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    The Queen is not refusing to go to things because of Netflix. Duty has been her life. She’s not going to things - her favourite pastimes like horse races - because she’s in her 90s and clearly increasingly frail. Andrew is totally faking though. 😂
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    Andrew faking COVID so he thinks it doesn't look as bad as being forbidden to attend? That part is true 😆
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    Not about Monaco so not "eurotrash", but non-British royalty. Well, and BR question. So tomorrow is the big dinner for Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway's 18th birthday. Much looking forward to what tiara she wears (tradition of giving princesses tiaras when they turn 18, I adore royal jewelry blogs, my pandemic addiction) So the palace in Norway has released the guest list (some on twitter had been following based on everyone's individualy announced schedules ahead of that as well). She has godparents among many royal families, the Scandinavian country monarchies are quite closely related as well, looks to be a big turnout - and there happen to be quite a few princesses in that age range, so we're hoping to see MANY newly "tiarad" young women. But no British royalty attending. This would have been IDEAL for Ed & Sophie AND THEIR KIDS. They do all the royal weddings & social engagements with the other european royals already, they have an 18 year old daughter! Who is, technically, as granddaughter of the monarch, a PRINCESS. No matter she doesn't use the title and her parents didn't want it. So why aren't they going? Not invited? Not their priority (I notice they're off soon on a "work" trip to Cyprus but surely this could have been fit into the schedule). Seeing how many European royals go to each other's events, WHY aren't the Brits ever there????
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    I love the internet.
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    I just recorded a couple of things on tv here, watched youtube videos of a couple things (esp after reading bitchy comments elsewhere, had to go back and watch the balcony at the Trooping to see Kate "refuse" to move from next to the Queen, then the balcony after the pageant when William refused to move next to the queen and Kate - with Louis- had to squeeze behind him. Charles had similarly blocked Camilla (tight passage, with the columns) but he moved out of the way, ushered Camilla into place, then moved back himself.) There were rumors they wanted a photo where Kate could be photoshopped out 😶
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    There’s a video of Charles bouncing him on his knee along with the music somewhere as well. I’m not usually into the “second son is a mischievous scamp compared to the heir” narrative that the British press usually force on royal kids, but George does always seem serious and even a little nervous compared to his sibs.
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    Blindgossip has been as transparently anti-Meghan and Harry as Celebitchy has been anti-Kate and William. They’re a conservative outlet. They’ve done some political blinds about democrats too that were none too flattering while often ignoring bad behavior from republicans. I 100% believe Andrew faked COVID as a way of explaining his absence at the Jubilee events as though we don’t all know that he’s been forbidden to go by everyone other than the Queen, who has a real blind spot when it comes to him. I don’t think Blind Gossip has any inside intel on this, though. It’s just really obvious. I loved Meghan’s outfit at the Trooping of the Guard (from the pictures through the window). I thought her hat was much prettier than Kate’s (can’t help comparing because they’re the same colors). I’m in the minority on the St. Paul’s service fashion because I didn’t like the cream coat outfit Meghan wore. The outfit was fine but I don’t think it flatters her at all. I did like the yellow dress Kate wore (it is flattering on her), though I’m always struck by how thin she looks.
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    I feel this is BS the british tabloids have been moaning on about for weeks. I doubt completely they ever thought to film for netflix there. You can't just film and air shit, you need people to sign releases. Please. So no, I don't believe either of these biased "blinds".
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    I suspect any relationship she has with with her sons is one of financial support. Though to be fair, I probably would also pass on the chance of seeing my mother twirling around naked too.
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    So she is getting married today. Her kids aren't there. Only one of her brothers is there. Still 100+ guests. Then this happens. Seriously, can't make this shit up Britney Spears’ ex-husband Jason Alexander attempts to crash singer’s wedding https://pagesix.com/2022/06/09/britney-spears-ex-husband-jason-alexander-crashes-singers-wedding/
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    Why Prince Harry and Meghan really didn’t get a Queen and Lilibet photo https://nypost.com/2022/06/07/harry-and-meghan-told-no-chance-of-queen-and-lilibet-photo/?_ga=2.219137113.1746532781.1654535724-299064593.1603393685 So either they did ask, or they didn't
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    Ok, so it is one of each and they were sitting in between Zara and Phillip I guess. I always get them confused. And I didn't read the caption at all. 😁But I still get Bea and Eugenie confused too. I know which woman is married to which man, but I have total inability to recall which is which. Anywho - new baby Lili official photo released!!! https://people.com/royals/meghan-markle-prince-harry-lilibet-birthday-photo/?amp=true
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    Savannah is Peter’s, Mia is Zara’s, so they’re cousins I guess. I don’t have a strong opinion at all beyond thinking Mike Tindall is a rugby player through and through, which is probably a bit of an asset to the Royals in terms of making them seem more down to Earth.
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    Despite being British and it dominating our tv screens for 3 days, I didn’t actually watch any of it (had work and a wedding plus the French open to watch!) - but I did read somewhere that Rod sang the queen’s favourite song, so perhaps that’s by Neil Diamond 😂
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    This photo is TOO much. Captioned like it's a football match 😂 I do think the kids were amazing considering how stressful (good and bad) the past few days have been. These kids don't get a ton of exposure like this (some other royal kids have been out more frequently). I think it was good and bad - it was fun to see the kids, kids WILL do and say the darndest things and the videos & photos are great because of that. But yeah, I feel for them. I agree I love to see the relationships of all the cousins and (2nd? onec removed?) cousins. It's nice they're of similar ages to get along and enjoy each others' company - 2 generations. Edward & Sophie's kids in an akward in between ages - I hope they aren't always stuck as babysitters but get to have fun on their own. Just not sure which group they'd get to hang with? (I was a weird kid - mostly an only child and not near cousins, most who were a LOT younger - I hung out with my parents' friends a lot, but then I got along better with adults than kids)
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    This article has lots of pictures. As a mom, I’m struck by how much those kids had to sit through over a relatively short time. Looks like they managed to hold it together pretty well. I also like how close they always seem to be with the other kids in the extended family. It’s a weird fishbowl, but I hope they are getting a little bit of a normal life, as much as possible. https://apple.news/APMTceIQDRzip1T1FmJx0QA also, this video, which I have not seen before, when she sits back the first time, you just know what’s going through her head
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    A clip of part of the meeting between a British icon and the Queen.
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    I've never been much of a fan for Kate's outfits, but she sure seems to be stepping it up last few weeks. Really loving the yellow dress:
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    I am in love with Duchess of Gloucester's pearls from today. MONSTERS, she's always stunning and her jewelry rocks. I've read Celebitchy but they remain too mean for me, the comments at least. The blog Court Jeweler - my pandemic addiction - has been a happy space to discuss all the jewelry, and a little bit of the clothing. There's a royal hat blog too I like!
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    I don't know if I believe the BIs to this degree, but do think there is some truth to this. After the Oprah interview, the family knows anything they say to Harry and Meg could be used against them in public. I would avoid them too. But I sure will watch the Netflix documentary when it does finally come out. Agreed Andrew faked COVID. He's not dumb. I'm loving the outfits and jewelry. Added bonus the kid funny faces in photos. Queen looks great for 95.
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    I've been enjoying the photos online.
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    I had really been leaning in to "serious health issue" combined with "hiding from her asshole husband" as the explanations for the past couple of years. Contrary conspiracy theory on celebitchy - she had a horrendous coke addiction caused HUGE nasal problems so that's what all her surgeries were, then the past 6+ months in Switzerland are part of the detox/rehab still..... So, cancer or coke? Or just miserable + plastic surgery? Who knows?? But it's made Charlene watching more interesting.....[I know, I'm horrible]
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    Wow. Those recent photos are startling. It does look like she’s had surgery, though at the same time, she also just lost a crap ton of weight and maybe that makes her face look very different? She does NOT look well. But I also thought Angelina looked scary bad in recent photos and other people thought she looked great, so maybe I’ve just become my grandmother.
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    https://people.com/royals/prince-albert-tells-people-princess-charlene-in-treatment-facility What is actually going on??? She's in rehab for exhaustion (is THAT still a thing???!!!) just after finally returning to Monaco?? There are a few rumors - that's she's REALLY sick (cancer) but I don't know why they wouldn't admit that at this point? Pain pills after a year of pain & medical problems I could see too, but I'm still not sure I buy the specific medical problems they are admitting to.....If she's just trying to get away from him, it's a clusterf*ck......
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    Video shows more Marilyn Monroe dress damage, allegedly by Kim Kardashian https://pagesix.com/2022/06/15/video-more-marilyn-monroe-dress-damage-allegedly-by-kim-kardashian/ Ugh.