only doing it to publicize her own new show coming on in the fall. FREE TONY!!!! LIBERATE KATE AND SEND HER HOME!!!!!!
  13. e-lin

    Andy Dick

    What a loser!
  14. e-lin

    Jennifer Lopez

    I agree..... I am sick of both of them and their films!!!!!!
  15. e-lin

    Survivor ~ Heroes vs Villains

    The survivor blog .... a "spoiler" alert said that coach would be kicked off this week...I guess it was right. Russell thinks he is hot shit now. I wish he would get canned. The blog also says Sandra wins it all !! Go Sandy!! I will take anyone over Russell!!