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  1. Hoyaheel

    Notre Dame fire

    One thing I love is that Americans looked over and said HEY, some billionaires have already pledged millions of Euros to rebuild Notre Dame. But no one has done a damn thing about the three black churches burned in hate crimes in Louisiana. So they started a gofundme that has already raised over a million dollars!!!!
  2. Hoyaheel

    Notre Dame fire

    One thing I read yesterday that I love and can't stop thinking about is that, as part of their safety/evacuation protocol (get the people, get the artwork, get the furniture, save the structure is the priority order, I believe) they have a FIREMAN PRIEST whose job it was to save the relic crown of thorns. I really want more details on that, please!!! Like, do they go to seminary every year and ask for volunteers to train as a fireman? I'm guessing it makes a lot more sense that way than asking firemen if they want to become celibate priests??!!
  3. Hoyaheel

    Things that make you say "Hummm....."

    I think the legitimate services offered were SAT prep, application assistance, probably a year or two in advance, looking over resumes and recommending more activities etc. That's what legitimate companies do for most people who can afford those services and I do believe that Wilson offered LEGAL assistance as well as the ILLEGAL options. I imagine that this guy came highly recommended from people in their circles and there was some sort of word of mouth that perhaps you could get a little more if you were willing to shell out for it. Much as back in the day, friends could recommend a doctor who would give you a hysterectomy if you were Catholic while you were undergoing surgery for something else when you were done having kids. Or even back in the 80s you could get a prescription for the Pill for your "acne". You ask around..... Apparently I've grown up around some sketchy rich people because I'm not shocked at all and I have a pretty dang good idea how and where it happens....
  4. Hoyaheel

    Things that make you say "Hummm....."

    Well, he ran a consulting service to get kids into college. THEY found him - it's a HUGE and lucrative market 😉 I'm sure there were parents he helped legally along the way. But for certain parents, additional $$$ services were offered.....
  5. Hoyaheel

    Things that make you say "Hummm....."

    Also those who didn't plead out were charged with money laundering, so.....
  6. Hoyaheel

    Things that make you say "Hummm....."

    I'm so glad I have you all to ensure I wasn't crazy back then (and every time we've discussed it since!) I don't even recall any scandal about the split - no affairs or anything - just a separation - so yeah, no clue why that all had to be scrubbed. Even for their reputation (and $$ related to that), all they had to say was "we've been married a while, we struggled, we came back together and love each other more than ever" or whatever BS. We always buy that shit 😉
  7. Hoyaheel

    Things that make you say "Hummm....."

    Huffman has new man? https://pagesix.com/2019/04/03/felicity-huffman-arrives-at-court-without-husband-william-h-macy/
  8. Hoyaheel

    What are you reading?

    NOT just streaming!! A Discovery of Witches will air on AMC/BBCAmerica. Starts next week (Apr 7) and I've just added it to the DVR 😉 https://ew.com/theater-reviews/2019/02/10/a-discovery-of-witches-amc-bbc-america/
  9. Hoyaheel

    Nicolas Cage

    Just saw he got married for 4th time. But then apparently, annulled 4 days later because they were too drunk 😉 https://www.boston.com/culture/celebs/2019/03/29/nicolas-cage-files-for-annulment-4-days-after-vegas-wedding
  10. Hoyaheel

    British Royals

    OK, guesses: Date: April 20 Sex: female weight: 7lb 4oz Name: Alexandria Elizabeth [ok, she'll probably have 4 names, right?] On the other hand, I think if anyone goes WAAAAAAY off-Royal-script for names, it will be this couple. Which means it's impossible to guess....
  11. Hoyaheel

    Things that make you say "Hummm....."

    Georgetown is my alma mater & they've released a letter from the school lawyers to alums (as have other schools that I've seen). GU fired the tennis coach in 2017 when they discovered his recruitment techniques went against school rules. They say (?) they didn't think anything was illegal, though. But when approached by the feds a few months back, they cooperated fully. As for the only student in this batch who knowingly participated in the SAT cheating, she's currently a junior at Georgetown and they won't discuss publicly how they'll handle that..... I am sure this is not the only fraud out there around college admissions but this is pretty big (and yes, good for gossip!)
  12. Hoyaheel

    Things that make you say "Hummm....."

    The information is on the DOJ website https://www.justice.gov/usao-ma/investigations-college-admissions-and-testing-bribery-scheme Hm, which I already posted. Sorry for the duplicate 😉
  13. Hoyaheel

    Things that make you say "Hummm....."

    FUll list of defendants & charges in the lawsuit https://www.justice.gov/usao-ma/investigations-college-admissions-and-testing-bribery-scheme
  14. Hoyaheel

    Things that make you say "Hummm....."

    I want some focus on the OTHER 48 people named in the indictment - CEOs have been mentioned, but all we get are names of two female actresses? Bullshit!
  15. Hoyaheel

    Things that make you say "Hummm....."

    Damn, I like both of them - hate to see this!