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  1. alpierce

    Tom Cruise

    I sincerely hope he does leave, because I really want to hear all of the things he has admitted to in those auditing sessions. I would bet that even if his people somehow get an agreement from scientology not to blackmail him that we will see alot of this stuff leaked.
  2. alpierce

    The Kardashians

    Dont you just love it when someone rich like this says they don't value material possessions, and own the best of everything. I'd like to see Kylie try living in a low rent apartment without a car.
  3. alpierce

    Golden Globes 2015

    I haven't seen any of them either. I still can't wrap my head around why Aging comedies like Modern Family is supposed to be funny when I don't laugh once. There is a great video out there somewhere of Big Bang Theory with no laugh track. Yeah, I didn't laugh either.
  4. alpierce

    New people wanting to join ChitChat

    I'm willing to help and do work in I.T. (although I admittedly don't handle message boards much).
  5. alpierce

    Who will divorce first?

    Vote:Rimes Personally, I think Cuoco will want to ride the being famous for being married a couple of times. Rimes seems almost done. Once this reality show is done (it might already be, I don't follow reality shows, and will only watch them if I see hot women in the pool), I think the marriage will soon follow down that road.
  6. alpierce

    Brad and Angelina

    So, she is either not getting roles, or not getting the roles she wants because of hollywood ageism or the fact that she looks like a mannequin. ps: which I've just been informed is an insult to all mannequins everywhere. To all manequins everywhere: I apologize that Angelina Jolie looks like the person hiding under the stairs.
  7. Reminded me of this bully back in 4th grade, who I recently found out was the child of a drug addicted mother, with no father around.
  8. alpierce

    Tom Cruise

    I could believe the PR bs purely for the PR bs. But I seriously do not think they are dating, since Prepon is more of a man (sorry Laura) than Tom will ever be. Do you seriously see him dating someone taller than he is?
  9. alpierce

    Celebs Getting Airbrushed 2

    Here is another one. subtle, but revealing. Celebs before and after photoshop
  10. alpierce

    weight loss

    fanchitchat time machine! (I called it first!)
  11. alpierce

    weight loss

    I've lost about 50~60 lbs myself. I am not sure exactly because I don't have a scale. Aside from eating less, all I do is make sure I don't have alot of carbs late at night. I've been eating alot of oatmeal, brown rice(1/2 cup cooked) beans (not canned), cauliflower, broccoli, and brussel sprouts. For protein it is alot of lean chicken or tuna, with the occasional piece of fish. Aside from salad, I try to make sure I don't eat more than can fit into both hands cupped.
  12. alpierce


    Paul, is that you? - Ringo
  13. alpierce

    People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive

    WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY?! Oh, yeah, Maroon 5. They were popular like 12 years ago. For about 5 minutes. This guy must be bankrupt with the amount of money he is paying publicists. Can anyone name just 1 (one) maroon 5 song? I can't.
  14. alpierce

    Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin

    Never really got her appeal. But I wouldn't doubt guys on the side for anything. After all Coldplay was 90's
  15. Shia Labeouf to have real sex in next film Or maybe not so much