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Found 5 results

  1. Well, my preference for the poll would be to include the same couples year after year, since we know it’s inevitable that the vast majority will split... it’s just a matter of when. I find it interesting to track relationships over time and watch them develop and disintegrate. However, many of you have indicated that you prefer novelty over continuity. So here we have it! In your honour, a list with many new-to-the-poll celebrity and semi-celebrity couples. (But be warned: next year I will indulge myself and return to including mostly our Golden Oldy couples.) Enjoy!
  2. Okay, everyone. Folks complain when it's the same couples, year after year, so I've again added new names... knowing that those I've removed will probably now divorce (Murphys Law, and all that!) You can only vote once so please choose carefully. Also, try to post about why you picked the couple you selected (interesting to see everyone's reasons) Moderator: please close the 2017 poll. Thank you.
  3. Okay, everyone.... It seems that many of you wanted more new names, so we have many new-to-FanChitChat-divorce-poll couples this year. I also tried to take into account most of your suggestions. I only included legally-married couples. Please remember: everyone gets one and only one vote, so make your selection carefully. At the end of the year, the poll will be permanently closed. Happy New Year!
  4. It's New Year's Eve which means 2 things: I'm home alone, and will be in bed well before midnight It's time for a new divorce poll As you can see, I really tried to change it up this time. (We'll see how it works; in the future, we might return to the old tradition of keeping the majority of couples who didn't split in the previous year.) In any case, I hope that The Peanut Gallery will approve. I took all suggestions into consideration. Now let the Hollywood Marriage Games of 2016 begin! (We all know that the odds are never in their favor...)
  5. Okay, folks. We've had a flurry of split announcements, lately. Let's take our bets for the upcoming New Year. As usual, 15 couples. I tried to shake it up a bit and removed a few list regulars and added some new names. 3...2...1... Let the Break Up Games of 2015 begin!