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Cy & I have decided it's time to get some help with keeping the Blind Item Forums cleaned up. Everyone here is generally very good about monitoring themselves, however with the addition of the Solved Blind Item Forum and that members are unable to move their threads once solved into the Solved Blind Item Forum, we decided it was time to call in some help. :)


We have asked Cutielb99 and Hoyaheel to become Moderators, which they have graciously accepted. :lol: Moderators have the ability to edit/move topics as needed. As it has been in the past, please don’t let your feelings be hurt if your post is edited – the only reason it would be edited is to put in the correct format. With so many people on the board these days, things can get messy quick. :blink:


Should a Moderator edit your post to keep in line with ChitChat's Blind Item Format Guidelines you will see the "edited by" line at the bottom of the post. You will not see the "edited by" line if they move your thread, for instance when solved blind items are moved to the Solved Blind Item Forum. Moderators can not see IP addresses, Warning System Ratings, etc. at this time. That may change in the future if the board keeps growing as it has, but we'll let you know before that point.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Again thank you Hoyaheel and Cutielb99 and for helping us all out!! B)

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