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  1. branchop

    British Royals

    I remember that - but isn’t she referred to as Princess? (Besides Kate Middleton which I think is ridiculous but whatevs😂)
  2. branchop

    Official 2019 Divorce Poll

    I had no idea they were even dating 😱 I think of her as a serial monogamist. I forget she started so early and is only 34...
  3. branchop

    British Royals

    Anyone else find it interesting that her occupation is listed as Princess, but no one calls her that?
  4. branchop

    British Royals

    I’m sorry I couldn’t find it online so I tried to take a pic but my pic won’t upload - let me keep trying
  5. branchop

    British Royals

    I was looking through People and thought this organizational chart was pretty neat!
  6. branchop

    Celeb Death Watch

    I forgot about her
  7. branchop

    Celeb Death Watch

    One more? I wonder who’s next...
  8. branchop

    Baby Boom

  9. branchop

    British Royals

    Baby Sussex I love that she still looks pregnant. It is like she is one of us. My mom said I looked more pregnant after giving birth 😂 They look so happy 😍😍
  10. branchop

    Britney Spears

    I hope that even though Jamie and Lynne are not cordial, they will figure this out together. Britney is the end game, and I find it hard to believe that Lynne does not appreciate what Jamie has done. My parents did everything in their power to not talk to one another after their divorce. However, when it came to matters of my brother and me - united front. We knew we were doomed when Mom and Dad had to talk to us. But it worked! Thankfully we are both not menaces to society 😂 (most days)
  11. branchop

    British Royals

    I researched last night a little. Edward is suppose to get Charles’ titles when he is King and therefore he is only an Earl currently. Thus his children are titled from his title. I also found out even though the Queen changed the rule that first born regardless of sex may be Monarch, title is only earned through a male. So Anne’s children would have to be given titles by the Queen since they do not have any birthrighted to them. In super long term, this means Charlotte’s children will not have titles but George and Louis’ children will.
  12. branchop

    British Royals

    I remember seeing something that Princess Anne refused to title her children. No idea about the Andrew/Edward thing. Maybe because of their birth order? Let me look...
  13. branchop

    Official 2019 Divorce Poll

    When I heard this my first thought was: what is the divorce rate for those married by an Elvis Impersonator? 😂
  14. branchop


    My youngest daughter was accepted off the waitlist last week and after a last minute trip to see the campus over the weekend, she has decided to go to UCLA! Is it weird that I am asking my SoCal friends here to be on standby? 😂. We have several friends of friends, but my first thought was you all! - I mean I have known you all for 15 years😳 We are over the moon excited for her and so proud her. When you live in small town N.C. and dare to go out of state, much less across the country, there is a lot of flack that comes with it. We should probably start a poll: will she stay in CA after she graduates or come back? Her goal is an orthopedic surgeon - so she may end up where she attends residency.
  15. branchop

    Things that make you say "Hummm....."

    Felicity’s daughter is probably just laying low. Olivia Jade knew exactly how she got into school. She wanted to be popular and loved the idea of being famous for being famous. She went along with what she needed to make that happen. Now she is infamous and realizing that she may never be the pretty popular girl again. She thinks she can only stay relavent if she comes out against her parents. However, she is so self absorbed and vapid that she has no idea how to say the right thing and keeps digging her hole deeper. I think she would have been better trying to relate to the people that follow (ed) her. Go into how hard it was to do well in High School and although she is grateful for what her parents tried to do she realizes it was not fair to anyone else. She regrets their actions, but they are still her parents and she will always love them. If she was a regular student like her sister and not in the limelight, I am sure she would not have come out against them. If you cannot tell - I have no sympathy or love lost for that child😂