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  1. Hoyaheel

    2018 Emmy Awards

    Over 5 million chickens have drowned so far. Can't remember how many billions in damages the last estimate I heard was.....Knock wood, not so many deaths. I think the rivers have all crested by now and should be receding, so people will really start going back/in to assess damage (and of course, potentially discover more deaths....) Also, hurricane season goes until Nov 30, so.....
  2. Hoyaheel

    Television 2018-2019

    I agree -they earned the Emmys. Guess I really will have to watch Season 2 as there's no book 😉 But I think Liane Moriarty was somewhat involved with planning/script? Maybe not....
  3. Hoyaheel

    Lin Manuel Miranda's 'Hamilton'

    I opted not to do season tickets in 2016 (we had them 2012-2015, or earlier maybe?) Then they did NOT sell NEW season tickets in 2017 or 2018 because of Hamilton I assume. So I made a poor decision I guess. But on the other hand, I didn't want to see the shows (in those 2+ years, we saw only 2 shows that I wanted to see enough to buy tickets for) so I guess I saved enough money to see Hamilton or Harry Potter in New York 😉 Husband has not given his opinion, though I'm slightly leaning toward Hamilton if only because it's only one night in the theater. Two nights in a row might be a little more than my husband would enjoy. Or tolerate. I can't get him that liquored up before a show because he'll need the bathroom 😉 I thought that was for the gun march/Marjorie Stoneman? Either way, I adored it too!
  4. Hoyaheel

    2018 Emmy Awards

    We're fine - we're a little north of the Triangle, so our worst weather was Sunday/Monday - I think we had about 5" rain total so nothing compared to others. I couldn't drive to work on Monday due to flooded roads (I work in Durham, it was raining blindingly hard at 7am, after I hit the 4th flooded road, I turned around and drove back home and worked from home, just like Thurs & Friday when the campus was closed but nothing happened....Slow moving storm!) We had power flicker a couple times, and I lost internet (satellite) for an hour or so, but otherwise no problems. Glad you're ok! My in-laws primary residence is Oak Island, and of course, they can't get back there now to see the damages. I think the bridge re-opened yesterday, but I don't think there's a route from here to there open yet.... We were on vacation and flying home on Sept 12 (last Wed) so our flight was full of people on standby trying to get back before the storm hit. My in-laws told us the grocery stores near us were sold out, so we stopped at a store on the way home from airport and they had been restocked - had plenty of milk & eggs. But no bread 😉 So no Hurricane French Toast for us. Was able to do the rest of a quick "I've been gone 2 weeks and my fridge is empty" shopping though. Floyd was my first major storm in NC, 1999. And it was a very wet storm, I thought it was the worst thing I'd ever seen. This is worse.
  5. Hoyaheel

    Television 2018-2019

    Did you stream from HBO or find it elsewhere? I was able to watch most of the episodes on Delta last year but still need to finish the last 2 episodes and they aren't free anywhere 😉 I'm cheap, what can I say. I am subscribing to Netflix now (should cancel as I can't watch from home - I downloaded a bunch of things for vacation but once I finish, I think I'll suspend my subscription) I have Amazon Prime too, and I think I can get a cheap/short HBO subscription there so maybe I can do that. But I've read the book, so I know how it ends, mostly 😉
  6. Hoyaheel

    2018 Emmy Awards

    Move to Monday night signalled new ratings low https://tvline.com/2018/09/18/emmys-2018-awards-ratings/
  7. Hoyaheel

    2018 Emmy Awards

    I was very confused too. Esp since I swear I saw an ad (probably as I FF'd) that they were on Sept 24. Oh well. I caught the show but not the E! Red Carpet.Probably for the best. I checked and they were Sept 17 2017, so......
  8. Hoyaheel

    2018 Emmy Awards

    Just started watching NBC carpet (recorded so I have some ff-ability). Plunging bodice - I like. Pink eyeshadow I hate. Sandra Oh's mom - love her dress. Natalie Morales - severe bunny nose, LA Botox oveedone?
  9. Hoyaheel

    Lin Manuel Miranda's 'Hamilton'

    OK, I failed to obtain local Hamilton tickets. boo. (I was randomized to the 3rd time slot, nothing available - had to search each date individually, grr) Anyway, contemplating a trip to NYC later in the fall. I've wanted to see Hamilton since it was off-Broadway (I could have gotten tickets during a trip but husband wrinkled his nose - and of course, the cast recording wasn't available or anything to encourage him....) I also want to see Harry Potter. If we see Harry Potter, it would be $811 total. That's 4 Orchestra tickets plus ticketmaster fees. If we see Hamilton, the cheapest seats (rear mezzanine, verified resale on the ticketmaster site) would be $847 total (fees included). How to choose???
  10. Hoyaheel

    Anna Wintour

    Damn, that's the clip I meant!!! I blame jet lag ;-) How long after a trip can I use that excuse?? I agree- after watching the documentary especially, I have more respect for his catty opinions ;-)
  11. Hoyaheel

    Anna Wintour

    On Delta, actually 😉 And I have had a hard time finding some of the documentaries they've aired (for instance, I wasn't able to finish Everything is Copy, about Nora Ephron, and haven't found it streaming to finish it up 😞 Have you seen the interview clip that has been floating around where ALT gives his Trump fashion critique? I'll see if I can find a link - I saw on Twitter so I can't remember the interview source....
  12. Hoyaheel

    Anna Wintour

    So THAT'S how he got & keeps his job! 'Cause I do not think it's his fashion sense or writing ability.... I hereby revoke/revise my opinion of ALT. I just watched The Gospel According to Andre Leon Talley and it was SO GOOD. OK, I still don't love all of ALT's style, but I really didn't understand his background or fashion knowledge. In the documentary, Wintour even comments that she kept ALT close to her because he had the fashion background/experience that she lacked when she started at Vogue. I highly recommend this movie!!
  13. Hoyaheel

    Election Year 2016

    I have become addicted to Deadline White House on MSNBC - I record it every day and watch while I'm making dinner (though sometimes I listen to it on my commute instead). I really love that she has lots of former US attorneys on who explain the legal detail in ways I can explain. It has been an exhausting week!! They were joking (not the DAs, the others) yesterday about who knows lots of people who've flipped? Criminals, that's who!
  14. Hoyaheel

    Television 2018-2019

    I know it's not "hip" to like Big Bang, but we do. I'm sad it's ending but think it's time. I'm glad they have enough time/warning to figure out a good arc to end the series and hope they do a good job.
  15. Hoyaheel

    Election Year 2016

    The hypocrisy, cognitive dissonance, ignorance - whatever you want to call it - is astounding! I'm still worried the other side lacks balls and decent messaging, so, you know.....November will be interesting.