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  1. dixiedoodah

    Celeb Death Watch

    That show almost feels cursed at this point. Former 'Glee' actress Naya Rivera missing, presumed dead after day on California lake: reports | Fox News July 09, 2020 Former “Glee” actress Naya Rivera is missing and presumed dead after her 4-year-old son was found alone on a boat on a lake north of Los Angeles, according to multiple reports. Rivera rented the boat at Lake Piru in Ventura County at around 1 p.m. Her son was found safe by another boater three hours later, according to KCAL-TV in Los Angeles. Authorities have been searching by air and using dive teams amid a search and rescue operation for the 33-year-old actress, KNBC-TV reported. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Rivera and her son went swimming – he was wearing a life jacket but she wasn’t – and he got back into the boat but she didn’t, the sheriff’s department said, according to KNBC. Rivera is best known for playing Santana Lopez on "Glee" and most recently has been in YouTube's "Step Up: High Water."
  2. dixiedoodah


    This really gets me. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know his work before Covid hit, but I’ve been following his story since the beginning. It seems like he was one of the earliest “notable” really sick people, so it got a lot of coverage. It’s basically been a story almost from the beginning of Corona, so it felt a little like the hope for the pandemic for me. I feel just awful for what he went through for all of this time. Nick Cordero, Broadway Actor, Dies at 41 After Coronavirus Complications Mackenzie Nichols • 39m Broadway actor Nick Cordero, known for his roles in “Rock of Ages,” “Waitress,” “Bullets Over Broadway” and “A Bronx Tale The Musical,” died on Sunday after battling complications from COVID-19 for several months. He was 41. His wife, Amanda Kloots, made the sad announcement on her Instagram account on Sunday night. In March 2020, Cordero was hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after testing positive for coronavirus. Throughout his stay in the hospital, he underwent a leg amputation, was given a temporary pacemaker and was put into a medically induced coma. He had been in the intensive care unit for more than 90 days and suffered from additional complications, like lung infections and septic shock. Kloots, had been giving updates on Cordero’s status on her Instagram stories throughout his hospital stay. Most recently she told Gayle King that he would likely need a double lung transplant if he survived. Many people showed their support with posts and videos using #WakeUpNick. Cordero first hit the Broadway stage for “Rock of Ages” in 2012 as Dennis and Record Company Man. In 2014, he earned a Tony nomination and a Drama Desk nomination for his role of Cheech in the musical adaptation of Woody Allen’s “Bullets Over Broadway.” He also appeared as Earl in “Waitress,” leaving to play Sonny in “A Bronx Tale The Musical,” for which he was nominated for a Drama Desk award. On television, he had guest roles in “Queer as Folk” and “Lilyhammer,” and had recurring roles as Victor Lugo in “Blue Bloods” and as Anthony Marino in “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.” Raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Cordero attended Ryerson University but left partway through to sing for the band Lovemethod. After leaving Canada for New York, he originated the role of Toxie off-Broadway in “The Toxic Avenger.” Cordero is survived by his wife, who was a former Radio City Rockette and dancer, and their son, Elvis.
  3. dixiedoodah


    My Husband got the antibody test and it came back negative. We were all really sick in the winter time, my daughter missed almost a month of school. Even though it was so early in the cycle, we thought it was possible that we could have had it. I know the false negative rate is kind of high. I’m giving blood in a couple weeks so we’ll see what they say about mine. Also for those of you who have kids in K-12 school, we just found out yesterday what our back to school plan is and I’m curious what other school districts have come out with across the country. We are given two choices that we can select from. The first choice is all online. The second choice is two days in person, two days online. Like a Monday Wednesday Tuesday Thursday in person. My daughter desperately wants to go back to school. She’s not good with online learning and is very adamant that she wants to be in front of a teacher. It’s scaring the crap out of me especially in light of the news over the last few days that they don’t think the antibodies last very long, so you could get it over and over again.
  4. dixiedoodah

    Online Streaming Services

    It was set up like a zoom call so everyone could keep in touch during quarantine. It wasn’t a live action episode. It was also a fundraiser. It looks like it’s on Hulu but only if you have Hulu with Live TV. I still have it on my DVR. I wish I had a way to copy that for you!
  5. dixiedoodah

    Lin Manuel Miranda's 'Hamilton'

    My daughter (16) asked for Disney+ For Christmas so we are good to go! She and I went to see Hamilton in NYC for her 14th birthday. We are excited for this.
  6. dixiedoodah


    Best of luck to you both. Here’s hoping it’s just a regular cold.
  7. dixiedoodah

    Celeb New Couple Alert

    I was going to say eww, but honestly, they’re both pretty gross so... eh...
  8. dixiedoodah

    Election Year 2016

    This must be an organized thing because there was one in Detroit too and here is a lengthy article with a whole list of events to celebrate his birthday. Gross. I don’t remember this kind of stuff for other presidents. It’s like some kind of pageantry to appease Dear Leader’s ego. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/politics/fl-ne-flag-day-trump-rally-list-20200611-jj34ygbbe5bufgbeavrnrdzuva-story.html%3foutputType=amp
  9. dixiedoodah

    Election Year 2016

    Sorry to hear that, Princess. I hope your recovery is going well. And no. My sister in law, just in the last hour, posted an article about the 82nd Airborne being sent in to deal with riots. She meant That in a good way. And my dad, who months ago told me he would vote for Biden if the Democrats nominated him, now swears he never said that. Positive news, my son is currently quarantining for 14 days because he joined the Howard University student march on the White House this week, and he’s voted in every primary and election since he was old enough. I’m hoping we are teaching our children to be better.
  10. dixiedoodah

    Election Year 2016

    As I’m listening to the sound of Blackhawk helicopters circling my area all night after they made their big show of force over downtown, I feel a need to revisit this thread.
  11. dixiedoodah

    Official 2020 Divorce Poll

    In other non surprising news... Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich Separate | PEOPLE.com Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich are separating after almost three years of marriage, they confirm in an exclusive statement to PEOPLE. "We have lovingly and carefully taken the time we have needed to arrive at our decision to separate," they say in their joint statement. "We share an abundance of love and respect for one another and will continue to lead with our hearts from that place. We kindly request your compassion and respect for our privacy moving forward." The split comes as the stars have been social distancing separately during the coronavirus outbreak, with Laich in Idaho and Hough home in Los Angeles. "It's over, it's been over for a while, and it's time to just call it what it is — and it is over," says one source with knowledge of the situation. "There is honestly no ill will. He loves her. She loves him. I can truly say they always will. But they both understand they are not meant to go through their lives as husband and wife to each other." According to the source, Hough, who revealed last year that she is "not straight," is a "deeply different person than she was when they got married." "She is proud of those differences and changes she's made and she doesn't want to go back," the source says. "He is the man he is and he shouldn't change a thing. But they shouldn't spend the rest of their lives together — not as spouses, anyway." "They are both on the same page about that now," the source adds. "It took them a while to get here, but now they both understand that and they are hoping to move forward as deeply loving friends forever who will always be supportive and encouraging of one another." According to the source, the fact that Hough and Laich were "perfectly happy and fine being apart" during the pandemic made them realize it was time to part ways.
  12. dixiedoodah

    Official 2020 Divorce Poll

    least surprising divorce ever after the whole open marriage stuff from last year. Silicon Valley's Thomas Middleditch Splits from Wife Mollie Gates After Four Years of Marriage Thomas Middleditch and wife Mollie Gates are getting a divorce after four years of marriage. People has obtained court documents filed by Mollie on May 28. She filed for divorce and listed their date of separation as May 22. Mollie, who listed the reason for separation as irreconcilable differences, has asked for spousal support. The couple did not have any children. “They still care deeply for each other and will move forward as friends,” a source told the outlet about the split. Last year, Thomas got very open about his marriage in an interview and said that he and Mollie saved their marriage by becoming swingers. He later said he regretted what he said. “To be honest, it’s a thing I wish I could take back. It was poor execution. But I’ve learned to keep things a little more close to the chest,” he said on The Daily Beast‘s podcast last month. “It was a painful [learning experience], to be honest.”
  13. dixiedoodah

    Celeb Death Watch

    Fred Willard, 'Best in Show' and 'Modern Family' comedy star, has died (CNN) — Fred Willard, the comedic actor known for his roles in movies including "Best in Show" and "This is Spinal Tap" and TV sitcoms "Everybody Loves Raymond" and "Modern Family," has died. The star died peacefully on Friday "at the fantastic age of 86 years old," his daughter, Hope Mulbarger, confirmed to CNN. "He kept moving, working and making us happy until the very end. We loved him so very much! We will miss him forever," Mulbarger said. His death comes nearly two years after the passing of his wife of 50 years, Mary Willard, who died in 2018 when she was 71 years old.
  14. dixiedoodah

    British Royals

    I will say, it does feel like the grooming of William and Kate has ratcheted up a great deal recently. I know the queen is stepping back a lot, but it really does seem like Charles has almost disappeared other than being positive for Coronavirus. Maybe it’s just me though. My media consumption has had a different focus lately.
  15. dixiedoodah

    British Royals

    I have no opinion about the veracity of the item, but I imagine it is such a weird place to be. You are about to begin a life altering change of lifestyle just as the entire world begins a life altering change of lifestyle, which in some ways, prohibits you from getting up and running your initial large change. Nothing feels normal for me right now and Harry probably has no idea what normal is or should be. I would imagine it’s some form of weird limbo. Lots of time to feel like you’ve screwed up royally.