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  1. fykeylicious

    Big Brother 20

    Agreed. I did also read that Sam is actually not so "down home" as we are being led to believe. I saw a pic of her with long blonde hair and she looked like a beauty queen -- the implication is that production is playing up the country bumpkin a la Donnie from season whatever. I hope that's not true. If it is, though, that might explain why production chose to have Winston play the sad lonely puppy -- they want everyone to fill a box, I guess. He's the hot, lonely guy.
  2. fykeylicious

    Big Brother 20

    Thoughts so far? Let's see....my favorite so far is Sam (welder chick). The robot punishment is really good but I feel bad for her. I like Kaycee too -- her punishment doesn't seem too bad. I also like Bayleigh, the stewardess, so far. Winston and Faysal are nice to look at, but I don't have much of an opinion on their personalities as of yet. Angie ("Rockstar" -- ugh, do we really have to call her that?) is way too extra. Those glasses! Girl, no. If she goes I won't miss her. Brett (cyber security) is a tool and he can go. It's hysterical that the cop thinks no one will peg him for being a cop. Dude, not too sure a mechanic would roll into the house wearing a blazer. You look like a cop. If he goes, I won't miss him. Scottie (nerd guy) seems sweet and I hope he does well. I didn't think I'd like Swaggy or JC but so far they have pleasantly surprised me. However, Swaggy's game play is leaving much to be desired....don't tell people they're safe if they're not. Not a big fan of Angela (the Olympian chick), Haleigh (the farmer chick), or Kaitlyn (the crystal/aura chick). But maybe as time passes that will change. Rachel (Vegas showgirl) and Tyler (surfer HOH) are annoying me less than I expected. I think I'll end up liking them more than I initially thought. If Tyler had a better haircut he might even get close to being hot. Ok, that's it for now...
  3. fykeylicious

    Big Brother 20

    It's that time of year again -- who's watching?!? Checked out Julie's tour of the house and it seems like they've added some neat innovations. Apparently this season is 99 days?? Which means the show should end in early October?? Crazy!