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FAQ: Want to Know Everything About Your Fav Celeb?

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Instead of posting "Tell me what my favorite celeb is up to please!", you can use our "search" feature to find out! Let's say you want to know everything about Julian McMahon.


Click the search button (within the gray bar at the top of the screen, see "A" in image below) and type in "Julian McMahon" in the "Search by Keywords" field ("B" in image below). Make sure that the other settings for other search options are set to:


"Search Where" is set to "all forums" ("C" in image below)

"Search posts from..." is set to "Any date" ("D" in image below)

"Search Where" is set to "Search entire post" ("E" in image below)


So it will look like this:


Posted Image





and it will give you back search results of Julian McMahon with all the threads that he's mentioned in that looks like this:


Posted Image





If you would rather see the actual post about Julian listed instead of topic titles, on the search button in addition to the above search settings, also set:


"Result Type" to "Show results as posts" (radial button option)


and your results will look like this instead:


Posted Image


Ta-dah! :)

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I updated the "search results" links so you can see a screen cap of what the different options look like. :)

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