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  1. dixiedoodah

    Ellen DeGeneres

    She’s still doing all of her shows, right? I haven’t seen her lose a lot of contracted opportunities. I’m far more on board with impending divorce. She still has 92M Instagram followers even after a purge.
  2. dixiedoodah

    Baby Boom

    Deleted this comment because it was wrong!
  3. dixiedoodah

    British Royals

    Belgium not Britain, but what a heck of a story. Good plot for a trashy novel! https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/oct/01/delphine-boel-belgian-kings-daughter-wins-right-to-call-herself-princess Delphine Boël: Belgian king's daughter wins right to call herself princess Artist whose mother had affair with former king Albert II wins the right to use royal title and father’s surname Daniel Boffey Thu 1 Oct 2020 15.21 EDT Last modified on Thu 1 Oct 2020 15.38 EDT An artist who successfully fought a seven-year legal battle to prove she was the daughter of the former king of Belgium, Albert II, has won the right to be recognised as a princess. The Brussels Court of Appeal has ruled that Delphine Boël, 52, had the right to her Royal father’s surname after a bitter battle for acknowledgement. Boël will be called Delphine of Saxen-Coburg-Gotha, princess of Belgium, her lawyer told the Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad. Her two children, Joséphine and Oscar, will also be recognised as a prince and princess of Belgium. In a statement, Boël’s lawyers said their client was pleased that she would be treated the same as Albert’s three other children, including the current king, Philippe. They added: “She is delighted with this court decision which ends a long process which is particularly painful for her and her family. A legal victory will never replace the love of a father but offers a feeling of justice, further reinforced by the fact that many children who have gone through the same ordeals will find the strength to face them.” Albert, 86, who abdicated in 2013 partly because of legal battles over the paternity claims made by Boël, was forced to acknowledge she was his daughter in January after a court ordered a DNA test. Boël was the result of an extra-marital affair between Albert and Baroness Sybille de Selys Longchamps. Boël had spent time with Albert as a child, nicknaming him “Papillon” (Butterfly), but she had vainly sought acknowledgement for more than 20 years. She launched a legal battle to prove paternity in June 2013, after the elder of her two children, Joséphine, was admitted to hospital with pneumonia, and she felt the absence of her biological father. Boël’s claim received a vital boost last autumn when the court of appeal ruled that Jacques Boël, with whom she grew up, was not her biological father and instructed an expert to carry out a test to compare her DNA with Albert’s. The king agreed to provide a saliva sample – which proved his paternity – after the courts threatened to fine him €5,000 (£4,370) for every day he refused. On the day Albert stepped down from the throne seven years ago, citing ill-health, Boël’s mother, Baroness Sybille de Selys Longchamps, gave a TV interview where she spoke publicly for the first time about her affair with the king. “I thought I could not have children because I had had an infection,” she said of the relationship, which is said to have lasted from 1966 to 1984. “We had not taken any precautions.” She continued: “It was a beautiful period. Delphine was a love child. Albert was not the father figure but he was very sweet to her.”
  4. dixiedoodah

    Baby Boom

    To be fair, it’s a LOT easier during a pandemic!
  5. dixiedoodah


    That’s funny because I have the same reaction every time I see that ad! It’s like an age quiz.
  6. dixiedoodah

    2020 Emmys

    I watched the first three or four episodes of Schitts Creek and just couldn’t get into it. Does it get better (like Parks and Rec) or is it what it is from the beginning?
  7. dixiedoodah

    Election Year 2016

    Thanks, Hoya. He’s ok so far. His only symptom is loss of smell. He lives in a house with 5 other friends and some of them have mild cold symptoms and loss of smell and taste but nothing more serious. They really don’t know how they got it because they’ve been basically on lockdown for a few weeks. Most of them are athletes, so we will most likely have them all see a cardiologist over the long winter/Thanksgiving break before they theoretically play in January.
  8. dixiedoodah

    Election Year 2016

    I can’t get there tonight, my son was diagnosed with Covid today and I’m dealing with getting him taken care of away at school, but I’ll sure as hell be at the Supreme Court tomorrow night. This just feels so huge.
  9. dixiedoodah

    The Kardashians

    I knew it was too good to be true.
  10. dixiedoodah

    FanChitChat is 17 years old!

    Lost track of this in the daily monotony/daily world-ending crisis. Sent my donation today.
  11. dixiedoodah

    What are you reading?

    Used the laugh thing, but this really needs a ??
  12. dixiedoodah

    British Royals

    Don’t know how reliable this source is, but if true this is an AWFUL look for them. The Invictus Games are like his signature accomplishment. Honestly, I know it would really change my impression of the couple if he bailed on them long term, so I hope this is either not true or a one off conflict. https://www.inquisitr.com/6265949/prince-harry-meghan-markle-cancel-invictus-netflix/
  13. dixiedoodah

    British Royals

    It just feels unearned. Three years ago she was a mediocre actress on a cable tv show I had never heard of. He’s probably a cool guy whose done lots of interesting things but again, this feels like it’s so out of nowhere. I get that she’s well educated and has an interest in these Topics, but she’s like, the new college graduate who doesn’t understand why they aren’t the boss in their first job out of college. They both just feel like they are getting these opportunities that they aren’t really yet qualified for. I’ll give them a shot, they need to work, but I’m skeptical that they can pull this off.
  14. dixiedoodah

    Election Year 2016

    I know the press in DC has been pretty clear that there are almost no scenarios in which the returns will be released before the election. He’s been able to game the courts just enough to keep the window safe.
  15. dixiedoodah

    Celeb Death Watch

    So sad. He was really young and apparently been ill for a very long time. ———- Chadwick Boseman Dead at 43 After Battle With Colon Cancer - E! Online Kevin Mazur/WireImage Chadwick Boseman has died at the age of 43. News of the actor's passing was confirmed in a statement shared to his social media accounts on the evening of Friday, Aug. 28. "It is with immeasurable grief that we confirm the passing of Chadwick Boseman," the statement read. "Chadwick was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer in 2016, and battled with it these last 4 years as it progressed to stage IV. A true fighter, Chadwick persevered through it all, and brought you many of the films you have come to love so much." "From Marshall to Da 5 Bloods, August Wilson's Ma Rainey's Black Bottom and several more, all were filmed during and between countless surgeries and chemotherapy." "It was the honor of his career to bring King T'Challa to life in Black Panther. He died in his home, with his wife and family by his side," it concluded. "The family thanks you for your love and prayers, and asks that you continue to respect their privacy during this difficult time."