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Amy Winehouse

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Jazz babe Winehouse flees stage to spew after all day bender with Kelly Osbourne



HER boozy antics always keep us entertained. But Amy "Wino" Winehouse's latest bout of alcohol-fuelled bad behaviour is perhaps her most spectacular to date.


The jazz babe had to run off stage at a gig on Saturday night after just one song - to throw up.


Nerves? Winter flu? A dodgy kebab? Not quite.



We can reveal that the 23-year-old singer had been on an all-day bender with pal Kelly Osbourne before going on stage at London's G-A-Y.



As a result, she stumbled through her first song before clutching her stomach and throwing up at the side of the stage. Eurgh...



Her embarrassed band then performed on their own for 10 minutes before realising that Amy wasn't coming back. And then it was up to the poor promoter to tell the baying crowd that Amy had...wait for it...food poisoning.



A gig-goer tells us: "Everybody started booing, heckling and stamping their feet when they heard she wasn't returning to the stage.



"The crowd at G-A-Y is normally really up for it and friendly, but I've never seen them so angry before.



"To make matters worse, everybody had been waiting until 1.45am for her to eventually come on."



The shambles also cost the promoters money after they were forced to hand out refunds for those who had come especially to see Amy.



Our backstage spy tells us: "Everyone knew something was up as soon as soon as she arrived smelling of booze and quite unsteady on her feet.



"She was also as white as a sheet and began retching before even going on stage.



"Once she was up there, however, it was an excruciating performance and she barely got through the first number. She was sick on the side of the stage and then ran off to the toilets, followed by her management and the promoters.



"She was quite tearful and emotional afterwards although she was so tipsy you could barely understand what she was saying. Eventually she said she couldn't go back on and kept saying sorry over and over again."



G-A-Y promoter Jeremy Joseph told us that he wasn't expecting to have the same problems with Jason Donovan, who will be performing at the club this weekend.



He said: "We're going to make sure there's two buckets on stage just in case."



A spokesman for Amy said: "She had food poisoning when she was on holiday in Miami and was still quite sick when she got back."



He declined to comment on claims that she'd been drinking.



Amy, we really hope you get over your "food poisoning" soon.

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11 January 2007



Eva Simpson & Caroline Hedley



LONDON pubs can expect to suffer heavy losses as jazz babe Amy "Wino" Winehouse has announced she's stopped drinking alcohol - for now.


After a string of boozy blunders, she says: "I'm not drinking at the moment. I'm detoxing." We give it till the weekend.

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25 January 2007




Eva Simpson & Caroline Hedley



HOT from winning Best Pop Album at the South Bank Awards on Tuesday, Amy Winehouse played an impromptu drunken gig at posh London hotel The Savoy.


Fans included Royle Family's Sue Johnston, Ralf Little and Caroline Aherne who was also guzzling wine after her battle with the booze.


The night ended with Amy and Ralf swapping numbers. Something we should know, Amy?

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Eva Simpson & Caroline Hedley


BOOZY Amy Winehouse ditched a drug habit for a drink problem.


The Rehab singer, up for two Brit awards, says: "My drinking replaced weed. I still have a problem. I have had a problem with drink but I haven't had a drink in a few days.


"The problem isn't exaggerated. I'm a terrible drunk. I don't know where that comes from - boredom?" But Amy, 23, denies she has an eating disorder. She says she hit the gym after ditching cannabis - and shifted too many pounds.


The skinny singer, right, who slimmed to a scrawny size 6 at one point, explains: "I'd get up, smoke two big spliffs then think I should eat something so I'd have a fry-up.


"Then I wouldn't eat anything all day. Then I'd eat pasta at two in the morning.


"I can't smoke now because my energy crashes.


"I'm a gym girl. I'm not a lazy person anymore. I'd train every day if I had the chance.".


Are you sure you didn't mean gin girl, Amy?

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3 February 2007

:blink: AMY KOOKS UP A STORM :blink:

Exclusive by Eva Simpson and Caroline Hedley


MILD-MANNERED Kooks frontman Luke Pritchard won’t be paying Amy Winehouse any more compliments in the foreseeable future.


Incredibly, after telling Amy how much he liked her new album, lovely Luke was subjected to a foul-mouthed rant.


Her unexpected and vulgar tirade came at a TV recording of Later With Jools Holland, in front of shocked celebs including Modfather Paul Weller.


Yesterday speaking exclusively to 3am, Luke revealed: “All I said to her was that I enjoyed her latest album. And suddenly, out of the blue, she had a really massive go at me.


“At one point she told me to f****** pull my head out of my a***. It was really weird. Everyone was just standing around looking at her.


“It’s strange because she was really nice to begin with. But when I went up to her at the photoshoot she suddenly turned really cold. She’s crackers.


“I f****** don’t give a s***. Some people are just like that – artists like Van Morrison who’s really moody.”


But Luke is not one to hold a grudge and says he won't shy away from Amy if they bump into each other at the Brit Awards on February 14, where The Kooks are up for Best Breakthrough Act and Best Single.


He told us: “I still think she’s great. I didn’t really like her first album but I love her second. She’s got an amazing voice.”


It’s not the first time that Luke has come under fire from his fellow musicians. Outspoken Lily Allen wiped the Smile off his face last year, raging: “There’s no excuse for wearing broken straw hats and dark sunglasses two storeys underground. You’re not Jim f****** Morrison.”


These outbursts are all the more bizarre considering Luke is one of the most charming people we’ve met. Still, he should count himself lucky that Amy didn’t belt him one.


She famously punched one poor fan after a bust-up at a North London gig. And earlier that evening she'd dismissed another fan’s praise for her performance by barking a brattish: "Whatever.”


Her bad behaviour hasn’t stopped there, either. We revealed last year how she threw a hissy fit and refused to perform at her former stage school, leaving many pupils in tears.


And she even dared to heckle rock legend Bono during the U2 frontman's speech at the Q Awards last October, yelling: “Shut up! I don’t give a f***!”


So don’t worry about being bad-mouthed, Luke – at least you’re in good company...


Mirror.co.uk - 3am

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AMY Winehouse has come over all morbid for her latest video, Back To Black.


Dressed in black and sporting a big bouffant hair-do, the 23-year-old diva was filmed "burying her heart" in a cemetery in North London on Tuesday for the Motown-style number.


Well, she was never in grave danger of going all light-hearted on us, was she?

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Eva Simpson & Caroline Hedley



BRIT nominee James Morrison always came across as a mild-mannered chap to us - so what's he doing going on a wild bender with Amy Winehouse?


The Undiscovered singer called us from Amsterdam just hours before he per formed in the Dutch city.


James, 21, who's up for three gongs at next Wednesday's Brits ceremony, revealed: "I'm playing the biggest show of my life tonight - it's terrifying.


"I'm going to have a few drinks before I go on stage to calm the nerves. But I'm meeting up with Amy Winehouse later and she's mental and we're going to go on the lash together."


Er, a bad idea surely?


"We're planning to go to a few coffee shops and have a good smoke and get wasted - why not?" said James.


"We're here so we should make the most of it but I just don't think I'll be able to keep up with her.


"I don't think I'll be visiting any prostitutes though!"


Your girlfriend will be glad to hear that James.

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Amy Shithoused

The Evil Beet


Posted Image


British songstress and aptly-named dipsomanic Amy Winehouse pulls a Kate Moss at the Brit Awards. NOTW has the exclusive.


News of the World

Posted Image


IT LOOKS like the Brits have got white up the nose of AMY WINEHOUSE.


My exclusive snaps show the sozzled singer leaving an awards party with traces of snow-white powder coating her nostrils.


It looks like the ‘party' drug cocaine — if so, I'm afraid Amy has hit a grim low.


A passer-by said: "It was late and Amy was totally off her face, but somehow she still had loads of energy.


"She was jiggling around and whistling to herself. When she got in the cab she started wiping her nose furiously." Amy had been celebrating a huge night at the Brits, where she picked up a gong for Best Female.


Afterwards, she was whisked to the Brits aftershow bash at London's trendy Mocoto.


At 1.30am, the party animal was then seen heading to NOEL and LIAM GALLAGHER's private party in The Cuckoo Club.


My clubbing spies tell me she STILL had a spring in her step an hour later when she returned to Mocoto.


Last night a close friend of Amy's told me: "Everyone knows Amy's one of the biggest caners on the scene at the moment, but if she's getting into Class-As, it's bad news."


The 23-year-old soul diva—whose most successful song is called, er, Rehab—has previously admitted to binge drinking and smoking cannabis.


She said last year: "I was doing a few drugs but only dabbling. Cocaine isn't really my thing."


She also revealed her drug habit played havoc with her eating, leading to dramatic weight loss. "I'd get up, smoke two big spliffs then have a fry-up. It's all I'd eat all day," she said. After her success at the Brits, Amy faces growing pressure to try to better her superb No1 album, Back To Black. But it's feared work demands may awaken her old demons.


Despite all this, her dad Mitch reckons cocaine abuse is not a concern. He said: "I don't worry about it because she's told me she doesn't take it."


But her concerned friend said: "Amy loves the line in Rehab where she sings, ‘They tried to make me go to rehab, but I said no, no, no.'


"Now we just hope she decides to change her tune—for her own sake."


Posted ImagePosted Image

Edited by leaivory

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3.a.m. girls






THERE are fresh fears for Amy Winehouse after she went on a 24-hour bender after splitting from her boyfriend, dramatically cancelling her two sold-out gigs in London.


Thousands of fans, including Sir Elton John, were left fuming after organisers cancelled the shows at the last minute.


Heartbroken Rehab singer Amy was so upset after splitting with chef Alex Jones-Donelly, she hit the booze big-time.


Organisers cancelled Amy's sold-out gigs at London's Shepherd's Bush Empire on Thursday night and last night. Our spies saw Amy stagger into the K-West hotel in West London, just five minutes from the gig venue, at 10pm on Thursday.


The 23-year-old, who won Best Female at last month's Brits, made a beeline for the bar.


Two minders propped up the unsteady singer, who was also with a worried-looking female pal.


"Amy staggered all over the place, looking really upset," said our mole. "Her friend was saying Amy had split up with her boyfriend Alex and had been drinking since the night before."


The boozy song-bird bought a round at the bar, threw back a rum and Coke, and then snuck off to another party - to the Griffin Pub in Shoreditch, East London. She was overheard shouting at other drinkers: "What are you f***ing looking at?"


Earlier the same day Amy was snapped browsing in the wine section of her local Tesco in Camden. Says our source: "Her eyes were glazed over and we thought it was because she was drunk.


"When we heard about the split we realised she could have been crying."


Amy has been dating Alex for nine months. Last month she credited him with having a calming influence on her partying. She said: "I'm over that stuff. I don't want to get out of my pram. I'd rather be at home with my fella."


Sir Elton was one of the 2,500 gutted fans let down on Thursday.


His spokesman told us: "Elton was looking forward to the gig as he's a big fan. He got a call at the last minute to say it was cancelled - he was disappointed."


Amy's spokesperson declined to comment, but her website yesterday said: "Amy would like to apologise to her fans... and hopes they understand."


Let's hope Sir Elt does, or Amy will be struck off his very exclusive Christmas card list!

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Brits are coming again!


A new invasion of U.K. musicians is making big waves here


The debut CD of British singer Amy Winehouse recently hit No. 1 in her native U.K. and bagged her a Brit Award for Best Female Solo Artist.


For decades that wouldn't have meant bupkis in the States. But, given a rapidly changing climate, Winehouse is getting a very different reaction here now. Her kickoff song, "You Know I'm No Good," just became iTunes' "Single of the Week" as well as the "most added song" on American Rhythmic radio formats, while gaining "Big 10" rotation on MTV.


Luckily for Winehouse (whose full CD arrives March 13), she's coming over amid a British invasion the likes of which America hasn't experienced since the heyday of acts like Culture Club, Eurythmics and Depeche Mode in the '80s.


Paving the way for stars like Winehouse are Brits James Blunt, Corinne Bailey Rae, KT Tunstall, Celtic Woman and Snow Patrol, each of whom has sold at least 1 million records in the States in the last year. At the same time, Natasha Bedingfield moved nearly 800,000 copies of her most recent CD, and promising sales figures continue to mount for up-and-comers Lily Allen, Imogen Heap and Paolo Nutini.


At this year's Grammys, three out of five candidates for Best New Artist were British (Blunt, Rae and Heap). While they all wound up losing - to an American Idol no less (Carrie Underwood) - their sales shot up significantly in the week after the show, as much as 132% and 165% (for Rae and Blunt, respectively).


Compare those triumphs to the low point for British pop - the benighted 2001-02 season. Back then, for the first time since the Beatles led the first British invasion in 1964, not a single U.K. act appeared anywhere on Billboard's Top 200 Album list.


It was the last straw for the British, who'd already endured years in which their biggest acts - from Oasis to Blur to the Verve - enjoyed fleeting, often second-tier U.S. hits, only to bomb quickly afterward.


The Spice Girls had a bigger impact (though briefly) and things began to turn around, by inches, when Coldplay's star started ascending in '02. But it took another few years for this full wave to swell. So what changed?


For one thing, there's been a dip in pop radio's interest in hip hop, due to flagging sales in that genre. Rap sales were down 21% in '06, opening up room for something else. "British music provides an alternative to the urban music that has ­dominated American radio for the last 10 to 12 years now," says Phil Patterson, who heads a group that promotes the export of U.K. acts.


At the same time, radio analyst Sean Ross says, "radio has become more pop-friendly, post-'American Idol.'" And that favors the melody-mad Brits.


For all the changes on radio, however, TV has actually provided a bigger boost to many new U.K. artists. Corinne Bailey Rae only broke through after an appearance on "Oprah." Even in its wake, her singles haven't gotten Top 40 airplay. Likewise, Snow Patrol cracked the U.S. market by getting their song "Chasing Cars" on "Grey's Anatomy" before they made headway on radio.


The new emphasis on TV promotion is part of a larger trend in which the battered music industry has been more aggressively exploring ­nontraditional means of hawking its wares. The same need led it to gamble on a wider range of artists - including once disfavored Brits - if only because the old rules clearly weren't working.


For years, things had spiraled in the opposite direction. "Because of the climate at radio and the live scene for British bands, American labels weren't putting money into them for touring," says Patterson. "The bands thought, 'What's the point of coming over when you'll spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and probably lose money hand over fist.' They were better off staying in Europe or going to Japan or Asia, where they could make money."


Still, it's sobering to note that, for the most part, it's a particular kind of U.K. artist that's been selling over here. Generally, it hasn't been the cutting-edge stars. The cool Arctic Monkeys may be No. 1 at home, but they barely sold 300,000 copies of their debut here. Likewise, big Brit rap stars like Lady Sovereign have been unable to make the transition to these shores. Instead, mature, adult-oriented acts like Blunt and Rae have shot to platinum status.


Ross says these artists are favored by the tilt at radio and TV toward "quality singer-songwriters" as a corrective to all those years devoted almost entirely to teen-driven hip hop.


To further goose the new Brit wave, Patterson's organization will sponsor a huge showcase at this month's major industry festival, South by Southwest, in Austin, Tex. Locally, it will back a concert at Bowery Ballroom March 13 featuring Winehouse and the Pipettes.


Will such artists help escalate the expanding redcoat wave? Given the stagnant nature of American pop, more and more U.S. fans probably hope so.



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You Spin Me Round: Amy Winehouse


After months of waiting, we finally get our big day; Amy Winehouse's stellar disc Back to Black debuts in the U.S. Although the disc enjoyed huge success overseas, landing on almost everyone's best of 2006 list, record company suits delayed stateside release until today.


If you pick up one album this year, make this the one; Winehouse's candid lyrics and Motown-esque songs make this a classic with a contemporary edge. While Winehouse admitted Motown influenced her style, she claimed the attitude is all her own. Winehouse told the AP she isn't fronting--she's just writing what she knows.



"I listen to a lot of '60s music, but society is different now," said Winehouse, fresh from winning a Brit Award as the year's best female British act. "I'm a young woman and I'm going to write about what I know."


Back to Black differs quite a bit from Winehouse's debut disc, Frank; she replaced the hip-hop beats with a full sound and intricate arrangements.

Winehouse's lyrics also matured in recent years; while Frank was all about fun, Back to Black's dark attitude exudes the raw emotion of recent heartbreak and a struggle with addiction.

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BOOZY singer Amy Winehouse has gone green and it's not just from too much drink.


The 23-year-old banned plastic cups backstage, insisting on bone china.


"She cares about the environment," says a pal. That and alcohol...

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Swinging Booze Ways?


Two separate reports have reached us that Amy Winehouse was spotted at both Proud Galleries and The Hawley Arms in Camden last weekend snogging the face off an unknown blonde woman.


It has been suggested the mystery blonde lady may be none other than Daily Star journalist Charlie Morgan. Perhaps attempting what is now known in the trade as "a Joe Mott".


We phoned Charlie to ask her if she is a comedy lesbian and although she denied it, she did sound ridiculously flustered...


Were you there? Can you furnish us with any more juicy details of Amy's lost weekend?


holymoly@holymoly.co.uk if you can!

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Soul singer Winehouse inspires remixers


She's an unlikely disco diva, but British neo-soul newcomer Amy Winehouse has already captivated the dance world with her honeyed rasp and down-in-it lyrics.


"Rehab," off her universally lauded stateside debut "Back to Black," got subtle remixes from Desert Eagle (uptempo, shuffling and funky) and indie act Hot Chip (mod, pianoless and pared-down).


In the United Kingdom, Steve Mac of production team Rhythm Masters turned in a fittingly dark revamp of the album's title track that's already being trumpeted by tastemaking BBC radio DJ Pete Tong. It's aggressive, club-ready and ready for release in America.


And at designer Patricia Field's February birthday bash at New York club Cielo, JoJo America of the Ones (the trio that cracked the Hot Dance Club Play top five in 2002 with "Flawless") performed "Rehab" in drag for Field and her fabulous followers. With such a tribute, can iconic dance status for Winehouse be far behind?


Source: Reuters/Billboard

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All AP News


Sexiness a Must for Today's Lady Singers


She was an "amazing talent," a young singer with a wonderful voice who wrote beautiful songs. But she was no beauty, plus flat-chested and overweight to boot.


Remembering the aspiring star, music executive Jody Gerson still feels terrible about thinking: "She's never going to get signed, even though she's fabulous."


Gerson might feel even worse after Wednesday night's exit of the matronly Melinda Doolittle from "American Idol." In today's music industry, Plain Janes need not apply. Sex appeal was once considered a bonus for a woman; now it's practically a requirement.


Doolittle and the heavyset, gap-toothed LaKisha Jones were widely considered this season's most talented "Idol" contestants. Yet both were eliminated from the final four in favor of Blake Lewis, who makes the teen girls swoon, and the long-locked, 17-year-old looker Jordin Sparks.


A quick check of the Billboard Top 40 turns up a list of candidates for "America's Top Model": Avril Lavigne, blonde stunner Carrie Underwood; tomboyish but sexy Ciara, fashionista Gwen Stefani and hip-swiveling Shakira (on a song featuring bootylicious Beyonce).


The only two in the Top 40 who might not be considered perfect 10s: Pink, who is still svelte and appealing; and multiplatinum Grammy-winner Kelly Clarkson, who got her break only through winning the democratically elected "American Idol."


When asked whether a female with so-so looks and sex appeal could get a record deal, Gretchen Wilson quickly replied: "They can't."


"I believe that very few will get through and they better be amazing," Wilson said in an interview. "The music is not about just music anymore, it's about the look, the 'it' factor if you will ... it's marketing."


True, looks have always been a part of the music business: Diana Ross played a model in the movie "Mahogany," Marianne Faithfull was considered a beauty, Tina Turner's legs were part of her sex appeal, Olivia Newton-John was the lovely girl-next-door and Stevie Nicks rocked teenage boys with more than just her guitar.


But there also were stars like wild-haired, pudgy Janis Joplin and Barbra Streisand, who challenged beauty standards with her protruding nose. Even curvy Aretha Franklin was known mainly for her one-of-a-kind voice.


Today, it's hard to find a singer larger than a size 6 and without a sexy look all of which are played up with sensuous videos, modeling spreads and provocative magazine covers. Lavigne, who once scoffed at singers who stripped for the cameras, fronts the new issue of Blender topless save for a strategically placed banner that reads "Hell Yeah, I'm Hot!"


The hit reality show "Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll" is a striking example. In finding a replacement for current lead doll, stunner Nicole Scherzinger, the judging panel which included the cosmetically enhanced rapper Lil' Kim did talk about vocal qualities. But while a few contestants had strong voices, all were taut, toned and sexy, and the focus was more on their dancing and overall desirability. Which is to be expected from the group responsible for the anthem "Don't Cha" (as in, "don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?").


Even singers who are heralded for their talent are gorgeous, like Alicia Keys, Corinne Bailey Rae or Norah Jones. And while critically acclaimed Amy Winehouse may not win any beauty contests, her songs have a raw sexuality that give her that "it" factor.


Dolly Parton, whose buxom figure sometimes overshadowed her talent as a songwriter and singer, said being "a good looking woman certainly can't hurt you any if you're trying to make it."


"But I would like to believe that true and great and pure talent will rise above whatever else," the country legend said in an interview. "But certainly in music these days, the better you look, the more apt you're going to get a contract.


"It's a damn pity, though, that people have to judge real talent on looks."


Gerson says the way female artists look reflects our society, where women are constantly judged on their appearance and oversexualized. But she also says it reflects the way we listen to music these days or don't listen.


"They have to look hot and sexy in these videos," says Gerson, who is credited with helping discover Alicia Keys, among others, and is now executive vice president of the U.S. Creative division of EMI Music Publishing.


"In the days of Aretha Franklin, people saw Aretha maybe a couple of times a year," she said, "but you listened to a record without a visual. You didn't watch it. Everything today, you watch it."


Gerson also agrees with Wilson about the marketing factor. With dwindling profits and budgets, record labels try to maximize artist exposure with clothing deals, cosmetic contracts, movie roles and modeling gigs.


"How many endorsements does Beyonce have? Do you think it's because she's the most talented person on earth or do you think it's because she's gorgeous? I think she's talented but she's also gorgeous," Gerson says. "I think you need the whole package."


And that notion, according to Wilson, "totally sucks."


"My favorite singers in the world were Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn, and Patsy was a large woman, and Loretta she was never some kind of a supermodel, but they were the greatest female voices in country music, and they changed lives and they made a difference," says Wilson, who, although considered sexy, feels she doesn't fit today's beauty standards.


Where are the Patsy Clines of today? More often than not on smaller, underground labels, which put more of a premium on talent. And with the devolution of today's music industry, Gerson says, small labels may be the best path to success for a woman who doesn't look like a mold of a Barbie doll.


So how would Gerson advise the flat-chested, overweight, amazingly talented singer to chase her dream? Put out her own music and promote herself on the Web.


"As far as we've come as women," Gerson asked, "where are we really?"

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by IanMcShane



What happens when you inadvertently invite party monster Winehouse back to yours?


A drunken mole, enjoying a night out at a London club, made the terrible mistake of shouting out: "All back to mine!" Never the wisest thing to do in London, you're always guaranteed to get at least one member of the living dead cluttering up your front room. You might as well shout "Beetlejuice" or "Candyman" three times.


Anyway, it came to pass that Amy Winehouse staggered into our mole's house, in the company of Babyshambles' Drew McConnell (no, we've never heard of him before either) and a selection of rich young fillies who wanted nothing more than to annoy daddy dearest by banging the flies off a grubby little rock star who just so happens to share a stage with cadaver-to-be Pete Doherty.


Winehouse was less than impressed with the gathering, slurring, "Letsh get out of this fahkin' dump, it's boooooring. Theresh no drugs and nothing to drink," after just a few minutes.


The tattily tattooed lady then decided to pick on the mole's friend, a girl from Ghana with luxuriant hair, possibly because latent anorexia tends not to have the best effect on one's own mane. "Hey Wiggy, Wiggy, Wiggy!" she cried hilariously, leading to a small exchange with our mole, who reasonably asked:


"Excuse me, but are you always such a TWAT?"


Winehouse asked him to repeat the question, which he did with some force, while also pointing out that it was his house, she wasn't invited and that she should remove her bony hips and hairy face from the vicinity. Right now.


Deeply offended, she stomped to the door, waiting for her group of acolytes to follow. Unfortunately, the hangers-on were having quite a good time, leaving Winehouse to stalk off into the night on her own, no doubt looking for an ideal combination of lesbian gussets dusted with cocaine swimming in free booze. Meanwhile the unknown quantity from Babyshambles thoroughly enjoyed himself, rid of his hairy, growling anchor.


Source: Holy Moly

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You Spin Me Round: Jay-Z Does 'Rehab'

Filed under: Amy Winehouse , Jay-Z , You Spin Me Round


Posted ImagePosted Image


May turned out to be a banner month for Amy Winehouse; the British soul-singer played in front of sold out crowds all over the US and she married her on/off boyfriend. To top things off, one of the greatest names in hip-hop, Jay-Z, remixed her hit single, "Rehab."


So how did this odd collaboration come about? Island Def Jam Records distributed Amy's phenomenal disc Back To Black in the US. Jay-Z, president and CEO of Def Jam, reportedly wanted to give the track a makeover to help Amy break into the American hip-hop market.

A source says, "Jay-Z told Amy he had some great ideas and when he called her back a few weeks later, she couldn't believe it."

The promised makeover was more like a superficial glossing over; Jay-Z just added a few pop-culture-rich verses over Amy's existing percussion and horns.

"My heroin flow's more lethal than Marilyn's nose/I'ma OD til I'm in peace like Anna Nicole."

As a fan of both Amy and Jay-Z, I was a bit disappointed; the track is stellar on it's own without Jay-Z's shout out to "Britney, Whitney, and Bobby." All in all, Ghostface Killah did a much better job remaking Amy's "You Know I'm No Good" on his disc More Fish. Rather than just adding a couple verses to an already existing song, Ghostface Killah transformed Amy's confessional track into an all-out rap battle, answering back to her cheating confessions with "Nasty girl, don't forget I'ma be around forever."


With any luck, Amy's US presence will be around forever, too.


Posted by: Alyk


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>> Hello sailor <<

US investors meet Winehouse


Universal music's parent company Vivendi wrote

to investors about their new artists. This is

how they introduced Amy Winehouse to US

shareholders and financial institutions:


"Everything about Amy Winehouse seems larger

than life. The petite singer has a voice like

Billie Holiday and old-style sailor tattoos."


Source: Popbitch

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Winehouse In Talks With Cavalli



Troubled singer AMY WINEHOUSE has been offered a lucrative deal with top fashion designer ROBERTO CAVALLI, according to reports.


The Back To Black hitmaker is alleged to be on the verge of signing a contract with the Italian fashion mogul - meaning she would receive a constant supply of his garments in return for her agreeing to wear them to public functions and gigs.


According to British newspaper the Daily Mirror, the offer came after Cavalli's close friend Victoria Beckham told him she was a fan of Winehouse's style.


A source tells the paper, "Cavalli was suitably taken in by what Victoria had to say that he's now determined to get Amy on board."


Recently the Spice Girl hailed Winehouse a "fashion icon" in an interview, saying, "She has a real sense of style that I love. She is a fashion icon because she is unique."


A spokesman for Winehouse says, "Amy is considering many offers at the moment."


Source contactmusic

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Winehouse In Jailhouse Family Feud?



Troubled singer AMY WINEHOUSE's husband BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL could be moved from his London prison - after his mother submitted a formal request to have him relocated closer to his family.


Fielder-Civil is currently behind bars in London's Pentonville Prison, where he is awaiting to stand trial on charges of perverting the course of justice relating to a previous charge of grievous bodily harm.


But Georgette Fielder-Civil now wants her son to be moved to a prison in Nottinghamshire, closer to his family and away from Winehouse.


She says, "We've asked for Blake to be moved from London so we can visit him more easily. We want him nearer the family home, even if it means Amy won't get to see him."


And Fielder-Civil insists if her son was moved out of London, Winehouse "wouldn't be capable" of travelling to visit him.


She adds, "She's always late for the visits anyway and is often banned from seeing him. I can't imagine she would be capable of getting herself on a train to visit him if he was moved out of London. But at least he would be nearer his mum, dad and two brothers."


Source: contactmusic

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Wino: WTF Happened to Her Face -- Part 2!



Posted Image

The stylish singer managed to crack a smile while showing off her non-impetigo-ridden face. If Internet rumors are to be believed, Winehouse could have cleared up the skin condition with her own pee. Also floating around those Internets - Winehouse and Pete Doherty are shacking up, making babies, and starting their own line of hair grease products. April Fool's indeed.

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Bedingfield Launches Attack On Winehouse Vultures



British singer NATASHA BEDINGFIELD has slammed the media and the public for their morbid fascination with the private lives of troubled stars such as AMY WINEHOUSE.


The These Words hitmaker, 26, believes the public has an unhealthy obsession with stars who use drugs because of the possibility these celebrities will self-destruct under the media spotlight.


And the star has vowed she will never appear in celebrity magazines intoxicated - claiming she is an avid anti-drugs campaigner after growing up surrounded by substance



She says, "We've had a lot of artists taking drugs recently and people have been very excited by that. People have a certain nostalgia for the Jimi Hendrix days. And there is a circus mentality going on where people want to watch stars mess up their lives.


"They are drug addicts - it's not right to point the finger and laugh at someone who is not well. People can be vultures.


"I am so glad Amy got a Grammy, because it's so good to have that support. The reason I've never done drugs is that I grew up with a lot of drug addicts."


Source: contactmusic

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Amy Winehouse's Ironing A Healthier New Obsession



Some people can't get away from the household chores, but it seems Amy Winehouse is not one of them.


The Back to Black star is, according to the Sun newspaper, addicting to ironing at her home in Camden, north London.


It reports she cancelled a trip to begin recording her third album in the Bahamas at the last minute, although it is not clear if there is a link between that decision and her latest "obsession".


"We've had cannabis, cocaine, crack, heroin and her husband Blake Fielder-Civil," a friend told the Sun.


"All the others have been rather more destructive, apart from knitting, which she has also had an on/off love affair with. But ironing is definitely her new favourite."


Having netted the theme for the next James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, Winehouse can have a decent excuse for putting off her album commitments for a while.


But time is getting on since the release of the enormous hit Back to Black and close friends now believe early 2009 has to be a realistic target for its follow-up's release.


"She's not the kind of artist you can just stick in the studio for a month and get an album done," the friend added.


Source: contactmusic

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Winehouse Treats Photographers To Drinks


AMY WINEHOUSE proved she is generous with her cash - after treating photographers to a round of hot drinks.


The Rehab hitmaker gave the group of snappers $40 (GBP20) to buy themselves a cup of coffee after waiting for the star in London's cold temperatures.


One of the photographers told British newspaper The Daily Star that Winehouse handed the group the money before ordering them to buy themselves "something nice".


Source :contactmusic

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