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  1. Hoyaheel

    Election Year 2016

    Fingers crossed he's implicated and unable to run in 2020, at least!
  2. Hoyaheel

    Official 2019 Divorce Poll

    It's always such a hard decision, who to vote for in this poll!! Because there are couples you never think will make it but they do and others that just split POOF out of nowhere (which clearly isn't from out of nowhere, they just keep their shit private so we gossipers don't know what's going on....)
  3. Hoyaheel

    Celeb Death Watch

    Over 4500 times she played Dolly.....Damn impressive actress!
  4. Hoyaheel

    Official 2019 Divorce Poll

    Yep, I think Baldwin & Biebs need at least one baby pre-divorce as well, which is why I voted for Kit & Rose.....Cheating during the engagement, dude, that's so wrong.....
  5. Hoyaheel

    Award Shows 2019

    I didn't watch Critics' Choice - not sure if they were on tv - but here is the winner list https://tvline.com/2019/01/13/critics-choice-awards-winners-television-2019-full-list/
  6. Hoyaheel

    Official 2019 Divorce Poll

    Uh-oh - Chris Pratt announced his engagement to Kathryn Schwarzenegger overnight.....
  7. Hoyaheel

    Award Shows 2019

    In the "couples you NEVER saw coming" category - Kate Beckinsale & Pete Davidson??!! https://pagesix.com/2019/01/07/kate-beckinsale-leaves-golden-globes-party-with-pete-davidson/
  8. Hoyaheel

    Award Shows 2019

    I think it was a great joke - Jameela certainly was enjoying it on twitter!
  9. Hoyaheel

    Award Shows 2019

    Jamie Lee Curtis' boobs, on the other hand - spectacular!!!!
  10. Hoyaheel

    Award Shows 2019

    Emily Blunt's hair is STUNNING. I adore a fishtail braid (mainly because there's no way in hell I could ever create one) and the jeweled clip in the middle was just breathaking....
  11. Hoyaheel

    Award Shows 2019

    Claire Foy. Nope. I like the starburst lower, but the color is awful on her and the loose bodice sucks.....
  12. Hoyaheel

    Award Shows 2019

    I...do not like Giuliana's new boobs. They're not as bad as Angelina, but they're not as good as Nicole Richie or Kate Hudson....Small breasted women have to be more careful than large(r) like Angelina.....
  13. Hoyaheel

    Award Shows 2019

    Reminder- Golden Globes this Sunday, Jan 6. Guess they start "after football" which is a little scary 😉 I have to see what red carpet options there are. I still hate Ryan Seacrest but E! coverage tends to be more comprehensive than anyone else.....
  14. Hoyaheel

    The Kardashians

    Baby #4 for Kimye implanted..... https://www.msn.com/en-us/entertainment/celebrity/baby-no-4-kim-kardashian-and-kanye-west’s-surrogate-pregnant-with-a-boy/ar-BBRHU6s
  15. Hoyaheel

    Divorce in 2018: Who'll do it, soonest?

    OMG - forgot that happened, or that it happened in 2018 - so much other stuff that was more interesting!!!