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  1. Gemstone


    I love this show and I am happy it is coming back for Season two. It is so hilarious and well acted.
  2. Gemstone

    Dancing with the Stars Season 10

    I really hope that Kate gets booted off tonight. I couldn't believe that Shannon was the first to go.
  3. Gemstone

    Favorite Movie Of 2009

    I voted for The Hangover and I also loved Paranormal Activity..I need to see Precious and Avatar.
  4. Gemstone

    Best Films Of Summer 2009

    I voted for The Hurt Locker but I also liked Inglorious Basterds.
  5. Gemstone

    Movies You Have Walked Out On

    Youth Without Youth, I didn't walk out on it but I almost did. I expected more from Francis Ford Coppola, but the film was long, boring and had a stupid premise.
  6. Gemstone

    Halle Berry

    At this point I am not really interested in seeing Halle's baby anymore. I mean she had her in March and August is right around the corner. I don't know why the long wait, maybe something is wrong with the baby, I dunno.
  7. Gemstone

    Halle Berry

    Good for them! I am so fvking sick about hearing about her suicide attemps
  8. Gemstone

    Halle Berry

    I hope the baby has a nose just like hers before the nose jobs.
  9. Gemstone

    FAQ: How to Post A Picture

    Thank you princess for all of your the instructions and for the website.
  10. Gemstone

    Star Jones

    Holy shit Bobby D
  11. Gemstone

    Halle Berry

    The biggest bomb to hit "NYC" this summer has already hit, it's Catwoman.
  12. Gemstone

    John Cusack

    I just watched Bullets Over Broadway and I LOVE John Cusack!
  13. Gemstone

    Halle Berry

    Halle was born in 1966 not 1968.
  14. Gemstone

    Jada Pinkett-Smith & Will Smith

    What a charming looking couple.
  15. Gemstone

    Halle Berry

    Thanks BobbyDLOL about Eric wearing her undies. I read he would bring girls over to their home and the girls would wear Halle's panties etc. ...come to thinks about it, may be brought men over and they had a fiesta. Thanks for telling me want DL means.