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  1. princess

    Television 2018-2019

    Yes, I heard that too about Season 2. Somehow involved. New director though for Season 2.
  2. princess

    2018 Emmy Awards

    Wow, so glad everyone is doing okay. The images I'm seeing are so shocking and sad. Stay safe!!
  3. princess

    Television 2018-2019

    I have HBO channel from my cable company, so I was able to watch HBO On Demand episodes. Haven't read the books. The acting was excellent from everyone.
  4. princess

    Lin Manuel Miranda's 'Hamilton'

    Harry Potter!!! Just because I loved it
  5. princess

    Television 2018-2019

    Fall 2018 Premier Dates: https://www.tvguide.com/coming-soon/
  6. princess

    Television 2018-2019

    Just finished Big Little Lies. Loved it! Can't wait for season 2 in 2019.
  7. princess

    2018 Emmy Awards

    I wasn't able to watch and didn't record. Didn't even know it was happening until some images started popping up on my news feed about it happening that night. No idea why they changed to a Monday night, but lame. 2018 Emmy Winners: A Complete List https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/17/arts/television/2018-emmy-awards-winners-list.html
  8. princess

    2018 Emmy Awards

    Anyone watching tonight? http://toofab.com/photos/2018-emmy-awards-every-must-see-red-carpet-look/
  9. princess

    Anna Wintour

    No, but it sounds like a lot of people were pouring drinks after Anna meetings
  10. princess

    Anna Wintour

    Had dinner with her last night and she talked a bit about it. She asked if I had seen Devil Wears Prada (ha ha ha, of course haven’t we all??) and she said that Streep you could still see a sliver of a good/kind person in there somewhere. With Anna there was none. Her office was right near Anna’s and she poured a lot of people a drink after meeting with Anna. She was on the editorial side of things. She did say Anna was good at her job and had a great eye but as brutal as they say, if not more so.
  11. princess

    Anna Wintour

    When I was in Egypt on vacation everyone in my group got along brilliantly. One of the women I would chat with about fashion and fun run costumes, etc., didn't think much of it. The last day of the trip, her travel companion (both their husbands didn't want to go to Egypt) says "You don't know who she is, do you?" Turns out she was a big wig at Vogue. As in worked with Anna Wintour. She is retired now. She is currently in San Diego for few days, she messaged me and we are going to dinner on Saturday night. Hope to sneak in a few Vogue questions
  12. princess

    Divorce in 2018: Who'll do it, soonest?

    Denise Richards Weds Aaron Phypers Welcome to 'RHOBH'!!! 9/8/2018 6:57 PM PDT TMZ
  13. princess

    Oscars 2019

    TMZ The Academy of Motion Picture Arts says it's reconsidering rolling out a new "popular" category for the Oscars, and putting the move on ice for 2019 ... and probably forever. The AMPA said Thursday that the bemoaned category of "Best Achievement in Popular Film" merits further study ... and it won't be happening for the 2019 award show. As you'll recall ... the backlash to the announcement last month was swift and fierce, with cinephiles calling it the death of the Academy Awards and simply a way to pander to ratings. The Academy's CEO, Dawn Hudson, says ... "There has been a wide range of reactions to the introduction of a new award, and we recognize the need for further discussion with our members." She continued, "We have made changes to the Oscars over the years—including this year—and we will continue to evolve while also respecting the incredible legacy of the last 90 years." We'll take this a step further and predict this means the "popular" category will never see the light of day, especially after people stop talking about it when the 2019 show's over. Once the buzz dies down, our money's on the Academy never moving to reinstate it. In other words -- sorry, superhero movies ... you'll have to fight for a Best Picture nod like everyone else.
  14. princess

    Celeb Death Watch

    Burt Reynolds Dead at 82 ... After Heart Attack 9/6/2018 11:52 AM PDT TMX
  15. princess

    GPS Trackers

    Thanks. Still can't believe this woman isn't in jail.