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  1. tyler

    Remakes and more remakes...

    I don't know this Halle Berry from Adam, but from what I can see, the hoopla over her casting seems to be over the fact that she is black while cartoon Ariel is white. I think its a ridiculous argument -- We are talking make believe -- the character could be polka dot for all it matters. Having said that, it is interesting and I wonder if the that people are objecting to this are the same people who object to a white actor cast to play ethnic.
  2. tyler

    Celeb Death Watch

    https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/laugh-star-arte-johnson-dies-211032185.html Anybody who has seen "Laugh-In" will remember the sketches he did with Ruth Buzzi.
  3. tyler

    Kill (or "ditch)/Screw/Marry

    Keanu as a gardener - Keanu Leaves
  4. tyler

    Celeb Death Watch

    https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-37248049?fbclid=IwAR0PvldymIEP2fXjA9AFbO4hnzGsn7dVyS3C2RyZ8I5g5YNHWjNkqYb6U7M This makes me incredibly sad. Underneath all that frizzy hair and comedy, I saw a sexy man (I know, I know 🤣). I loved Willy Wonka but his movies with Richard Pryor were the best.😆 Rest in Peace funny man.
  5. tyler

    Official 2019 Divorce Poll

    What is Lady Gaga's status these days?
  6. tyler

    Celeb Death Watch

    my bad. I only saw the Time Conway one. Speaking of Tim, the youtube outtakes of the Carol Burnett show are hysterical. What a funny funny man.
  7. tyler

    Celeb Death Watch

    Doris Day died at the age of 97. Que sera sera
  8. tyler

    British Royals

    Does anybody but me find it hysterical that people are all bent because people who knew of the cheating are not mad at the cheating but mad because it leaked in violation of "family rules?" Nice set of priorities that got going on. I know that I said Kate had gotten matronly, but "starchy?" Even I have a hard time with that one. Another thought on the cheating: Like father like son? Seems to be a royal characteristic. If I were baldy and starchy, what would I do? Move on.
  9. tyler

    Things that make you say "Hummm....."

    She won't get work now -- and an indictment does not mean guilt. That's why people are allowed to plead non-guilty (remember our country operates on a presumption of innocence) and go trial and be judged by people who have actually seen the evidence. There are plenty of cases where people were indicted and found not guilty. FYI -- this is very early in the game and there is a lot of this story that has yet to be played out. Do I think she is guilty based on what I have seen? Yes, but then on the other hand, I have not seen her defense. Also, as a matter of indicting people on conspiracy, etc. those kids should be indicted. They knew and participated and are just as guilty of fraud.
  10. tyler

    Things that make you say "Hummm....."

    I find the "outrage" of Lori's daughter(s) to be hypocritical if not down right comical -- These kids knew what was going on - they knew whether or not they had the credentials and/or GPA to get into a Ivy League school. If you are going to bless the kids, bless the parents as well -- They are going to need it.
  11. tyler

    Things that make you say "Hummm....."

    Wow, I must be sheltered. It never would have occurred to me to check consulting for "how to get into college by cheating" services. I could have saved my daughter so much heartache in getting into law school the old fashioned way -- she earned it and is in hock to her eyeballs. (Like mother, like daughter)
  12. tyler

    Things that make you say "Hummm....."

    They were beyond cocky in doing what they did in the first place. I have to wonder about the guy who designed this scheme and took the money getting his own deal. How did he even know how to contact these parents? As much as the parents are to blame for taking the money, I wonder about the message the parents sent to their kids: Gee honey, the only way you will get into Harvard is if I pay a shitload of money to a grifter to cheat your way in." I am not sure whether or not that is a boatload of baggage to carry around or a matter of self-entitlement that comes with being a child of parents with more money then they know what to do with. Having said all of that, there is something to be said for finding that their biggest mistake was not funding a building or scholarship to get their kid into school. Not that I don't think it sends the same message, but (unfortunately) it is legal.
  13. tyler

    Jennifer Lopez

    Jose Conseco tweeted out his number and invited JLo to call him to get the dirt on ARod. (What kind of world are we living in when people follow people that go by the name JLo and ARod )
  14. tyler

    Celeb Death Watch

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/movies/news/broadway-legend-carol-channing-dead-at-97/ar-BBSgZoj?OCID=ansmsnnews11 I actually had the chance to see Carol Channing in Hello Dolly! -- she was fabulous. I remember that her eye lashes were so long and she got so close to her co-star that he laughed while trying to keep in character. She was a legend and definitely one of a kind. RIP Dolly.
  15. tyler

    British Royals

    The daughter has been known to read Blind Gossip, so now she knows exactly how much he is demanding for these interviews! Similar: The Secret Father Of This Actor Daughter: Father: Daddy dearest is being egged on by a bitter step sister -- the same one who had him take the pics that caused a big fuss. I don't blame her for ignoring that side of the family, I would too. Its pretty obvious that they are willing to cash in on her good fortune. Shades of Pride and Prejudice (the book, not the movie )