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  1. rastyrae

    Our Chit Chat Family

    Thinking of you all, stay safe!
  2. rastyrae

    Lindsay Lohan still broke and a mess

    I wouldn't wish anyone to be hurt in a car accident not even Lindsay. I just can't help but wonder if she got "so hurt she needs pain meds" or... really what the real story is. I know her car is smashed up but my belief in LL is squat.
  3. From TMZ: Bret Michaels blames the 2009 Tony Awards for causing the brain hemorrhage that nearly killed him ... after he was whacked in the head by a piece of scenery while performing on the show. Michaels has filed a lawsuit against Tony Award Productions, CBS and others ... blaming producers for not instructing him on how to safely exit the stage after his performance was over ... because while he tried to exit, he was "smacked" in the face by a piece of the set. In the suit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Michaels claims he had to be hospitalized for a broken nose and a cut lip. Six months after the awards, Bret nearly died from a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage -- and the rocker insists it was NO coincidence. In his suit, Michaels claims, "One of the most common causes of this type of hemorrhage is head trauma -- exactly like the one Michaels suffered at the hands of the Tony Awards." Michaels notes, "Through his sheer will to live, to see his children grow up, [he] was able to survive this trauma." Bret says producers have "failed and refused" to remedy the situation ... and even blamed him for the mishap at the Tony Awards, claiming he "missed his mark." Michaels is suing for unspecified damages. A rep for the Tonys had no comment. **************************************************************************** So. I am a pretty recent Michaels' fan. I think there is only one of his songs I like and that is probably because my cheesy husband serenaded me with it before we got married. I just really like his TV persona. I also must admit that I am not a very sue-happy individual either. What do you guys think about this lawsuit? Most of the comments I browsed on the sites that this story were posted were negative towards Bret and the lawsuit. I don't really think that it is his fault that a piece of scenery came down and whacked him. I've also had a relative that was in a (dumb no helmet) riding accident where they were fine until being hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage 3 months later. The DR. told her that there was no way the hemorrhage was not related to the previous accident. This is why in my opinion Bret has a valid point. What do any of you think?
  4. rastyrae

    Lindsay's Upcoming Hearing/Trial Outcome

    I really wanted to vote for at least 7 of these. I think she's going to go to trial because she needs to put on the innocent act. I also think she may get some real jail time. Or maybe I'm just hoping. Also a trial would be loads of fun for her and her family. It's really what they all want. Attention.
  5. rastyrae

    Lindsay Lohan still broke and a mess

    eek- I thought she was tacky and I was embarrassed for her. I thought it was way too soon out of rehab and jail (wasn't it just a couple days?) and if she was serious ( ) about her recovery wouldn't she be relaxing somewhere... recovering?
  6. rastyrae

    Poll: Will Sandy and Jesse Divorce?

    Cutest. Baby. Ever. (Not to mention the beautiful smile on Sandra's face)
  7. So sad! Has anyone been watching this season's celeb. Apprentice? (I know... ) Bret has done surprisingly well so far, he seems to work harder than anyone else.
  8. rastyrae

    Miley Cyrus

    ^^^^^^^^^^^ I think that the bust of this gown is hideous! (Although at least it is more than covering her teenage ladybits this time)
  9. rastyrae

    Favorite Movie Of 2009

    I am usually a little slow at watching new movies, so my choices were a little limited. I voted for the Hangover because it was so funny and I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't the raunchy stripper movie I thought it would be.
  10. rastyrae

    What Ever Happened to.....?

    Wow, she turned out really pretty. She was pretty as a little girl too, but it seems like a lot of pretty little girls turn out not so much.
  11. rastyrae

    What Ever Happened to.....?

    The little kid from Jerry Meguire, Jonathan Lipniki. Nice hair, dude!
  12. rastyrae

    Animal Pics

    Scariest snake EVER!!!
  13. rastyrae

    What Ever Happened to.....?

    Oh my gosh, he looks like he could be related to Amy Wino!
  14. rastyrae


    Akon's Onstage Jailbait Revealed Posted May 11th 2007 12:06PM by TMZ Staff Filed under: MySpace While the dust is settling for Akon after his simulated onstage rape of a 15-year-old Minister's daughter in Trinidad, TMZ has uncovered some racy photos of her -- on the little miss' MySpace page. Danah Alleyne, or as she call herself on MySpace, "Diva Trixie," claims to be 19 and writes, "I'm a BITCH oh well... ima bitch, ive got class, mess wid me and i'll kick ur ass!!" A 15-year-old searching for her identity probably shouldn't be looking for it in an 18-and-over club, especially at an Akon concert! Danah has posted a picture from the night of the controversial event, and the caption says, "girls nite out! best time!!" Not quite the way she described the evening to the Trinidad Express. TMZ isn't taking sides, but this recent discovery raises a few questions ... and eyebrows ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Scandalous. The funny thing about this article is that TMZ has a poll along side that asks "Who's responsible?" and the options are Akon, Danah, Danah's Parents or Akon's Parents. I had to vote for Akon's Parents....
  15. rastyrae

    Kathy Griffin

    This looks painful! I do like the way her hair matches the accessories on her car door though...