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  1. princess

    Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin

    ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **8** This former A+ list mostly movie actress all of you know, has invested her entire life savings into crypto and it is a crypto that is not doing well. We are talking tens upon tens of millions of dollars. Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘endorsement’ of cryptocurrency is a shameless ad https://thenextweb.com/news/paltrow-goop-bitcoin-cryptocurrency
  2. princess


    I have some stuff recorded, but haven't really watched anything. Didn't even watch the opening ceremony - did anyone watch that? Worth me watching, or should I delete from TiVo? I do plan to watch next week individual gymnastics. I like the diving too. I'm usually really into it, but this year I'm having trouble getting started.
  3. princess

    Britney Spears

    Manic Panic July 28, 2021 [Blind Gossip] This performer has been covered by the press for decades. She gets so much attention and so much publicity that you might think you know everything about her. You don’t. One thing that you may not have noticed is that her family has never discussed her medical conditions or how she behaves outside of the public eye. Not every celebrity with a medical problem has received the same treatment. For example, the Kardashian family has talked very publicly about Kanye West and his bipolar disorder. Having your relatives talk about your medial condition in public doesn’t work for every family. Our performer’s family chose to follow her wishes in that regard. After one particularly horrible incident where she [redacted], she was treated and stabilized. She made her family promise not to talk about her [medical conditions] and her meds. She didn’t want that to be what defined her. She wanted to keep performing and “live a normal life.” They kept that promise for years. They also never publicly disclosed multiple incidents of extreme behavior that happened out of the public eye. The mania was extreme. During her highs she would babble in long run-on sentences for minutes at at time. She would sometimes not sleep for days, but instead of being tired she would be hyperactive. She would sometimes talk about things she said she could hear or see that no one else could, which was really scary. She would also behave extremely inappropriate sexually. Then the pendulum would swing the other way. During her lows, she was horribly depressed and crying and she needed to be watched 24 hours a day. They were always afraid that if they left her alone for even five minutes during the lows, she would harm herself and not live through it. While they experimented with many different treatments over the years, there were a few occasions where they lost control. Of course she hates the meds and she hates the testing and she hates the monitoring and she would prefer for all of it to stop. There were a few times where she stopped taking her prescribed meds and consumed huge amounts of illegal drugs and alcohol, probably as way of self-medicating. She wanted to drive even when she was drunk or high. She even disappeared for days at a time. They didn’t know where she was or who she was with or what she was doing. She would be found at some stranger’s house or sleeping in a car somewhere. It’s a miracle that worse things didn’t happen to her. Then her family would have to retrieve her, get her sober, get her back on her meds, etc. She is a sweet girl and very talented, so is hard for someone on the outside who sees her perform to recognize how far the pendulum swings, how erratic she can be, and how scary it is for everyone around her. Her illnesses are sad and exhausting for her family and sad and frustrating for her. Her family is in a panic about what life will be like for her if she is on her own. Will someone take advantage of her? Will she stop taking her meds? Will she go back to doing drugs and drinking? Will she hurt herself or others? While you may have strong feelings about people being in complete control of their own lives, you now know a little more about what has been going on outside of the public eye. It’s a difficult situation for everyone. We hope that our performer finds a way to live a safe and happy life. Similar: The 5150 Performer: [Optional] Should she be given total control over her own life? Always use real names and keep your comments civil.
  4. princess

    And just like that... 18 years!

    Sorry for the delay in updating your ChitChat status as a donator. I made some updates today.
  5. princess

    Jennifer Lopez

    ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **9** Part of several of the agreements made by this A-/B+ list actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee is that he wouldn't drink or use drugs. He is doing both.
  6. I started watching Westworld. Wow!
  7. princess

    Annabelle Maher

    One of Annabelle Maher's family members is one of my family-by-choice-friends (FBCF) While I've never met Annabelle in person, we've both gathered at the same campfire - just on different nights. She is a good egg according to everyone I know that has met her. It has been interesting hearing her slow rise to fame. This week, she was on the TODAY with Hoda & Jenna!! Check her out. Hope she makes it big one day! https://www.today.com/video/tomorrow-s-talent-today-meet-the-14-year-old-singer-who-played-for-president-biden-117068869788?fbclid=IwAR1y5tX7qcnZoJfVLVAE9dDHoVny74ub7Yoe_PnEKu2ajqDXVDyrAyqO-fQ
  8. princess

    British Royals

  9. princess

    And just like that... 18 years!

    As usual, our awesome Moderator Hoyaheel donated but I think she would like to keep her Moderator status
  10. princess

    Eurotrash Royals

  11. princess


    They assure us that if my sister and I get it, we will not need hospitalization or anything extreme because we are vaxed. They seemed very confident my Dad would be ok, even with the underlying conditions because he was vaxed. From the way the hospital staff was talking, this next wave with the Delta variant is going to be an absolute monster - and we already know the staff is overwhelmed before this wave even arrives.
  12. princess


    Argh - just when I thought getting close to the finish line. Short version: my sister and I at Urgent Care on Sunday with our Dad who has advanced Alzheimer's. He has been vaccinated with Pfizer. He was diagnosed with COVID anyway. They didn't test for Delta, but assume that is what it is. Within minutes we are quarantined off, big sign on our door not to enter and anyone who does come in has full PPE on. He staying at hospital for the foreseeable future to keep watch on him - both from COVID problems and because we just not equipped to keep an eye on him 24/7 when we can't use healthcare workers either. One of his healthcare workers also tested positive, also vaccinated. My sister can't go home to her un-vaccinated children, so she is camping out with me at my house She is thrilled, this week was camp week so now her husband has to do all the pickups/drop offs . We are both going to get tested on Thurs/Fri from drive thru hospital service this week and then see how it goes. They said if we do get it will be like flu because we already vaccinated (Moderna) and not high risk, but our big concern is passing it onto those that are at risk. We are lucky that we knew the exact time we exposed and had not left the hospital since being exposed so we didn't have to backtrack and figure out where we had been and who we had exposed. Considering my sister walked out of her house to go to urgent care not knowing she wouldn't be home for at least a week has actually gone rather smoothly. We are now both working from my home sleeping in different rooms and using different bathrooms and doing our best. Have to admit, nice to have the company during quarantine and we always get along great so not a hardship. Already had friend drop care package off on front porch that included CVS home COVID test, TP, candy, Lysol cleaning stuff and face masks - my friends rock. Lots of friends/family offering to bring us stuff or do whatever is needed, we feel very lucky. We will use the CVS home tests one last time before she does finally decide to head home, whenever that may be. Docs at hospital said that the Delta variant is going to be a huge ugly monster and they know they will be getting hit with another wave soon. I wanted to hug them they looked so sad when telling us what was coming.
  13. ChitChat is now officially begging for donations for our annual hosting fees! If you enjoy this site, please consider donating to assist with funds that are used for hosting, tech support and upgrades of FanChitChat! Even a few dollars is appreciated! Click Here to Donate to ChitChat! The link above will take you to paypal's secure server. In case anyone needs it, the payment email address is princess@fanchitchat.com You do not need a paypal account, you can simply enter in info and submit without registering. As we have done in the past, all who donate will be designated "ChitChat Donator" status so every knows how super cool you are Thanks again everyone! Can't believe we are 18 years old now! princess
  14. Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon Show Off Silver Hair on Set of Sex and the City Reboot https://people.com/style/sarah-jessica-parker-cynthia-nixon-gray-hair-sex-and-the-city-reboot/ Just seems wrong not to have Kim in the shots.
  15. princess

    Jennifer Lopez

    Not Clapping Her Hands In Delight July 7, 2021 [Blind Gossip] This celebrity couple is back together… and the public is drinking up all the new photo ops they are providing! They look blissfully happy, right? Well, they are both actors who have a long history of celebrity dating, so they know how to look happy and loved-up for the paparazzi. That doesn’t mean that the relationship is fake. It’s real enough. However, we hear that there was a little hiccup recently. She tested positive for [an STD]. She was FURIOUS. It’s not clear who gave it to who. She doesn’t know if [Actor] gave it to her or if she picked it up from her ex, but she tested positive and is now getting treated. We doubt she was clapping her hands in delight over this news. Her ex was a player – as is her current beau – so we’re sure there are a lot of questions being asked. In the meantime, our couple will continue to smile for the cameras. Not Nicole Kidman. We just enjoy watching her Oscar seal clap! Similar: The Five Year Mark Couple: Clues: [Optional] How will this relationship turn out?