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  1. hazelnut

    TV shows that you USED to watch

    I have given up on: Prison Break: Wentworth is a hottie but the story lines got SO unbelievable and dumb. Fringe: Good concept but something about it couldn't keep my attention 90210: Can't stand the main girl (Annie?) - her acting is terrible Heroes: I got so lost with what was going on, who was good, who was bad, etc.
  2. hazelnut

    Movies You Have Walked Out On

    I haven't walked out on a movie, but I fell asleep in the theater during The League of Extraordinary Gentleman. If I had seen Bad Santa in the theater, I may have walked out on that one. My hubby and I turned it off part way through - we just couldn't take it anymore.
  3. hazelnut

    What are you reading?

    For any of you dog lovers, I just got done reading "Marley and Me." I cried my eyes out a couple of times! It reminds me of my disobedient basset hound.
  4. hazelnut

    Does Anyone Read Chick Lit?

    I struggled through The Girl With A Pearl Earring. I liked the idea behind the book (not much is known about the painter, so the author created a story behind one of his paintings), but I didn't care for the writing style.
  5. hazelnut

    Lost Discussion

    How long have they been on the island now? I wonder if she slept with the guy who was teaching her English before she left for the trip. They were standing awfully close together gazing at each other in the last shot of the two of them.
  6. hazelnut

    What are you reading?

    Have you read "Finding Betty Crocker" by Susan Marks? It tells about how General Mills invented an everyday housewife who gave out cooking tips in the 50's. People thought she was real - there was a radio show and TV shows. It's a pretty interesting book.
  7. hazelnut

    What are you reading?

    I've read that and I just finished the next one in the series, "Lost In A Good Book." It took me a while to get into the first one too because I couldn't figure out all of the weird stuff in her world, but once you get into it, it's not bad. The second one is a lot like the first.
  8. hazelnut

    Lost Discussion

    I think it looks like Desmond has been there for a while. He had that whole set up down there.
  9. hazelnut

    Matt Damon and Wife

    On the people magazine website, they say that Luciana was formerly a bartender, and now she's an interior designer.
  10. hazelnut

    What are you reading?

    I've read through E in the Sue Grafton series and I'm still kind of iffy on whether or not I like them. I keep hoping with each book that she doesn't have the same 4 pages with the details on Kinsey's background and how she lives in the apartment with the baker landlord. We know that by now! I just pick them up when there's nothing else at the library.I read My Sister's Keeper this summer and it is very good. After reading that, I picked up Perfect Match by Picoult and liked it too. I really like her writing style.I just started Angels & Demons on Monday, and so far I like it.
  11. hazelnut

    What are you reading?

    Meg - I just finished Girl With a Pearl Earring during lunch today and was thinking of renting the movie soon. If it's that bad, I don't want to see it and ruin the imagery from the book. Thanks for the warning!MMM - I've seen Steve Martin books at the library but never picked one up. I'll have to look for that one too.
  12. hazelnut

    Kathy Griffin

    I like the show too. My husband thinks she's stupid, but she cracks me up!She talks about how she loves to hang out with gay guys ~ did you guys notice who was at her game night with all of the gays? Lance Bass! Isn't he rumored to be gay?
  13. hazelnut

    What are you reading?

    I didn't figure it out either!
  14. hazelnut

    What are you reading?

    MMM - I loved 'She's Come Undone' and 'Shutter Island'! You'll like 'I Know This Much is True' too. We seem to have very similar taste in books! Two of the best books that I've read recently are 'The Time Travelers Wife' and 'The Confessions of Max Tivoli.'
  15. hazelnut

    Kate Moss

    Kate Moss should win Mother of the Year for having her daughter around all of those drugs. Two year olds are pretty curious and it's only a matter of time before she finds some sitting around...