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    My avatar is the late, GREAT, John Cipollina, QMS etc.<br />Carnivorous<br />MUCH more detail on the below is on my About Me page<br />Music <br />Cinema<br />Comic Books and Graphic Novels<br />Good TV<br />Radio ("Ying tong iddle i po")<br />Books - Literature, SFF, spy, mystery (often in translation), great prose styles,<br />Books - non Fiction on the following Interests through Politics:<br />Geopolitics<br />Economics<br />Philosophy<br />Cognitive Processes<br />Medicine<br />Pharmacology<br />History<br />Taxonomy<br />The Physical Sciences (not so much Biology or Botany)<br />Math, esp Calculus and Trans-Finites.<br />Politics - Typical lefty, Glen Beck would shoot me on sight.<br />Bicameral brain and love cognitive dissonance.<br /><br />MUCH MORE DETAIL on About Me - and a little of it might be interesting, too......

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  1. socrates171

    Celeb Death Watch

  2. socrates171

    Meg Ryan & Tim Robbins

    I find the really interesting thing about this thread to be the fact that it appeared in Princess' local paper in a clear example of great writing talent being wasted in a venue that doesn't deserve it.
  3. socrates171

    Celebs Getting Airbrushed 2

    Thanks!!! Glad to be of service!!! I always calls 'em like I see's em But I'm glad it's also pleasin' If we can laugh at something cheesy That's another real good reason.
  4. socrates171

    Celebs Getting Airbrushed 2

    They look pretty scary to me is what they look. (Bear in mind that I am not a fan of makeup and think most women look better sans maquillage.) In some images Gwyneth looks a lot like her paternal grandmother, Barbara, who was a very beautiful, and very nice, woman. I wonder what went wrong here. My father coached Barbara and her husband Stuart in the debating team at Hofstra and they were our lawyers until they retired. On a related topic, while I usually try like all getout to avoid even a glimpse of DWTS, sometimes my daughter surfs past it looking for something tolerable and we spot Kate Gosselin, all besequined. With or without makeup, she is extra scary as she blitzkreigs toward her partner (and the camera, i.e. us) like a Panzerkampfwagen II tank - with all of the grace that this implies.
  5. socrates171

    Miley Cyrus

    My daughter occasionally watches H.M. and if I'm on a nearby computer I can see it out of the corner of my eye. I certainly wouldn't claim that HM was anything other than bad, but then most of the TV on in the afternoons, even on cable, is utterly ghastly and potentially an even a worse an influence on my daughter than HM so I don't really discourage her. She watches no more than about an hour a day of tv anyway. Oh yeah, my point. Even out of the corner of my eye, an increasing awareness of the slouching has been seeping into my consciousness. By now it's become very annoying. Is she taller than everyone else in the HM case except daddums and is trying to compensate? Does she have early-onset scoliosis? A self-image issue? As bad as it has gotten on the show, it is painfully more obvious when she wears Red Carpet type gowns - especially of the shoulder-less variety. I really don't mean to be mocking her for this, as much as it may seem so from my natural writing style. I want her to be aware of it so she can do something about it. Scoliosis can be treated and if she just eschews the strapless gowns that'll be a help right there.