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  1. dixiedoodah

    British Royals

    Whether you support Harry or William or the Queen or none of them, it’s Interesting to see that this has really caused an increase in the “time to chuck the royals” talk. Looks like their best move is to be pleasant and make no waves but the last 6 months have shot that to hell. Will just sit back and see if it goes anywhere. Also, not a lot of big celebrity gossip seems to be happening now, so nothing else to chit chat about!
  2. dixiedoodah

    British Royals

    From the sounds of this Elle.com article, they are pretty far into this process. She recorded this even before the holidays. The more that comes out, the more duplicitous it makes them sound towards the family. Sloppy, tacky, poorly handled. I don’t think very many people object to their desire to go off on their own, he’s so far down the succession now, who really faults them for the instinct, but just EVERYTHING about it has seemed poorly thought out, disrespectful, and shady. Honestly, what it feels like to me is a petulant and overindulged child who has never had to do anything for himself (including his school work or so they say) and doesn’t realize that without his enablers he is completely out of his depth and yet decides to throw caution to the wind and “Do it myself!” Meghan Markle Has Signed A Voiceover Deal With Disney By Hilary Weaver Jan 11, 2020 WPA PoolGetty Images Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are kicking off the first few days of 2020 by grabbing the world's attention. On Wednesday, they announced that they are going to step back as "senior" members of the royal family and will be splitting their time between the U.K. and North America. The royal family has to work out a lot of details about future plans for Meghan, Harry, and their son, Archie, but fans will take what they can get for now. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Meghan and Harry followers might be interested to know that the Duchess of Sussex has signed a voiceover deal with Disney to benefit wildlife charity Elephants Without Borders, according to The Times. Per the publication, there has been one report that the royal family, who seemed somewhattaken off guard by the couples' official announcement to break away from their royal duties, accused the couple before Christmas of already signing deals with "firms including Disney." The Times adds that the duchess had already recorded the voiceover before she and Prince Harry left for Canada for the holidays. This move to work with Disney is just another step in Harry and Meghan's move to separate their charity work from that of Prince William and Kate Middleton. In June 2019, they first filed to register a trademark for their own foundation. The filing was officially published at the end of December, signifying that the duke and duchess, who can now be found at their website here, are pulling away from the charitable work of William and Kate. Before Archie was born in early May, Harry and Meghan moved to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor. This was an early sign that Harry and Meghan were not going to hold tight to the idea of the "Fab Four." This week's news seems to confirm this further. Hilary Weaver Hilary Weaver is a freelance writer based in New York who writes about politics, queer issues, Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, and every woman the Queen has ever made a dame.
  3. dixiedoodah

    British Royals

    Somewhere along the way (I would have sworn it was here), I read that Meghan was the source of the leaks about the affair. Not necessarily maliciously, but that THAT was the genesis of the brothers fight. I read that way back when the story first hit. And i also read that Harry was super pissed that William was repeating history by treating Kate as Charles had treated his mom. That’s two different stories, so who knows if there is any truth to any of it.
  4. dixiedoodah

    British Royals

    Based on the source, both the magazine and the person, I’m guessing they e sent out their proxies to begin damage control and gain sympathy. From Hello online. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle feel they are 'being driven out' according to friend Tom Bradby The ITV reporter filmed the couple's documentary in South Africa Chloe BestJanuary 10, 2020 - 07:55 GMT The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's decision to step back from royal duties follows "really bad personal splits" within the royal family, according to Tom Bradby. The ITV reporter, who is also a friend of the couple and filmed their documentary in South Africa, opened up about the reason behind the shock decision on Thursday evening's ITV News broadcast, and said Prince Harry and Meghan felt they had been "driven out". WATCH: Everything you need to know about Prince Harry and Meghan's shock decision Tom also said that while it is understood the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William hadn't been informed before the statement was released on Wednesday, there had been discussions within the family about Prince Harry and Meghan's future roles "for some weeks". Speaking on ITV News, Tom explained: "And certainly as I understand it what happened is he was asked by members of his family — or at least his officials — to put some of these ideas in writing. He said, 'I really don’t want to do that because it normally leaks.' And they were very insistent in order to go forward and discuss it properly it had to be put in writing. He did put it in writing, and it did leak. So yes, I don't think [the royal family] got much heads-up as to the actual announcement, but they certainly knew what was going on. I think [Harry] felt once it had been leaked all bets were off." MORE: 12 questions we have as Prince Harry and Meghan step back from royal duties Tom Bradby says Prince Harry and Meghan feel like they are being "driven out" Speaking about the reason behind the Duke and Duchess' decision to step back from royal duties, Tom added: "There've been a lot of fallouts; a lot of harsh things were said around the time of the wedding. And it's gone a bit too far. And certainly the rest of the family find Harry and Meghan very difficult and, from Harry and Meghan’s point of view, they’re just being driven out as they see it. And it's sad." RELATED: 4 other royals who stepped back from royal duties The ITV reporter was a guest at the royal wedding The royal couple also reportedly want to "make a break for independence and freedom" after seeing how the monarchy is focusing on direct heirs Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George. "'You wanted a slimmed-down monarchy. There's no place for us in it,'" Tom said of their viewpoint. "'We need to learn to live on our own. We want to get on and do that.'" Make sure you never miss a ROYAL story! Sign up to our newsletter to get all of our celebrity, royal and lifestyle news delivered directly to your inbox.
  5. dixiedoodah

    British Royals

    Holy crap! If it’s true they didn’t tell anyone in the royal household, and yet had time to have this done... wow. That is some calculating. https://sussexroyal.com/about/ also, it’s funny that the Twitter hashtag is #Megxit
  6. dixiedoodah

    British Royals

    I honestly had to come back to this because I am just flabbergasted by the wording. I have spent all afternoon thinking about their desire to work on becoming financially independent. Like they are freaking college students about to graduate with $100,000 in student loans. He has - at minimum - a multi million dollar trust fund and she was, allegedly at least, a successful actress. They have more money than 99.9% of the world. One dress that she wears is worth more than my car. Her best friends are a world famous tennis star and the daughter-in-law of the former Prime Minister of Canada. But they need to work on becoming financially independent. I watched their goddamn wedding and I was excited about it. At this point they could disappear from the face of the earth and I would not care. That one phrase has turned me off more than anything they have done to this point. They are working to become financially independent. That is the most out of touch thing I have ever read. my jaw is still sitting on the floor. Before they got married Prince Harry probably had more good will from the public than just about anybody I can think of. People loved him so much because of his mother. I really really hate to blame her alone and I won’t because this makes me remember the Nazi outfit and all the other stupid things he did that everybody forgot about. There are effing working on becoming financially independent. Good god they are oblivious. And yes, I do recognize that their expenses are very different than my expenses, but still… There had to be a better way to express themselves than that.
  7. dixiedoodah

    British Royals

    Well this ties in nicely with that blind item that was about them. They’re basically feeling that they can make more money off of themselves independently than what they get from the queen, I think. This is allows them to monetize themselves completely. Somehow maybe it’s the way it was worded, I don’t know, I feel like this is more about show me the money than let’s hide Archie from craziness. It was extraordinarily poorly worded. We’re going to step back up but we’re still going to be there. It makes it sound like they’ll be there just enough to keep their names in the spotlight and use the royal family for publicity when they want to.
  8. dixiedoodah

    Official 2020 Divorce Poll

    I think she will stick with him until given no other choice. She worked way way too hard for that.
  9. dixiedoodah

    Official 2020 Divorce Poll

    There have been rumors of her being giant via IVF since late last summer, so I suspect she had the baby herself, but not sure. I’m pretty sure there’ve been rumors about pregnancies with her since they first got married, so it’s hard to weed out, but they got ramped up last year and she disappeared for almost all of the year.
  10. dixiedoodah

    Official 2019 Divorce Poll

    https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/justin-timberlake-holds-hands-with-alisha-wainwright-in-new-orleans/ Justin Timberlake Holds Hands With ‘Palmer’ Costar Alisha Wainwright at New Orleans Bar Kathy CampbellNovember 23, 2019 (L-R) Justin Timberlake, Alisha Wainwright Matt Baron/Shutterstock; MediaPunch/Shutterstock Justin Timberlake was spotted holding hands and getting cozy with his Palmer costar Alisha Wainwright at a bar in New Orleans. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Through the Years In photos posted by The Sun, the singer and actor, 38, was seated alongside Wainwright, 30, on the balcony of The Absinthe House, a Big Easy bar on Bourbon Street, on Thursday, November 21. Wainwright was spotted resting her hand on Timberlake’s knee and they were also covertly seen holding hands under a table, with the “SexyBack” singer appearing to not be wearing his wedding ring. The Sun reports that the pair were chatting and drinking in the bar at around midnight and were smiling and laughing together. 7 Things We Learned About Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel From His New Book ‘Hindsight’ A video also shows Timberlake — who is married to Jessica Biel — putting his arm around the actress’ waist. He appeared to have been drinking heavily and was unsteady on his feet as he leaned on a wall for support. An onlooker told The Sun that Timberlake grabbed Wainwright’s hand and rested it on his knee and she started gently stroking his leg. Then he grabbed her hand with both of his and was playing with her hands. A source who was at the bar tells Us Weekly that Timberlake and Wainwright are “just friends.” “Several cast members were there and it was just a cast gathering,” the source added. “Nothing remotely romantic is going on with Justin and Alisha. The whole cast is shooting out there and like to hang out together. They were very much in public and nothing inappropriate was happening.” Wainwright and Timberlake costar in the drama Palmer, which is about a former college football star who goes back to his hometown after a stint in prison. The Friends With Benefits actor wed Biel, 37, in a romantic ceremony in Italy in October 2012. They share son Silas, 4. The couple took their relationship public in January 2007, after Timberlake split from Cameron Diaz. Three years later an insider told Us Weekly that the former boybander had toned down his partying to appease the 7th Heaven star. “He hasn’t been hitting clubs; he’s on good behavior,” the source told Us. The pair split in February 2011 but they rekindled their romance that July and announced their engagement in December. Celebrity PDA Biel paid an emotional tribute to her husband earlier this year as he wrapped up his Man of the Woods tour. “I would say that I’m so proud of you but I feel like that’s the understatement of the century and that somehow that I take ownership to what you’ve done this past year and a half,” she said in an Instagram video backstage at his concert in April. “I just am in absolute awe of you every night to see you up there in your glory, doing what you’ve been put on this Earth to do.” “You inspire me, you inspire Silas,” she continued. “You inspire everyone around you — all of your fans, all of your friends and family — to work as hard and as with so much passion as you do. You are truly a sight to behold. I’m so happy that you’re going to get some time off. I’m so happy for you and for us.” She concluded: “You make my heart burst with joy and love when I see you doing your thing, baby. I’m your No. 1 fan, I love you.” The “Mirror” singer commented on her post, writing, “I mean… I’m not crying. You’re CRYING! I can’t with this message. I love you so much.” With reporting by Travis Cronin For access to all our exclusive celebrity videos and interviews – Subscribe on YouTube!
  11. dixiedoodah

    British Royals

    That happened faster than I thought it would, considering how tightly he grips to fame. But I’m pretty sure someone (Charles, Phillip) stepped in and said it’s time to go, or else. I do feel sorry for the queen. It must be hard for any mother to see her much beloved son involved in something so vile. Outside of the monarchy entirely, just as a mother, at her age, this must be a tough emotional blow. I’d say it’s the kind of thing that could push an older woman too far, but she’s a tough lady and I just don’t see her falling to pieces. It does make my “odds on abdication before death” numbers shift a little farther from zero.
  12. dixiedoodah

    What are you reading?

    I just finished Educated. Great book about a woman growing up in a strict Mormon home with absolutely no schooling. She decides to go to college and it follows her path towards doing that and her awakening to the wider world as she does so.
  13. dixiedoodah

    British Royals

    Sounds like he may be forced into retirement against his will as many of his charities are evaluating his sponsorship. from the Guardian online. KPMG ends its backing for Prince Andrew's mentorship scheme Accountancy firm not renewing sponsorship, it emerges, after much-criticised TV interview Haroon Siddique and Anugraha Sundaravelu Mon 18 Nov 2019 14.27 ESTLast modified on Mon 18 Nov 2019 20.05 EST Shares 231 The Duke Of York at a Pitch@Palace event in 2015. Photograph: WPA Pool/Getty Images The accountancy giant KPMG is not renewing its sponsorship of Prince Andrew’s entrepreneurial scheme Pitch@Palace, it has emerged, in the wake of his much-derided interview in which he defended his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. The Duke of York has been heavily criticised as having shown neither contrition nor sympathy for Epstein’s child victims in the BBC Newsnight interview and his suitability as patron to scores of charities and organisations has been called into question as a result. On Monday, after it was reported by Sky News, Buckingham Palace confirmed that KPMG, a founding partner of Pitch@Palace, a mentorship scheme for budding entrepreneurs, was no longer involved, its contract having ended in October. Advertisement The accountancy firm refused to comment but the prince’s relationship with Epstein – and Virginia Giuffre (formerly Roberts), who says she had sex with the duke when she was 17, a claim he denies – has been under renewed scrutiny since the billionaire financier was arrested in July. The previously convicted child sex offender killed himself in prison in August. The palace said a full programme of Pitch@Palace events would continue. However, the organisation’s webpage listing its supporters, which previously included KPMG as well as the likes of Air Asia, Bosch, Standard Chartered, the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation, Bank of China and Barclays, had been taken down. Another partner, AstraZeneca, said it was reviewing its involvement in the scheme. A spokesman for the pharmaceutical company said: “Our three-year partnership with Pitch@Palace is due to expire at the end of this year and is currently being reviewed.” The insurance company Aon confirmed it had asked after the BBC interview for its logo to be removed from the Pitch@Palace website, where the firm was described as a global partner. But it said that its name should never have been on the webpage in the first place as it has never been involved in the scheme in any capacity and was at a loss as to how it had been included. Most of the charities and other organisations to which Prince Andrew has given his patronage, or with whom he holds some other role, remained tight-lipped on Monday, offering neither support nor condemnation. Prince Andrew used the N-word, former No 10 aide claims Read more However, the Outward Bound Trust, founded in 1941, said it would be holding a special meeting to discuss the allegations against the prince, formerly a trustee but now a patron of the charity. A spokeswoman said: “We are coordinating an additional board meeting that will take place in the next few days. On the agenda will be a discussion of the issues raised by the interview given by Prince Andrew on Saturday.” Profile Who was Jeffrey Epstein? Show Power2, a charity which works on equipping children and young people aged 13 to 21 with life skills and which counts Prince Andrew as a patron, suggested its position might change depending on future developments. It said: “Power2 is conscious of the Duke of York’s recent TV interview, subsequent media coverage and previous statements from Buckingham Palace regarding the Jeffrey Epstein allegations. Our position is unchanged for the present: we will continue to monitor the situation closely.” The Council of British Schools said it was aware of the recent publicity but insisted the prince had given “valued support” since becoming a patron in 2011. The organisation added that it “continues to be committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults worldwide”. Another charity helping young people, the Peter Jones Foundation, set up by the Dragons’ Den panellist, said of its patron: “The palace has issued an emphatic denial and we have nothing further to add to this statement.”
  14. dixiedoodah

    British Royals

    I think a longish break for Harry and Meghan will be good all around. I feel like I need a break from them and I used to like them. I’m not into comparing the wives, it’s nothing to do with Kate, I just know the Sussexes have tried my patience lately.
  15. dixiedoodah

    British Royals

    https://www.express.co.uk/news/royal/1201274/Camilla-Duchess-of-Cornwall-health-update-cancel-engagement-chest-infection Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall was due to attend her first solo engagement with Meghan Markle and Harry today. However, she has had to cancel two engagements due to ill health - here is why. Meghan Markle, 38, and Prince Harry, 35, were to be joined by Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, 72, on a special trip to Westminster Abbey on Thursday. However, ill-health means Camilla has had to forgo the trip which the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended alone. She also cancelled an engagement last night - this an update Clarence House has given on Camilla's health. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall health update According to Clarence House, Camilla has a chest infection and has been advised to rest by her doctor. A Clarence House spokesman said: "The Duchess of Cornwall has been told by her doctor to cancel her engagements owing to a chest infection which has got progressively worse over the last few days." Camilla also missed an event last night in London due to the infection. Camilla is the Patron of Poppy Factory and she and the Sussexes were due to each lay their own Cross of Remembrance at the site as part of a moving ceremony. .... The Duchess of Cornwall is said to be deeply disappointed she won't be able to attend the Field of Remembrance service today. The cancellation comes after she was forced to pull-out of a gala dinner at the London Library last night. The Royal Family are due to come together for more Remembrance Day events this weekend and it is not yet clear whether Camilla will be well enough to attend.