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  1. soho2chelsea

    Eva Mendes

    She actually doesn't look that amazing in person. She looked pretty much like a normal person. You would not even notice her on the street in New York. The guys were very disappointed. A lot of what you see is makeup, wardrobe, and airbrushing. Also a lot of functioning addicts don't show. But some addicts, even celebrities, you can tell. If you watch old episodes of "Friends" it is really wild to see how Matthew Perry's looks and weight fluctuate. They couldn't hide how scary he looked for awhile.
  2. soho2chelsea

    Eva Mendes

    LOL. Yes, I'm sure she just needs a nap. I've been working some late hours recently, maybe I should go there too!
  3. soho2chelsea

    Eva Mendes

    This actually surprises me. She was very nice when I worked on something with her and did not seem like a raging cokehead at all. She blew her lines a lot, but I don't think that was attributable to drugs -- I got the impression that she was a nice girl, but just not very bright. Of course, this was a few years ago. And maybe she just kept it under wraps. But there are plenty of raging cokeheads I would expect to see in rehab before her.
  4. soho2chelsea

    New Kids On The Block

    Hilarious. I can't imagine that Jon Knight will come back however.
  5. soho2chelsea

    What are you reading?

    This thread reminds me that I need to get freelancergirl's book next! I am a mystery fan, so lately I am reading Allison Gaylin and John Lutz.
  6. soho2chelsea

    What are you reading?

    Soho - So funny. She and I are repped by the same agent, so I know her somewhat tangentially. I'll pass along your kudos! That is fabulous! I had actually even considered writing her a fan email, even though I rarely do that. I was single and dating similar losers in NYC during exactly the same time period as her book, and also had a very similarly bizarre work situation at the time, so I completely related to almost everything her book, including several strikingly similar horrible dates. (Maybe I shouldn't admit that publicly. ) I think she's a great writer and extremely funny and truthful.
  7. soho2chelsea

    What are you reading?

    I'm holding on to Secret History by Donna Tartt for the same reason.....I'm not sure exactly when I'd have more time to read since I already manage to go through a few books a week, but I guess that particular book requires more concentration or something..... That is one of my favorite books ever! It is well worth finding the time to read it! I agree! Her follow-up, The Little Friend, isn't nearly as good though.
  8. soho2chelsea


    Awhile ago I was in a museum and they had an exhibit that included a video of Rita Heyworth. I couldn't believe how hot she was. She was beautiful. Bigger than J Lo so by today's standards she'd probably be considered fat. Still, took awhile to get my husband away from that exhibit.
  9. soho2chelsea

    Matthew McConaughey

    LOL, they look Swish, indeed. Could they be standing any further apart?
  10. soho2chelsea


    OOOOH I like the idea of Rita killing her. BobbyD, you should write a spec script for Dexter. By the way...episodes 11 and 12 have leaked on line and there are also lots of very detailed spoilers about the season finale out there. I'm trying to stay away to watch them with Mr. Soho, who refuses to be spoiled, but it's VERY hard.
  11. soho2chelsea


    LMAO! Actually, if they do THAT, I may prefer the CBS version! Even if they have to edit out Keith Carradine's butt too. Lila is SO annoying. I agree tyler. I mean, what are they going to do, show a serial killer who kills other serial killers but cut out all the killing? That should be just fabulous.
  12. soho2chelsea


    "With some edits?" They are going to have to edit half the show. Ugh. I am not happy about this.
  13. soho2chelsea


    I feel the same, except that I sometimes wish he would kill Lila, and then I immediately feel ashamed of myself I also love Doakes, and I hope he's not going to be leaving the show.
  14. soho2chelsea


    *bump* Is no one else watching? I think this is the best show on television right now!
  15. soho2chelsea


    I totally agree! I think he is on to Dexter. Unfortunately I think this is bad news for him. Sigh. I love him on this show. I hope they hurry up and kill Lila off. She bugs.