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  1. Hoyaheel

    British Royals

    This is going to be interesting to watch - they have such a narrow path they will be able to walk - they're already criticized no matter what they do. Ugh. But I'm sure it will be lovely to be near her mother!
  2. Hoyaheel


    Take it easy - hope you continue to improve!!!
  3. I haven't been able to binge anything, really. Working too hard. Grr. But I am trying to finish up Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt! Then I will start S3 of the Crown! My husband has started watching a couple dystopian scifi shows on netflix (we upgraded our internet a few months ago - when they released their 2nd satellite! so we could stream more at home - AND we just got a new tv for the living room that we finally hooked up to the internet. Welcome to 2020, the Hoya Household :-) Anyway, spouse is enjoying Altered Carbon (I've seen a couple episodes - it's dark & violent - not really my thing - but pretty good. Can't remember name of other show he started watching) And together we're watching Dead To Me - just have the finale left. I think it was renewed but who knows when a 2nd season would appear -I don't think it's been filmed, so.....
  4. Hoyaheel

    British Royals

    Did they travel to Scotland AFTER he worried he has COVID19 and was tested, or before? I'm sure they all had plans to sequester, but the timing is key....
  5. Hoyaheel

    British Royals

    I'm guessing there is a secret bunker hospital ward somewhere he has access to ;-) I somehow missed until this announcement that Prince Albert of Monaco also tested positive for coronavirus....
  6. Hoyaheel


    Oh, @fykeylicious, I hope whatever it is, you feel better soon and it doesn't worsen! I think all school districts are dealing with students who do not have access (internet and/or devices) to do online schooling. Those same kids are probably the ones whose parents don't have paid leave and/or are "essential" workers and not able to help with homeschooling. I think this semester will be an asterisk forever after in EVERYONE'S transcript. I have faith it will turn out ok - testing is suspended already for many, we'll make it up in the fall or next year or....
  7. Hoyaheel


    I have a "Coronavirus" folder on my computer - half of it is stuff for work, and half is funny comic strips and memes I see on twitter :-) I've seen a few memes using the floorplans - very cute!
  8. Hoyaheel


    So, the otolaryngologists are saying to be aware of a sudden loss of smell or taste as that seems to be an early warning sign of having the disease. So I wanna cook with garlic & bacon every day to make sure I can still smell!!!! Fykey - hope you're ok!! Yes, allergies a mess this year....
  9. Hoyaheel


    Did I post the Imperial College report? https://www.imperial.ac.uk/news/196234/covid19-imperial-researchers-model-likely-impact/ (and yes, I've had the Hopkins map bookmarked for ages! They have such good epidemiologists & statisticians there! They offer a summer course I've wanted to take for a while now...)
  10. Hoyaheel

    Celeb Death Watch

    Maggie Griffin, comedian Kathy Griffin's mom, has died at age 99. So sad - she was amazing on Kathy's tv shows (both her parents were!) She's had advanced alzheimers for at least a year now; you could tell from Kathy's social media posts how hard it was for her.
  11. Hoyaheel


    What's so especially infuriating is my mother is a nurse with 50 years experience working in hospitals with a graduate degree in public health. If anyone should be aware of the freaking precautions, risk & need, it would be her! But at some point, she started watching Fox News, and it literally could kill her. I just read that a lot of people are "escaping" to rural areas to try to outrun the virus (did NO ONE read Decameron in college? Or Poe Masque of the Red Death?) Apparently one of the NC Outer Banks counties has put up road blocks, allowing only residents in (most have passes on their car because of hurricane restrictions). I read the same is happening in western NC, which is where my mom lives. (she lives in the mountains where lots of Floridians & Georgians have summer homes). So, great, there's an influx of people traveling and no one is self-quaranting.....
  12. Hoyaheel


    I emailed my mom to wish her happy anniversary, said I hope she & husband were home, safe & healthy & quarantined. She went out to freaking Quilt Club today. Yeah, that's essential. Wait until she finds out she's disinvited from our house for Easter.....[yes, I am postponing that conversation....]
  13. Hoyaheel


    PS Branchop - spouse and I fighting over who gets the master bedroom vs guest room if one of us gets sick 😉 He wants the master because of the big tv, I want the guest room because the guest bath is much smaller and easier to disinfect! But if he gets sick - does that mean I'm the one who has to clean the larger master bath?? I hope this is all an overreaction, but I very much fear it is not.
  14. Hoyaheel


    I saw the initial reports that NSAIDS might exacerbate COVID19 around the same time I saw the statistic that 90% of those who come down with symptomatic COVID19 start with a HIGH FEVER. So, not good. We don't take tylenol because alcohol + tylenol = bye-bye liver, so....We do have aspirin in the house - but aspirin is also an NSAID. It's just no one uses it as one anymore.... I'm still at work (though I kept checking my email like a kid waiting for a snow day over the weekend...) But my officemate isn't here, very few people in the office and we can maintain distance most of the time. Things change constantly - we'll see what happens. We just stopped research visits (I work in research) so that's fun....
  15. Hoyaheel


    The good news about being a low-level prepper (for weather.emergencies!!) is that my house is fine to go for a couple weeks without any stocking up. And considering I was worried about covid-19 back in late Jan, I've been stocked for this quarantine since mid to late Feb and am not caught without rice, beans, or tp. Phew! Work hasn't told us to work from home yet, though I open my email expecting it every time!