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  1. fykeylicious

    2019 MTV Video Music Awards

    Ok so I just did some googling and maybe this is Alison Brie? She seems to fit.
  2. fykeylicious

    2019 MTV Video Music Awards

    VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS: This A- list actress has a new show on air but only if you have a certain cable provider. She was looking at red carpet fashion reviews during the show and saw the comments she was getting and started crying. This is from Enty, I think -- no one is coming to mind for me. Anyone got anything? Can't think of any actresses that fit this who attended the VMAs.
  3. fykeylicious

    2019 MTV Video Music Awards

    I watched like 20 minutes of the preshow and honestly it was not one of the better decisions I've ever made. 😬😂 Will try to catch Missy's performance on YouTube later, but I think she's the only person I cared about.
  4. fykeylicious

    British Royals

    great piece - thanks for sharing
  5. fykeylicious

    Online Streaming Services

    yeah - this is apple and their new show with Reese Witherspoon, Jen Aniston, and Steve Carell - the Morning News, I think it's called? Anyway, it's blocking reboots of Friends (which is never gonna happen, sorry people) and The Office (which I also don't see happening).
  6. fykeylicious

    British Royals

    I call bullshit cause he likes him way younger than she would have been 😬
  7. fykeylicious

    Plastic Surgery

    yeah something is really off with her - I've just been browsing some photos of her from about a decade ago and I can't put my finger on it. I wish they would just tell us what they had done! It's obvious it's SOMETHING -- even if just some fillers -- but it's driving me nuts to know something is off and not be able to figure it out 😂
  8. fykeylicious

    Ken Cuccinelli

    what a time to be alive
  9. fykeylicious

    Official 2019 Divorce Poll

    Well shit. Miley and Liam beat the Biebs. Still got a few months left for me to pull out a win 😬
  10. fykeylicious

    Things that make you say "Hummm....."

    Not putting this in the RIP thread, cause he was a human turd, but Jeffrey Epstein apparently took his life this morning. Definitely convenient for those he'd implicate.
  11. fykeylicious

    British Royals

    Speaking of which - Epstein was just found dead, by suicide. How convenient.
  12. fykeylicious

    British Royals

    Epstein files being released....looks like someone's having a bad weekend https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/aug/09/prince-andrew-court-documents-ghislaine-maxwell-jeffrey-epstein?utm_term=Autofeed&CMP=twt_gu&utm_medium=&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1565387218
  13. fykeylicious

    British Royals

    From this week’s popbitch mailing: >>Avocadon't << Claws are out for Meghan If you think the British press have been desperate to find any possible angle to attack Meghan Markle, it's really no better in the States. US gossip site BlindGossip published a very thinly veiled item last week suggesting that the Duchess of Sussex had thrown an almighty diva tantrum because she had wanted a very rare and hard-to-procure delicacy known as "an avocado" – and apparently got mad when no-one on her staff was prepared to fly one over from America for her. British readers took to the comments below the article to point out that avocados are readily available in the UK and Meghan would have had precisely zero problem in sourcing one here. What happened to all those comments? You'd have to ask the moderators at BlindGossip to know for sure, but it looks as though they've been deleted. The ones saying she'll be the death of the Royal Family are still up though.
  14. fykeylicious

    British Royals

    Here's another, admittedly from Fakey, but starring Lainey! ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/02 The gossip blogger who has helped the alliterate former royal for years with glowing articles has been getting the cold shoulder as of late. I'm thinking now that she is not in a position to do anything useful, she has served her purpose. Lainey Gossip
  15. fykeylicious

    Top Gun sequel

    Watching that scene when I was younger always grossed me the hell out.....and it still does. ICK