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  1. Tyche


    Colorado has a stay-at-home order, but there were plenty of people fly fishing, at the campgrounds cooking out, and back-to-back cars on the hiking trails today. All ages, not being safe. It’s so weird - and so distressing - to see people ignoring commonsense guidance. Maybe they’re not seeing the stories out of Italy and Spain - I don’t know.
  2. Tyche

    Celeb Death Watch

    Rest In Peace, Fred “Curly” Neal, of the Harlem Globetrotters. https://www.tmz.com/2020/03/26/harlem-globetrotters-legend-fred-curly-neal-dead-at-77/
  3. Tyche


    I wanted to briefly emerge from lurkdom to say I am really glad we have this group. It’s a nice connection in these odd times, and thus more than just silly celebrity chit chat, even to people like me who don’t post much. Thanks, Princess.
  4. Tyche

    Celeb Death Watch

    Ouch. Hate this. RIP, Ric Ocasek.
  5. Tyche

    Celeb Death Watch

    Marty Balin of Jefferson Airplane (and Starship): https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/jefferson-airplane-guitarist-marty-balin-dead-76-730912/
  6. Tyche

    Elizabeth Hurley

    I watch it too! I thought her 14-year-old son did a great job as Hansel. I saw some interviews and she came across as a great mom. I, too, hope this is just Fakey garbage.
  7. Tyche

    Harassment scandal(s) in Hollywood

    And the Dan Schneider rumor mill is going mainstream: https://www.redstate.com/kiradavis/2017/10/24/next-big-hollywood-sex-scandal-already-breaking...at-nickelodeon/and https://jezebel.com/nickelodeon-show-creator-reportedly-fired-for-sexual-ha-1819709889.
  8. Tyche

    Harassment scandal(s) in Hollywood

    Michael K's article on Bryan Singer possibly quitting the Freddie Mercury movie: http://dlisted.com/2017/12/02/bryan-singer-has-stepped-away-from-the-freddie-mercury-biopic-due-to-illness/#more-276330. The comments are quite something.
  9. Tyche

    Bobbi Kristina Brown

    Former boyfriend of Bobbi Kristina arrested for beating new girlfriend: http://www.foxcarolina.com/story/35636637/former-boyfriend-of-bobbi-kristina-arrested-for-beating-new-girlfriend Qu'elle surprise.
  10. Tyche

    Celeb Death Watch

    Erin Moran is dead. She had a tough time as an adult, I think.
  11. Tyche

    Johnny Depp

    He's charming in this admittedly fluffy clip from Ellen: http://www.toofab.com/2015/01/22/gwyneth-paltrow-johnny-depp-mordecai-the-ellen-degeneres-show-videos/. Actually, all four of them are .
  12. Tyche

    Johnny Depp

    All three are 39? Not unless Tim Burton is actually the fountain of youth Johnny Depp was in search of in that last "Pirates" movie :4biggrin: .
  13. Tyche


    That made me laugh so hard I had to come out of my perennial lurker status