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  1. branchop

    Remakes and more remakes...

    My 17 year old Daughter who makes me go with her to visit “her Princess” Ariel EVERY DANG TIME we go to WDW - is excited. She says she has a killer voice. I think Halle’s face and eye shape match Ariel to a T. My 19 year old said if they can pull off a black Cinderella with an Asian Prince Charming whose dad is white and mom is black (my girls loved this movie!), A black Ariel is not a stretch. Needless to say they are unimpressed with the arguments of those oppose to Halle. I am more interested in Live Action underwater. This will be fun to pull off.
  2. branchop

    Big Brother 21

    So what are we thinking? Kind of white of BB to be tossing out all the POCs. Bang bang bang. Camp Comeback is a glaring reminder of this. I am digging Nicole, but do not like Jack or Jackson. They can both go soon. I don’t have a favorite guy yet.
  3. branchop

    Brad and Angelina

    I think it is just the cut of the dress. When I zoom in they look to be the same. Especially in the side boob area 😂
  4. branchop

    Big Brother 21

    Are we ready?!?! I just read through the Cast Bios. - most are from Northeast. And a few from LA area. One guy from ATL and token older player is from Houston. Seems like there may be a couple of Superfans in there, but at least three who are not totally familiar with the game. Welcome to Summer!!!
  5. branchop

    British Royals

    This is a fun article: https://www.townandcountrymag.com/society/tradition/g26783028/british-royal-family-full-titles-names/?utm_source=facebook_arb&utm_medium=cpm&utm_campaign=arb_fb_toc_m_i_g26783028 Who knew the Queen was a Duke?🤷🏻‍♀️
  6. branchop

    British Royals

    So not the picture I couldn’t post before, but here is a link explaining the line for the crown:
  7. branchop

    Game of Thrones - no spoilers

    That article was terribly written. Kept repeating the same thing over and over with no depth. I know he was on Graham Norton recently, I went back and looked and it was aired on April 19 (I don’t know the lag time between airing there and here). He was talking about doing SNL which was April 6. Just trying to nail down the timeline. If it is primarily exhaustion then why mention alcohol like it is a one off? Weird they are letting him roam around CT.
  8. branchop

    Big Brother 21

    I don’t mind All-Star seasons once in a blue moon. But between CBS reality shows (Survivor, The Amazing Race and BB) these people are around all the time. I think Rachel has played two seasons of BB and at least two seasons of AR. I still don’t like her. But I will watch 😂
  9. branchop

    British Royals

    I remember that - but isn’t she referred to as Princess? (Besides Kate Middleton which I think is ridiculous but whatevs😂)
  10. branchop

    Official 2019 Divorce Poll

    I had no idea they were even dating 😱 I think of her as a serial monogamist. I forget she started so early and is only 34...
  11. branchop

    British Royals

    Anyone else find it interesting that her occupation is listed as Princess, but no one calls her that?
  12. branchop

    British Royals

    I’m sorry I couldn’t find it online so I tried to take a pic but my pic won’t upload - let me keep trying
  13. branchop

    British Royals

    I was looking through People and thought this organizational chart was pretty neat!
  14. branchop

    Celeb Death Watch

    I forgot about her
  15. branchop

    Celeb Death Watch

    One more? I wonder who’s next...