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  1. Hoyaheel

    Celeb Death Watch

    B. Smith has died, alzheimers, age 70 https://chicago.suntimes.com/platform/amp/2020/2/23/21149474/b-smith-dead-style-barbara-model-alzheimers-disease
  2. Hoyaheel

    British Royals

    I just discovered Drunk History in the US - it's so good. Will definitely look up the Horrible Histories online!!!
  3. Hoyaheel

    British Royals

    That is one of the best things I've seen in forever - AND Randy Rainbow had a new video yesterday!!!
  4. Hoyaheel

    British Royals

    Thanks! I thought it was something like that, but given "fidelity" has never really been important to royals, I couldn't remember about actual divorce....Though I thought there was something with one of the Georges? Or did he just abandon (was it the George & Charlotte marriage?) I get VERY confused with the Georges & Regency history....TBH, I'm not really good post-Elizabeth up to Victoria - apparently in those mid-centuries, I was studying French & Russian history instead of English 😉 [as an undergrad, I was a European history & diplomacy major]
  5. Hoyaheel

    British Royals

    The dam has broken....(was Margaret the first divorce in this nuclear family?)
  6. Hoyaheel

    British Royals

    I would totally agree that Harry was raised as a pretty spoiled & insulated kid. But I do *not* think he's as naive & stupid & innocent as all the blinds that are so massively against Meghan would have us believe.....
  7. Hoyaheel

    British Royals

    Peter Phillips and wife Autumn divorcing after 12 yrs. Darn - she's got good hat game!! https://www.laineygossip.com/prince-william-catherine-joined-by-prince-charles-camilla-at-defence-medical-rehabilitation-centre-leicestershire/61586
  8. Hoyaheel

    Celeb Death Watch

    I loved Orson Bean.
  9. Hoyaheel

    British Royals

    I think no, not this year. Work on a documentary about the Invictus Games or similar and go when that's nominated....
  10. Hoyaheel

    Oscars 2020

    I don't think I've seen any (not uncommon for me - I dont like heavy dramas and we don't see movies in theaters so we have to wait...) Will be on vacation/working husband's trade show so not sure if we'll watch the ceremony....
  11. Hoyaheel

    British Royals

    I just watched Rebel Wilson's intro on Lainey's site - it was a good speech. Loved the last line 😉
  12. Hoyaheel

    Official 2020 Divorce Poll

    Last I knew, Anderson was dating Julian Assange. "Dating", I guess....Anyway, I didn't even realize she was with someone new until I read a comment from him about it....and now the "divorce". Hmm.
  13. Hoyaheel

    Official 2020 Divorce Poll

    Pam Anderson and Husband 5(I think) Jon Peters divorce 12 days after wedding.....Fanchitchat record?? https://www.today.com/today/amp/tdna172980?__twitter_impression=true 🙂
  14. Damn, I really need to watch S3!! I've had it downloaded on my laptop since Nov (netflix, and I keep renewing the downloads!) but I haven't watched....
  15. Hoyaheel

    British Royals

    I agree with you Wordsworth! I remember the Kate & Middleton stories (Sophie was really pre-internet so we didn't get quite as much of that over here, but I remember the Fergie stuff that made it into our tabloids!) I'm sure there are ups & downs of who & when you can go after different people (heck, keeping track of that is probably what aides & the press probably do constantly!) The racism thing really stood out to me in the analysis of the tabloid stories about Kate & Meghan - same tabloids, same topics, TOTALLY different language between them. Andrew - they need to deal with that and I really hope the FBI & New York prosecutor's office keep up the heat! And I think the Fakey blind is Nacho, talking about Harry. But suicide attempt? Maybe some over-drinking & drugs but concerted effort? Not sure....Doesn't really matter, really. If he needed to make a change for his family, for his mental health, whatever - I'm glad he's doing it.