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  1. princess

    Election Year 2016

    Just some simple google searching and found some interesting info: This is going to be a crazy election. And Emperor Trump has indicated if he looses the election he will not step down without a fight. I foresee rioting on the streets no matter who wins.
  2. princess

    Election Year 2016

    Here are the voting stats from 2016. Anyone want to guess what they will be for 2021 election?? Around 138 million Americans voted in the 2016 presidential election. From Business Insider. However, those 138 million Americans only make up 58.1% of our voting-eligible population (those American citizens over 18). From United States Elections Project.
  3. princess

    British Royals

    ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/20 **5** The alliterate one is desperately trying to testify virtually in her upcoming trial. She doesn't want to travel and she doesn't want to have to deal with the crowds of press. If she does have to be present for the trial, she wants a waiver of the 14 day quarantine period so she doesn't have to spend Christmas with the in-laws. The month of January is going to test the limits of the marriage.
  4. princess

    Ellen DeGeneres

    Ellen flips Montecito home: Talk show host lists Bali-inspired home for $39.9million after buying it less than two years ago for $27million and renovating it https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8835569/Ellen-DeGeneres-flips-Bali-inspired-Montecito-home-listing-39-9M-buying-27M.html Beautiful house!
  5. princess

    Ellen DeGeneres

    Spin The Sale Of The House October 16, 2020 [Blind Gossip] We’ve talked to you before about this TV Lady’s many issues. Her popularity has definitely waned from its peak, and the public does not look at her the same way they once did. That diminution of stature and reputation also means a diminution of income. She is not broke by any means, but her monthly expenses are huge. She is running into some cash flow issues. So she is selling her really big house. This is not a second home. It is her primary residence. She completely customized to her lifestyle. A year ago, she was definitely not even thinking of selling it, so her decision to sell is not a happy one. With all she put into it, will she make a profit? Even though the housing market is hot right now, and even though she customized it a lot, she knows she will probably have to take an overall loss on it when it sells. Our TV Lady has a very big ego. She knows how to spin even bad things to make herself look good. Thus, she will likely make it seem like she did well on the sale. Even if she doesn’t. Time to call a moving company… and her publicist! Similar: House Is Part Of The Loop TV Lady: [Optional] What do you think will happen to the housing market in the next year?
  6. princess

    Things that make you say "Hummm....."

    Couldn’t resist 😂
  7. princess

    British Royals

  8. princess

    British Royals

    This Video Bites October 1, 2020 [Blind Gossip] Less than a decade ago, before she achieved worldwide fame, this fortyish actress did a spread for a men’s magazine. While she did not take all of her clothes off, the shoot is certainly meant to portray her as every man’s fantasy. You know, the kind of seductress who could make something as mundane as eating a hamburger look sexy. During the video, she removes some clothing and preens for the camera and seductively sucks on her finger. You know. Your typical feminist film. Just kidding! Anyway, at the time, she was proud of the feature, as she thought it would help elevate her profile and her acting career. However, after she met a rich guy from a prominent family, she just wanted to make it go away. She could not mess with her acting roles but she thought she could do something about this one. She had her reps contact the magazine and ask if they could take down the video from the shoot. Since the video was still generating traffic (and income) for the magazine, they were not eager to do so. A negotiation ensued. Basically, what was she willing to give to make the video go away? She was more famous now, so the magazine was willing to take it down, but only if she did a new feature for them. She declined. So, why was our actress so darn eager to get this video taken down? Is it because she looked ugly in the shoot? No, she actually looks very pretty. There were two other reasons. Posing for a men’s magazine did not fit her new, elevated position in society. Oh, and she really hated how her chest looked. Our actress is no stranger to plastic surgery. The size of her chest has actually changed quite a bit over the years. It seems that she she got breast enhancements many years ago but had the size modified a couple of times after that. This was one of her flatter periods. And, yes, there is a marked difference between what she had then and what she has now. Anyway, the next time some magazine lauds her “natural beauty”… just know that she isn’t completely natural. Similar: He Changed Their Shapes Actress: [Optional] Do you think the rest of her is natural?
  9. princess

    Jada Pinkett-Smith & Will Smith

    What A Tangled Web September 29, 2020 [Blind Gossip] If you thought that this celebrity couple had moved past the messiness of the wife’s affair, you might want to think again! Someone has met with his attorney. The relationship doesn’t serve him anymore. They had this front for many years and she f*cked it up. The wife – who is an actress – had a private affair. The affair went public. She tried to deny it at first, but eventually she acknowledged the affair. With a lot of excuses. It was very messy. As Sir Walter Scott said in 1808, “O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!” However, confession wasn’t only messy. It was embarrassing for her movie star husband. Even though they have an open marriage, that sh*t is supposed to stay private! She embarrassed him and put him in a position where he had to help her clean up her mess. He’s the star in the family. Her f*ck up hurt his reputation. That’s a no go. So, where is all this heading? Divorce! Yes, we know that rumor comes around every few years, but it looks like this time may really be it. He acts like he is cool about what went down but he is definitely not. Other than talking about the kids, they don’t talk anymore. That’s a first. He stiffed her on her birthday. That’s never happened before. And he met with his lawyer. That’s never happened before, either. We checked out their social media to see if we could see any hint of tension, and we were a little surprised at what we found: She keeps posting about him… but he has stopped posting about her! Ouch. Perhaps we should paraphrase Sir Walter Scott. “O, what a ENtangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!” Similar: July About August Couple: [Optional] Do you think they should divorce? Do you think they WILL divorce?
  10. princess

    Baby Boom

    Amanda Seyfried secretly gave birth to her second child, a baby boy https://pagesix.com/2020/09/28/amanda-seyfried-secretly-gave-birth-to-second-child-a-baby-boy/
  11. princess

    Baby Boom

    Joaquin Phoenix and Fiancée Rooney Mara Welcome First Child River, Honoring Actor’s Late Brother https://people.com/parents/joaquin-phoenix-rooney-mara-welcome-first-child-son-river/
  12. princess


    3 of the people I know that have caught it all got it when they had to go to the hospital for something else. One in North Dakota, two in Florida. My cousins (not sure exact relation) in northern California caught it when their grand kid's school was closed because someone tested positive at the school. So they came to visit their grandparents while school was out.
  13. princess

    British Royals

    Here is San Diego, CA I've seen the college kids going into the bars while mostly maintaining social distancing and following the rules. Then as they drink, they get sloppy and next thing you know they are all hugging each other and going home with people that are most certainly NOT in their COVID circle. I would think that closing the bars a few hours earlier might help with some of that, on the other hand maybe that will just make them drink faster?!?! The colleges that opened up for onsite classes are finding out all the kids aren't getting sick from the protocols in the classroom (for the most part), it's the socializing they do after that is causing all the problems. Generally it's the young kids and the tourists that are really making it bad for us locals. Uh, I digress. At least the royals can know they aren't the only idiots.
  14. princess

    Brad Pitt (single and ready to mingle thread)

    ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **4** There has been some back and forth talk between this former married couple of going out to dinner and making sure paps are there. It would make every cover of every tabloid in the world, so they are going to wait until there is something huge to promote. Please do it! It would piss AJ off so much if Jen and Brad dined together in public.
  15. princess

    Election Year 2016

    So sorry to hear that Dixie. I've had a few friends that have caught it now with various degrees of symptoms. What seems to be the worst for all of them is the stress and worry that goes along with it.