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  1. lizpeppermint

    British Royals

    Maybe I’m misunderstanding the article, but I thought the will was read and distributed but the settlements remain private. So the people who inherited the contents and money know and have been given them- just not the public.
  2. lizpeppermint

    Official 2019 Divorce Poll

    Justin Timberlake and Jessica Beil?
  3. lizpeppermint

    Version 4.0... Who'll Split Next

    I was torn between Fergie/Josh and Natalie Portman/ that guy she married. I went with Natalie and that guy. If Fergie didn't ditch Josh after Atlanta Hookergate a few years ago...why would she do it now? (now that I typed that, Fergie and Josh will probably divorce next )
  4. lizpeppermint

    Kristen Stewart

    Why would Kristen make such a public apology? What is the advantage in that? Why not handle it privately? Pictures of celebs kissing/cheating are in magazines quite often, yet the majority do not comment, the scandal doesn't make it to the evening news and the public moves on and often times they forget. I just can't grasp the thinking behind all the PR apologies and tweets.
  5. lizpeppermint

    Jennifer Lopez

    Nope... unfortunately, Idol just offered her $20 Million dollars to judge next season.
  6. lizpeppermint

    It's that time of year again....

    just donated...hope it helps!
  7. lizpeppermint

    Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin

    I really don't want to defend Fishsticks, but I had to have my baby teeth pulled because they were not ready to come out when my adult teeth started to come in. My parents took me to the dentist every 6 months, I brushed, flossed, and had a limit on sweets. I still ended up with two abscesses above my K-9's because the adult teeth were putting too much pressure on the baby teeth. It can happen, even with great dental health.
  8. lizpeppermint

    Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin

    Thank you for posting this! I needed the laugh tonight!
  9. lizpeppermint

    Charlie Sheen

    Really expensive confidentiality clause? Maybe they both have certain secrets they don't want out there? If he doesn't mention her past, she'll keep her lips sealed?
  10. lizpeppermint

    Who'll Divorce Next (version 3.0)?

    I think Katie and Tom have another year on their contract? I voted for JLo and Marc. She is gettting a ton of buzz from American Idol and I don't think he likes being the 2nd banana.
  11. lizpeppermint

    Celebrity Feuds

    I've been watching this season of American Idol and I have to say I am loving Steven and JLo. She doesn't come off as a major diva (although, i do believe the reports of her being one...) and Steven is just delightful entertainment. He seems like a really nice guy. Maybe I naive, hell, maybe I'm drunk...
  12. lizpeppermint

    Tom Cruise & Katie Homes 5 Year Anniversary Nov 2011

    It almost doesn't look like her, like it could be her older sister. She looks bad.
  13. lizpeppermint

    Nicole Kidman

    Wow! I guess someone talked her out of "carrying" the baby herself. (snicker)
  14. lizpeppermint

    Eva Longoria

    While I was driving to work this morning, the NYC area radio show I listen to has a 60 second gossip update... today's topic was Eva Longoria dating Penelope Cruz's little brother. After they discussed that the hosts went on to talk about how Eva and Tony's neighbor's say they used to have strange parties with naked couples out by the pool and no one was ever naked with thw person they rolled up in the car with. Considering we think Eva and Tony were the swinger's vice, I thought it was funny to hear it on the radio.