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  1. fykeylicious

    Big Brother 20

    It sounds like JC is getting into Tyler's head re: Angela. Apparently JC has him thinking that Angela was just playing him and has no interest in him outside of the game, etc. It also sounds like post-eviction interviewers were getting into Angela's head re: Tyler, so I'm hoping once the two of them see each other again all that nonsense will be forgotten. I really like them as a couple, especially because they were so mature about their feelings and didn't just make out 24/7 Speaking of, did you see Jess and Cody are expecting a baby? I'm surprised since they are getting married next month and Jess seemed the type to want to look "perfect" on her day....but I must say she has surprised me since leaving the house. I never expected her to move to Texas to be with Cody - I expected that she would stay in LA and break up with him if he didn't join her. But the two of them seem really happy together, so fingers crossed for those two crazy kids ALSO, I spent the majority of the day excited for tonight's finale ...... until I realized that today is not, in fact, Wednesday. GRRRRRRR 😡
  2. fykeylicious

    Big Brother 20

    Ok, so who do you think the final 2 will be? And who will win? If Kaycee wins the final HOH, she'll take Tyler to the final 2. And I think she has a great chance of winning. If Tyler wins the final HOH, he will most likely take Kaycee to the final 2 -- and I think he might lose to her. However, based on what I've just read, it seems like he is considering taking JC. I think that's his best bet, but the lack of loyalty could screw him over too. And of course JC has no chance of winning the final HOH, so I won't even bother 😂 Right now, I'll say Kaycee is more likely to win with this jury, even if Tyler deserves it more.
  3. fykeylicious

    2018 Emmy Awards

    Branchop, so glad to hear you are okay. I have been watching The Weather Channel daily and cannot fathom the images I am seeing. These are frightening times.
  4. fykeylicious

    2018 Emmy Awards

    Speaking of fire and flood, aren't you in NC, Hoya? You doing okay? Anyone else hit by Florence? You all doing ok?
  5. fykeylicious

    2018 Emmy Awards

    Not surprised -- didn't seem like anyone even knew they were happening. I feel like usually they are given a lot more fanfare leading up to the awards. Not to mention that a good portion of the nation is battling either fire or flood....not many have the time or the inclination right now.
  6. fykeylicious

    2018 Emmy Awards

    Question: WHY were the Emmys on last night??? Aren't they always on in the early part of the year, during award seasons? Like February or March? Or am I just being dumb? (Always a possibility!)
  7. fykeylicious

    Anna Wintour

    wow I don't know why, but I'm surprised to hear this. Not even a sliver??? Damn.
  8. fykeylicious

    Anna Wintour

    No, I have not! I did see the clip where he's critiquing Manafort's jackets 😂 I could listen to ALT discuss fashion for HOURS, even though I'm not really into fashion like that.
  9. fykeylicious

    Anna Wintour

    Hoy, where did you see it? Netflix? I enjoy him so I will definitely check this out!
  10. fykeylicious

    Big Brother 20

    Last night was a real nail biter! Sad to see Brett go -- I really, really liked him. At the beginning of the summer I thought he'd be a douche, but I'm surprised by how much I came to enjoy him. Poor JC looked gutted. And Julie signing off as Julie Chen Moonves ..... ok then!
  11. fykeylicious

    Big Brother 20

    Worried about how Moonves' ouster will affect the show. As of now, no renewal announcement has been made. Hoping that it is renewed and that Julie Chen isn't kicked to the curb. (Although if she is, I'll deal with it, so long as my beloved BB stays!) Happy for Victor and Nicole, too. He seems like a genuinely good guy.
  12. fykeylicious

    GPS Trackers

    Ok what about this -- What about an app like Map My Run or the Nike app? Those are fitness apps and as such don't have "tracking" in the title. I don't use them though so I don't know if they automatically track (it's possible you can toggle that in the settings) or if you have to manually go in and start a workout before it'll track. I also found an app called Eveople -- that's an app that allows you to share your location. It's supposed to be so that your friends can locate you and hang out but seems like it could work.
  13. fykeylicious

    GPS Trackers

    Ah, I didn't think of the charging aspect. Sorry, Princess
  14. fykeylicious

    GPS Trackers

    Hmm.....I found this: https://smile.amazon.com/Tracker-Portable-tracking-Wireless-Children/dp/B07BHRNSBK/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1535486602&sr=8-8&keywords=gps+tracker+spy It's not highly rated (but for other products I've found that people often leave negative reviews and aren't using the product properly) but it's small. Theoretically you could slip this in his wallet, assuming he always carries it with him. I just found this on amazon but I bet tech places might have something equally small/similar. Not sure of other, unobtrusive phone apps but I'll keep my eyes peeled.
  15. fykeylicious

    Election Year 2016

    That's because that flat-footed, festering sore only likes those who weren't captured -- don't forget. I have no idea how we ended up here, but here we are. (And by here, I mean....this reality.) Love Maddow too, by the way ❤️