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  1. branchop

    Help looking for old post?

    I saw this - nothing about a book though ??‍♀️
  2. branchop

    British Royals

    I am getting an Angelina Jolie/Gwyneth Paltrow vibe from her. You know I cannot stand AJ, and like GP only when she is not GOOPing it. It seems altruistic but it is not. I am not opposed to them making money, per se, but while the Obamas and Oprah have earned my respect by their accomplishments, I sort think she feels we should afford her the same respect because she has made a few speeches talking in an impassioned hopeful tone that I feel has been well taught in acting classes (see AJ and GP above). I kid you not - this was the first story that popped up on my reddit:
  3. branchop

    British Royals

    I was just coming to post this. I really am trying to like Meghan and Harry, but this is making it hard....
  4. branchop

    Bat S@$# Crazy Job Posting

    This is insane. Devil wears Prada and Nannie Diaries combined for people who want Olympians
  5. branchop

    Celeb Death Watch

    Chadwick Boseman dying is unreal. Such a class act. ?
  6. branchop

    James Otto

    James Otto Sweet Heart Your boy is in a new Netflix reality show - DeMarcus Rules. Think Christley Knows Best meets Don’t Be Tardy. Typical “reality” set ups for comedy to ensue. Except with curse words (Yay Netflix) Super fun bubble gum show
  7. branchop

    Celeb New Couple Alert

    I love this couple!!!!
  8. branchop

    Things that make you say "Hummm....."

    Such bull..... I hope the judge figures out a way to really screw them. $450k to them is like $4500 to me. Actually it may be more like $450.
  9. branchop

    Celeb Death Watch

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/little-richard-dead-48505/amp/ Little Richard ?
  10. 1)Being native North Carolinian (seriously all four branches of my family were here in the late 1600s early 1700s) 2) I remember staying up late to watch UNC and Jordan win the 1982 NCAA title - I was in fourth grade and it was big deal I was up that late. ** Side note ** State won in 1983 greatest comeback story ever - come at me ? 3) The man, myth, legend comes and buys our beloved NBA team and returns the original name Jordan is Royalty for me. I don’t even like Carolina (sorry Hoya). Every year while we went from class to class just to watch the ACC tourney, every teacher would give his history - from not making Varsity his freshman year, to all of his triumphs as a Chicago Bull. I will watch it with my girls - just for them to realize how big he really is. They just know him as a pair of shoes ?
  11. If you interested in pure crazy - of course! It will take a few episodes...
  12. branchop

    Celeb Death Watch

    Brian Dennehy - he was one of the best from going to bad guy to good guy. When you saw him in something, you were never confident until the end what side he might be on ❤️ https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/04/16/entertainment/brian-dennehy-dead/index.html
  13. branchop

    James Otto

    So I was with my daughter today and she listens to Country music (not really my go to genre). And low and behold - I hear a song and the screen tells me it is James Otto!!! It brought a smile to my face as I thought of you James Otto Sweetheart?
  14. branchop


    Is anyone else just ticked off at how many people are not taking it seriously? I have friends having people over and joking about staying 6ft apart. The list of essential employees is ridiculous. Just because you are doesn’t mean you should. And people think since they are essential the rules don’t apply to them? My husband, runs an HVAC supply wholesale store, and is essential. We talked last night and he is going to start coming straight home and showering before talking to any of us. I am inexplicably considered essential (CPA), but have cut off physical contact or presence with all my clients. Talking or emailing daily with them and still doing tax returns. Clients are either dropping stuff off in my mailbox or submitting electronically. I would go pick up, but only from front porch or mailbox. My two college age daughters (20,18) and I are at home except for grocery shopping - my youngest drives to the park for a daily run. She cannot run in neighborhood (she was almost kidnapped two years ago doing this - another story another day). We are the exception. People think we are being ridiculous. I am scared of coming into contact with anyone - I have seasonal asthma and it’s the season. I live in a suburb of Charlotte, NC and am a skip and a jump from Hoya (that is Southern for not far ? - probably 3 hours) I agree with Hoya, our Governor has been spot on. I just wish our citizens were. I am becoming judgy and bitter. That is not like me ?