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  1. princess

    British Royals

    Public Relations Chaos January 10, 2020 [Blind Gossip] There are a lot of messy celebrities. It is the job of their publicist to make them look less messy. This actress has been messier than most. She tries to come across as mature and self-contained, but both her behavior and her press have been nothing short of bizarre and chaotic. In the past few years, our TV actress she has gone from promoting herself… to hiring a Hollywood PR team… to using her new family’s PR team… to going back again to the Hollywood PR team (which did not sit well with the family). Whew! No wonder the branding and messaging have been so crazy! However, there is something interesting going on right now. A media person called the actress’ Hollywood PR team to get verification of something… and the Hollywood PR team said that they no longer represent her! What?! We’re not exactly sure what this means. Did she fire her publicist in the middle of this crisis? Did they quit? Are they handling her newly-formed organization but not her personally? Is she trying to do her own PR again? Did she hire a new publicist? Since she is so high profile, you would think that a new PR professional would happily announce themselves as having snagged her as a client. Yet… crickets. No one seems to know what’s going on. This is all very odd. And very chaotic. As usual. Similar: His Mess To Fix Actress: [Optional] If she asked for your advice, what would you tell her?
  2. princess

    British Royals

    Prince Harry & Meghan Wax Figures Booted From Royal Display ... Madame Tussauds Acts Fast!!! https://www.tmz.com/2020/01/09/meghan-markle-prince-harry-wax-figures-removed-madame-tussauds-london-royal-family-display/
  3. princess

    British Royals

    https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/duchess-meghan-is-definitely-leading-the-charge-on-royal-decisions/?utm_source=email&em_hash=5d989d9ecd736b8131c14072926e952e “They’re planning to split their time between Canada and L.A. They already have a home setting in Canada. That will be their base,” the second source explains. “They are house hunting in L.A., but L.A. will be more of a holiday home. Meghan’s definitely behind the move.” And there it i$....
  4. princess

    British Royals

  5. princess

    British Royals

    SOLVED! Wounded Little Boy October 22, 2019 [Blind Gossip] While everyone is up in arms about how to deal with a couple of members of this famous family who are seemingly beyond their control, an insider provides a glimpse as to exactly how it happened. She was quite cunning. She talked to him about his mother all the time. She used the pain he felt about losing his mother to make him rely on her and to turn him against everyone else in his family. She told him that he is actually “a wounded little boy” and that his family was wrong for making him act stoically. She also told him that he should never forget how terribly his family treated his mother. She encouraged him to talk about his feelings and told him the more he lets the sadness and anger out both privately and in public, the sooner his pain would heal. He cried with her and she comforted him like his mother would. She told him that once he was able to choose for himself and act independently from his family, they would fulfill his mother’s legacy together. This does explain his recent surge in discussing his feelings in public… his newfound temper… as well as his alienation from his family. But did he simply trade one controlling entity for another? Similar: Too Cute Love Couple: His Mother: [Optional] Do you think his mother would have approved of her? Why or why not? Please use people’s real names. SOLVED! Couple: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry His Mother: Princess Diana
  6. princess

    British Royals

    SOLVED! The Big Plan December 28, 2019 [Blind Gossip] We warned you that this was coming! Think back to a few months ago when we talked about the baby. Our married couple was oddly reluctant to let the public see the baby, citing concerns over safety and a desire to bond privately. We told you that wasn’t true. Plenty of their family members have managed to keep their children safe and secure over many generations while meeting their obligations as public figures. We told you that the couple was actually trying to keep sightings of the baby rare while they figured out how to monetize the situation… without the rest of the family finding out. They bungled that scenario. However, it’s now full steam ahead with The Big Plan! What is The Big Plan? To brand and monetize everything. You are now seeing that plan being put into motion. And if you question what they are doing, you will be met with anger, misdirection, and insistence that their motives are pure. We hid the baby because… Privacy! Motherhood! We take private planes and stay in posh private digs because… Environment! Wellness! We isolate ourselves from 99% of our family and surround ourselves with celebrities because… Family! Safety! We are engaging our own outside lawyers and PR team because… Protection! Charity! How dare you question our motives! See how that works? Our couple is good. Those who question their motives or their nonsensical excuses or their bizarre hypocrisy are bad. By the way, if you like The Clinton Foundation, you are going to love our couple’s charity organization. Why? Because The Clinton Foundation is our couple’s model. Actually, they think they can be much bigger than The Clinton Foundation. They just have to keep you pesky commoners at bay while they spin up the machine. Then it’s cha ching… cha ching… cha ching! All in the name of charity, of course. Yes, you may roll your eyes. Similar: Big Baby Bucks Couple: [Optional] What will happen to this plan and this couple? SOLVED! Couple: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
  7. princess

    British Royals

    We should have listed Meghan/Harry and The Queen on the divorce poll. I do believe this counts as a breakup.
  8. princess

    Joker (Joaquin Phoenix)

    I was totally out of the loop for Golden Globes last weekend, but think I heard he won best actor for this movie. Go JP!
  9. princess

    Michelle Williams

    She Left Her Husband Up A Creek January 2, 2020 [Blind Gossip] While everyone is busy congratulating this actress on her latest engagement and pregnancy, the story of how all this happened isn’t quite so nice! She had only been married a couple of weeks to [Husband] when she began cheating on him with [New Fiance]. Yikes! She really left him up a creek with that sneaky move! She kept saying that it was a really intense project and that’s why she need to spend so much time with [New Fiance]. [Her Husband] trusted her because they had just gotten married. Now he is kicking himself for being so stupid to believe her. It’s interesting that the press has been so gentle and congratulatory on her new relationship without questioning the timing or the overlap with her marriage. She comes across as this really nice, gentle person, but she actually is a lying, conniving witch. She gets a lot of mileage out of playing the “poor widow.” That’s a reference to yet another previous relationship. She dated a famous actor who is now deceased. They never married, but they were together for several years and had a child, so many people assume they were married. Now that [Husband] looks back, he should have realized that she married him just a couple of months after breaking her engagement with a different guy. That should have told him something about her character. Live and learn. In case you are keeping score at home, this is our actress’ third engagement in two years! What kind of person does that? Similar: The Hateful Husband Actress: [Optional] Do you think she will marry her New Fiance?
  10. princess

    Official 2020 Divorce Poll

    I went Jada and Will.
  11. princess

    Official 2020 Divorce Poll

    I've been dealing with some health issues, but finally checking this site and low and behold a beautiful news years gift for me!! I must ponder before making my selection. Thanks for taking over this year Fykeylicious!!
  12. princess

    British Royals

    ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **2** Some rumbling that if the disgraced royal is allowed to walk with the family on Christmas Day, that many others in the family will suddenly fall ill.
  13. princess

    Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger

    Handsome And Opposite And Spring December 16, 2019 [Blind Gossip] This handsome actor first became famous when he starred on a TV series back in the 1990s. He had a rough go of it after his breakup with a beautiful, foreign-born actress a couple of years ago. He couldn’t believe that [Foreign] cheated on him. First of all because they had been together for so many years. Second because she cheated on him with [Walker]. The man Foreign cheated on him with is a well-known actor who is the lead of a popular cable TV series. You always see him walking around Hollywood looking like he is in need of a bath. For some reason, Foreign finds Walker attractive. They are still together. So Foreign totally left Handsome up a creek. Handsome did not get over his relationship with Foreign immediately. He started dating soon after, but he found it hard to trust anyone. That’s not surprising. Finally… love. With a model/actress who is nothing like his ex. She is the opposite of [Foreign] in every way. She is warm and open and he trusts her completely. That’s nice to hear. But wait! There’s more! She is pregnant. The baby will be here by Spring. They got married right after they found out. No, she didn’t pressure him. He really wanted to. They are both very, very happy. Sounds like there’s a lot for them to be happy about. And, given how good-looking our couple is, that is sure to be one gorgeous child! Congratulations to Handsome and Opposite. We’re looking forward to Spring Baby! Similar: Billowy Belly Handsome and Opposite: Foreign and Walker: [Optional] Will Handsome settle into being a family man?
  14. princess

    Things that make you say "Hummm....."

    PopBitch Ed Norton is currently doing press in the UK for his new film. The first bit of guidance given to journos doing interviews with him is that they must call him "Edward". They are not allowed to call him "Ed". Looks like he is still a tool.
  15. princess

    Brad and Angelina

    Brad Pitt Didn’t Try to See Maddox While Overseas: There Is ‘No Contact’ https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-moms/news/brad-pitt-didnt-try-seeing-maddox-while-overseas-no-contact/?utm_source=email&em_hash=5d989d9ecd736b8131c14072926e952e For any of us gossipers, no doubt in my mind Angie is poisoning her kids against Brad. What a shitty thing to do to your own kids.