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La Traviata

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La Traviata is an opera adopted from a novel written by Alexandre Dumas, fils and published in 1848. La Traviata was first presented by its Spanish producer Giuseppe Verdi in Venice before arriving Her Majesty's Theatre in London in 1856 and in the same year La Traviata debuted in the New York City. La Traviata since its first American shows has been the most played Opera and it was also put at the third spot of the 20 most played operas in North America. La Traviata is a love story presented in three acts that tell how love can change the lives of lovers forever.

The first act of the La Traviata opera is about the female lead character, the courtesan Violetta Valéry who meets a stranger Alfredo Germont at her lavish party who claims to be in love with her. First she rejects her love but still mourns in heart if a female of her reputation could have a man like Alfredo in her life.

The second act of the opera shows that true love of Alfredo managed to win Violetta over her lover Baron and they are living happily near a country house in Paris. Here comes the twist and in the absence of Alfredo, his father request Violetta to leave her son as her past is a threat to Alfredo’s sister engagement. She first refuses but then for the good sake of the family leaves the house of Alfredo, now her husband. Alfredo when finds the farewell letter from her wife thing she betrayed her for her ex-lover Baron and decides to confronts her and finds her at a party and observes Baron is also in the party.

aThe last act of the La Traviata shows Violetta is about to die due to a severe illness and her father-in-law writes him the letter for forgives and that he told Alfredo about her sacrifice. Finally Alfredo enters the room and couple sings their last due and Violetta dies in the arms of her lover husband.

La Traviata opera due to her heart touching story is extremely popular among audience of every age and now this love story is being presented at the Metropolitan Opera. The Met production of La Traviata debuted on New Year Eve with some changes like prostitutes in the show are dressed in red and everyone else in black tuxedos, while the entire set is built up in white color.

Dallas opera has also announced La Traviata on its operas list for 2011-12 season, where Greek soprano Myrtò Papatanasiu will appear in her first American role for the title character Violetta opposite James Valenti as Alfredo. Buy cheap La Traviata tickets from broadwayticketsale and enjoy all the shows live in theater with your family and friends.

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