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  1. princess


    Spent a week down in Mexico, had a great time. Came back with a torn rotator cuff and pinched nerve (they think, I hear MRI results tomorrow). So I'll be a bit slow for the next few weeks. This is what I get for trying zip lining when I am terrified of heights.
  2. princess

    George Clooney

    I saw the footage and was shocked!
  3. princess


    I don't know how I feel about the little stars to tell us there is a new post in a thread either. What do you think?? FYI it says somewhere there is a user setting so that when you click on a thread it takes you to the most recent post, but I haven't found it yet. I'm heading off for vacation so I'll track down more info when I get back.
  4. princess


    Interesting. I’ll see if that’s a setting I can update.
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    Are you still having issues?
  6. princess


    Testing mobile. Will it let me to it’s or do I get error?
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    Yeah our personal ones are still intact!
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    Will fix a bunch of bug issues, don't know about that one specifically. I'll see about testing.
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    We've been around for 15 years!! ChitChat is now officially begging for donations for our annual hosting fees! If you enjoy this site, please consider donating to assist with funds that are used for hosting, tech support and upgrades of FanChitChat! Remember, even if everyone puts in just a couple of bucks, it adds up! Of course if we are lucky, perhaps there will be extra in the budget to fund some ChitChat Missions like: - still hoping to fund Bring Back Ted Casablanca! campaign - paying off Hollywood to stop anything to do with the Kardashians - send an official ChitChat representative to the royal wedding! - sending ChitChat members to celebs in need of normal-person-bitch-slap services when they say stupid things Click Here to Donate to ChitChat! The link above will take you to paypal's secure server. In case anyone needs it, the payment email address is princess@fanchitchat.com You do not need a paypal account, you can simply enter in info and submit without registering. As we have done in the past, all who donate will be designated "ChitChat Donator" status so every knows how super cool you are Thanks again everyone! princess
  10. TMZ.com Randy Jackson is going after the baby mama that got a huge child support judgment against him ... claiming she's sponged off the Jackson family for nearly 2 decades. Alejandra Jackson -- who has 2 kids by Randy and 2 by his brother Jermaine -- has a child support judgment against Randy that exceeds $600,000 -- that's because Randy hasn't paid his $1,200 a month in years and the debt plus interest swelled into outer space. Randy has now filed legal docs trying to undo Alejandra's judgment, claiming they cut a deal in 1993 that Randy and Michael Jackson agreed to let Alejandra and her kids live in the Jackson family compound in Encino and in return he wouldn't have to pay child support. On top of that, Randy says the Jackson family provided Alejandra with food, utilities, maids, cooks, security guards, telephones, gardeners, maintenance, use of numerous expensive cars, etc. Randy says, in short, she's gotten way more than the $600k he owes her. Randy also says in the docs, Alejandra and the kids have lived "like kings and queens at Randy Jackson's expense." We're thinkin' it's another Jackson who foots the bills.
  11. princess

    Fashion Industry News

    EDITOR'S ANTICS A REAL HOOT Page SixDID saucy Seventeen editrix Atoosa Rubenstein misbehave at an Armani event just a few months after she fired a staffer for acting inappropriately at a different Armani bash? Spies at the launch of Armani's new Blackcode fragrance a few weeks ago say Rubenstein "teetered into her seat" after apparently having a few drinks at the bar. "When an executive from L'Oreal began to speak about the fragrance launch, Atoosa let out a huge hoot and holler which was met with deafening silence and everyone turning around in their seats," says our snitch, an editor at a rival magazine. "Her behavior was totally insane and embarrassing." Rubenstein's outburst rankled some because, an insider claims, she recently fired a beauty editor for taking off her top at an Armani party where Peter Lindbergh was taking portraits. However, a Seventeen rep says Rubenstein did nothing inappropriate, and suspects our source has ulterior motives. "Atoosa was just cheering on her best friend, Armani exec Serge Jureidini, who was onstage introducing Duran Duran," the rep said. And the beauty editor "left Seventeen ? she wasn't fired."