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The Secret

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Ok so I'm a decade late, but I'm finally reading The Secret. If you don't remember that book, it was all the rage once upon a time.


I kinda think it's mumbo jumbo -- especially the weight part. Stop thinking you're fat and you won't BE fat! coughbullshitcough


But I'm curious if any of you have read it, and if so, what your thoughts are. I'm about halfway done - a pretty fast read, so I'll give it that at least.





(and although I lean toward it being nonsense, I'm thinking some positive affirmations will definitely be in order for 2017!!)

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Optimists tend to be healthier than pessimists (research shows...) BUT yeah, just thinking something is true doesn't make it true.


And that's why I never read the Secret.... ;-)

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Yeah, I've definitely considered myself a realist in the optimist/pessimist argument ... but I guess I could start trying this shit.


2017 is a great year!

2017 is the best year ever!

2017 has brought me a ton of great things!


(cause you're supposed to affirm stuff as though it's already been given to you)



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