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  1. Desertdreaming


    And Kelly Preston
  2. Desertdreaming

    British Royals

    I passed the word wow and just went to WTF. Two hundred and forty five years later and some Brits are still upset about a "ragtag volunteer army in need of a shower somehow defeated a global superpower."
  3. Desertdreaming

    Harvey Weinstein

    Me too
  4. Desertdreaming

    Lin Manuel Miranda's 'Hamilton'

    Watched it last week. Loved it. Not really a rap / hip hop fan but changed my tune on that. So much talent on that stage.
  5. Desertdreaming


    Still here and still working from home. Will be doing so until June. Our state is planning more this week. So far everyone healthy. I am suppose to be going to Prague in August. In February when this all started I was not worried about it being cancelled now in May I am. A trip with my siblings.
  6. Desertdreaming

    British Royals

    Prayers for peace, strength, and calm during this time for you.
  7. Desertdreaming


    I live in SW Ohio. My state is pretty much shut down and has been for two - three weeks. I will be working from home until the end of April. My Tony is essential as a maintenance supervisor. But if he doesn't have to go to a property he is in his office here. The Spring break Corona kid from Florida is from the next town over. Most people are listening to the rewueuests and i hope Ohio levels the curve soon. I have to admit I am impressed with our Governor and his staff. Never thought I would ever say that. So far we have the following events here: Wine with DeWine Snacking with Acton Beers with Beshear Fun times
  8. Desertdreaming


    Feel better soon
  9. Desertdreaming


    All schools in Ohio are closed for at least 3 week. No baseball, basketball, hockey, or soccer. No gathering of more then 100 people. I think that is the number. Went from 0 to 15 in 3 days
  10. Desertdreaming

    British Royals

    Date: April 10 Sex: Female Weight: 6lb 5 oz Name: Helen Elizabeth Diana Windsor
  11. Desertdreaming

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus

    I really really hate this disease. Maybe my granddaughter will hear the word cure in her lifetime. I won't.
  12. Desertdreaming

    Oscars 2017

    I am really out of current issue trends. What's the blue ribbon stand for that some people were wearing
  13. Desertdreaming

    Divorce in 2017 - who'll do it, next

    Okay.... care to share? I voted for Julia & Danny. I've heard that they've more or less lived separate lives (different houses, only deal with each other about their children, etc) for years. The liquidation of some of her real estate, recently, makes me think they want to move from separated to fully-dividing assets... in other words, divorce. Voted for Cate and Andrew. I do not have a reason except a feeling when looking over the list. I have not read about them for a while.
  14. Desertdreaming

    Plastic Surgery

    I've told my husband since we started dating that if, heaven forbid, I ever get breast cancer - I'm having a double mastectomy and living out the rest of my days in skinny strap dresses When I had my mastectomy that is almost what I told my husband and my doctor. My doctor did not want to do a double and I told him there was not enough cotton in the world to make them even. Plus I told him I did not want to walk around leaning over to the right all the time ( cancer was in my left). It helps to have a dark sense of humor when dealing with it.