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    My avatar is the late, GREAT, John Cipollina, QMS etc.<br />Carnivorous<br />MUCH more detail on the below is on my About Me page<br />Music <br />Cinema<br />Comic Books and Graphic Novels<br />Good TV<br />Radio ("Ying tong iddle i po")<br />Books - Literature, SFF, spy, mystery (often in translation), great prose styles,<br />Books - non Fiction on the following Interests through Politics:<br />Geopolitics<br />Economics<br />Philosophy<br />Cognitive Processes<br />Medicine<br />Pharmacology<br />History<br />Taxonomy<br />The Physical Sciences (not so much Biology or Botany)<br />Math, esp Calculus and Trans-Finites.<br />Politics - Typical lefty, Glen Beck would shoot me on sight.<br />Bicameral brain and love cognitive dissonance.<br /><br />MUCH MORE DETAIL on About Me - and a little of it might be interesting, too......

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    Google. My socrates17 (not 171) account, which is a couple of years older, appears to have become corrupted.
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