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  1. DianeXbetty

    FAQ: How to Change Font Color

    Ahhh, I see
  2. DianeXbetty

    FAQ: How to Change Font Color

    HMMMMMMMMM I don't think this works in the siggy. Does anyone know?
  3. DianeXbetty

    Animal Pics

    Sorry...double post.
  4. DianeXbetty

    Animal Pics

    soooo cute...I needed a good laugh this morning.
  5. DianeXbetty

    FAQ: Want More Simlie Options?

    Are the emotes in the post above going to be added to the list? Just wondering
  6. DianeXbetty

    Does anyone read historicals?

    I have read three novels by Sarah Waters that are historical in nature. I enjoyed them quite a lot...Affinity, Fingersmith, and Tipping the Velvet. I have bought, but not yet read her newest book, The Night Watch. I hope it will prove to be as good as the others.
  7. DianeXbetty

    What are you reading?

    ^ you should, most def
  8. DianeXbetty

    Norah Jones

    Court and Spark is a cut on the Herbie Hancock River-The Joni Letters Album that won Best Album Grammy this year. It features Norah Jones and is quite good. Any NJ fans will enjoy it.
  9. DianeXbetty

    Alicia Keys

    Did anyone else think that Alicia looked like she could be trying to hide being pregnant during her performance on the Grammys?
  10. DianeXbetty

    What are you reading?

    I have been reading Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I listened to the audiobook a couple of years ago, and am now enjoying it again. It is such an intriguingly beautiful book.