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FAQ: How to Post Youtube Video

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On the right side of the YouTube video you will see two links... one for the URL and one for Embed. You want the URL option (you can also select the URL from the top of your web browser).


I like to temporarily paste the URL into the bottom of my post like this... just for the time being.

You will need only part of the URL... the information after the = sign.


Next..highlight the "IOgUdUU_jYc" text in your post.


Then from the "Insert Special Item" drop down box above where you are typing select "Insert: YouTube".


Click the "okay" button to verify. It will add the following tags to the text you had selected (without the spaces):

[ y o u t u b e ] wWW1vpz1ybo [ / y o u t u b e ]

That's it! It'll look like this!


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