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  1. princess

    Bill & Giuliana Rancic

    ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/11 **#5** This on again off again red carpet host all of you know is either being cheated on by her husband or the couple split. He was definitely sucking face with someone last week, but our host isn't talking about it.
  2. princess

    British Royals

    I’m Sick November 12, 2019 [Blind Gossip] There is a funny scene in Mean Girls in which Karen (played by actress Amanda Seyfried) claims illness in order to stay home. She gives a little struggle cough and says, “I’m sick.” That is close to what went down a week or so ago in the lives of this famous and feuding family. The Mother In Law was supposed to attend an event for the first time with her Daughter in Law. Right before the event, MIL said, “I’m sick.” She must have been seriously ill, right? [MIL] had a mild cold, but the woman has the constitution of a horse and it was nothing that would have ordinarily kept her from attending a scheduled event. Did you know that [MIL] was actually very sick the day of her own wedding? Yet she muddled through with nary a complaint. Guess DIL isn’t the only actress in the family! So why did MIL really stay home? [MIL] has worked incredibly hard over many years to fortify her own position within the family. She was very gracious and welcoming with [DIL] in the beginning. However, she – and other family members – now find it distressing that DIL seems to be more interested in destroying the family than in joining it. It would not behoove [MIL] to do photo ops with [The Wife] unless part of an event with many family members. Perhaps that will change in the future, but for now it seems prudent for her to keep a bit of distance. While initial reports were that MIL would be down for a week or more with such a serious illness, she made a miraculous comeback! Only a couple of days later, MIL attended an event at which she was surrounded by multiple family members… and did not have to do an individual photo op with Daughter in Law. Similar: Her Own Game Mother In Law: Daughter In Law: [Optional] Smart move by MIL? Or, “Boo, you whore!”
  3. princess

    British Royals

    The person that mentioned this was in the right circles (you know, the one that got invited to the wedding ). And it was mentioned the current royals don't really follow this, but old royals do. Maybe there is a difference between old royals and new just like old money and new money folks For what it's worth. My point is I think the press jumping to the conclusion of Baby #4 for Kate/William is not so far out there as someone from the states would think. Much like when someone here has Baby #1 here, the first question is "when will you have baby #2?" I only have one friend with 4 kids, and that was not planned! She just gave birth to unplanned twins (twins don't even run in their family!) last week and is still trying to wrap her head around the fact she has 4 kids under the age of 6. She mentioned for XMas she just wanted her husband to have a vasectomy
  4. princess

    British Royals

    I have been told that in English royal families the magic number of kids is 4. Not everyone does this due to a variety of reasons, but that's the status quo. Kind of like in the US families typically have 2 kids. English royal families it's 4. I guess if you can afford them, why not.
  5. princess

    Official 2019 Divorce Poll

    Anna Faris All Smiles Talking Engagement!!! 11/11/2019 7:13 AM PT TMZ https://www.tmz.com/2019/11/11/anna-faris-all-smiles-talking-engagement-wedding-plans/ On a related note - I'm guessing Chris Pratt will be on the poll next year
  6. princess

    British Royals

    ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/07 **#6** Just a few more days until the world gets to see where the should be in jail royal stands in relationship to his mother. Will he get the honor of standing next to her, or is she done with him and ready to feed him to the wolves in a more distant spot from her.
  7. princess

    Online Streaming Services

    So this may be my option to finally cut the cord with cable. However I think Hulu is streaming service, so while I would get regular TV it would all be streamed over internet, but wires in the wall like cable - right?
  8. princess

    Online Streaming Services

    Your Guide to the Streaming Wars As four new services hit the market between now and next spring, we break down which streaming outfits are worth your time and money The Streaming Wars are here! The Streaming Wars are here! Really, they’ve been here for years now, but the whole mess has gone to another level recently, as the rest of the TV industry has ramped up its efforts to combat Netflix by… introducing their own versions of Netflix. Apple TV+ launched on November 1st. Disney+ follows on November 12th, and NBC and WarnerMedia will launch new streaming services in the spring. The days when you could have only, say, a Netflix and a Hulu subscription and have access to the majority of interesting work being done in television are long over. Every media conglomerate wants to own their own content, and thus to force you to subscribe to their unique service to access that content. To keep up with it all, you’ll eventually be spending as much or more than you would be for the old-fashioned cable bundle. Before Disney+ turns on the lights, we thought it was a good time to check in with some of the significant existing services, as well as these newcomers, to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of each — and whether they might be worth adding another monthly expense to your long list of subscriptions. Netflix Cost: $8.99/month (no HD, only one device at a time), $12.99/month (HD, two devices at a time), $15.99/month (Ultra HD, four devices at a time) In a nutshell: More original series than anyone else — and some of them are actually excellent. Prime Video Cost: Comes with an Amazon Prime subscription, which costs either $119/year (averaging out to $9.92/month), or $12.99/month if you don’t want to pay the annual fee In a nutshell: You mainly care about the free shipping, but this is a Hulu Cost: $5.99/month (ad-supported), $11.99/month (no ads), $44.99/month (ad-supported, but with access to live TV), $50.99/month (no ads, with access to live TV) In a nutshell: A fantastic library of past TV shows, plus easy access to a lot of what’s current. Plus, FX! CBS All Access Cost: $5.99/month (ad-supported), $9.99/month (ad-free) In a nutshell: Star Trek, Star Trek, and more Star Trek. Plus a few other things. Apple TV+ Cost: $4.99/month (free for a year if you buy a new Apple phone, tablet, or computer) In a nutshell: You get what you pay for — which ain’t much. Disney+ (Launches November 12th) Cost: $6.99/month, or $69.99/year (averages out to $5.83/month) In a nutshell: Your childhood, streamed daily. Peacock (Launches April 2020) Cost: Unclear, though it will be free (and ad-supported) to at least some cable subscribers In a nutshell: Your favorite NBC-owned content, exclusively! Eventually! HBO Max (Launches May 2020) Cost: $14.99/month; will be a free add-on for (some? all?) HBO cable subscribers In a nutshell: Tony Soprano and Phoebe Buffay, together at last! Full story: https://www.rollingstone.com/tv/tv-features/guide-streaming-services-apple-disney-peacock-hbo-max-907812/
  9. princess

    Celeb New Couple Alert

    Good point. New thread
  10. princess

    Celeb New Couple Alert

    Keanu Reeves, 55, goes public with first 'girlfriend' in DECADES as he holds hands and shares loving looks with artist Alexandra Grant, 46, at event https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7649103/Keanu-Reeves-55-goes-public-girlfriend-DECADES.html I was kind of surprised to read this little fact: Keanu has never posed with a girlfriend on the red carpet in his 35 year career
  11. princess

    British Royals

    Donald Trump Thinks Meghan Markle Takes the Media Scrutiny 'Very Personally' and Offers This Advice https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/donald-trump-thinks-meghan-markle-takes-media-scrutiny-very-personally-advice.html/ When I read this headline I couldn't stop laughing!
  12. princess

    British Royals

    Popbitch >> Royal blush << You kiss the Queen with that mouth? If you've ever heard the phonecall that Prince Charles had with Camilla Parker Bowles about being reincarnated as her tampon, you'll know he has a filthy mind – but we didn't know he had a mouth to match. Prince Harry was supposed to do an event with Charles recently, but ended up pulling out at the last minute. This caused some unhelpful complications for the event staff but when an organiser complained about it, Charles suggested they cut the boy a bit of slack. Why? Because, he said, Harry is a little "cunt-struck" right now. FYI: It's not a one-off. Prince Charles is supposedly a big fan of the C-word.
  13. princess

    Official 2019 Divorce Poll

    Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp Split, Call Off Engagement: She ‘Had Enough’ By Nicholas Hautman 6 hours ago https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/meg-ryan-john-mellencamp-split-call-off-engagement/?utm_source=email&amp;em_hash=5d989d9ecd736b8131c14072926e952e
  14. princess

    What are you reading?

    I've been reading Judgment of Paris, which is the book the movie "Bottle Shock" was based off of. Great movie if you haven't seen it. The first half the book gives the background of wine making since the middle ages which is interesting, but does make for slow reading.
  15. princess

    Online Streaming Services

    5 ways to get free access to services like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Disney Plus, and Apple TV Plus https://www.businessinsider.com/free-deals-netflix-hbo-hulu-disney-plus-apple-tv-plus-2019-10