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  1. fykeylicious

    Big Brother 20

    I know! Meanwhile after every eviction, Fessy just puts his head in his hands. Speaking of that big, lovable oaf, here he is accidentally breaking the sink: 😂
  2. fykeylicious

    Celeb Death Watch

    Aretha Franklin passed
  3. fykeylicious

    British Royals

    Agreed. I am SO sick of that fucking man. And the twat half-sister. They are only embarrassing themselves, because I (and most everyone else) don't believe a word that comes out of their mouths. I couldn't imagine doing that to my own daughter. Shameless.
  4. fykeylicious

    Visitation Dream?

    Thank you for sharing, Lori. I believe it was your father, too -- I'm glad you were able to receive some comfort. Hugs ❤️
  5. fykeylicious

    Visitation Dream?

    Ok this is an odd topic for fanchitchat, but here goes. A few weeks ago, I lost my grandfather. He was in his 90s and quite ill, so his death was not unexpected, and I was able to say goodbye. However, he has always been more of a father to me than a grandfather (I danced with him at my wedding) and his death is hitting me hard. That being said, I think I had a visitation dream this morning. It was very different from a dream -- this felt like a visit. My best friend lost her husband suddenly two years ago and she has experienced this as well. She says she will dream of him, but then she has dreams that are visits, and the two are very different. SOOO. Part of me wants to think what I experienced this morning was a visit and the Scully part of me says it's just wishful thinking. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Curious to hear what other chitchatters have experienced. Thanks
  6. fykeylicious

    Big Brother 20

    Ok, so here's some gossip: Bayleigh might be pregnant. She and Swaggy had unprotected sex 7 times while in the house. Now, her period is late and her boobs are bigger. All this she told to Haleigh while sitting outside the other day. Now, stress could be causing the period to be delayed, so hopefully she's okay. She has yet to take a test, so we will see. AND apparently there was a house meeting yesterday that resulted in a huge blowup between Bayleigh and Tyler. I can link you to clips if you want. Apparently (and I don't think you could really see this in the feed clips I saw), Bayleigh was screaming so bad that she bit through part of her lip and was bleeding so bad she needed medical attention. She's fine now, though. THIS SEASON!
  7. fykeylicious

    George Clooney

    Not even bothering to post this in the BI forum; it's clearly about Clooney and apparently there was a second scooter that dodged the accident: There would have been a ton of questions about why this A+ list mostly movie actor was out with this 15 year old boy. Luckily the boy had a quicker reaction time. It also wouldn't shock me if we find out someone involved was the parent of the 15 year old. Lots of questions that will never be answered unless someone in the mess, decides to speak.
  8. fykeylicious

    Big Brother 20

    I know I've said it before, but this season is great!! I was afraid the drama would be over when Kaitlyn left, but nope. Every week is a blindside. LOVE IT!
  9. fykeylicious

    What are you reading?

    I just read Baby Teeth -- it's just out and making a big splash right now. It's being billed as a cross between We Need to Talk About Kevin + Gone Girl + The Omen. I feel like they threw Gone Girl in there to attract readers cause that one is a bit of a stretch but man this was some crazy shit.
  10. fykeylicious

    Big Brother 20

    Yeah she definitely psyched herself out -- the irony! Word on the street is that production was NOT prepared for Kaitlyn to lose that puzzle. They fully expected her to complete the puzzle and return to the house -- that's why when she came out the front door there wasn't even a chair there for her to sit, and julie just told her to "wait right there." Apparently the live audience was instructed that they would not be seeing an eviction that night, so it was a shock across the board. I'm bummed that she's gone - she made for good drama. This season is great so far - they haven't paired off into showmances, spending the day in bed making out, everyone is playing and scheming, and no vets or stupid twists. I'm very pleased with this season so far!
  11. fykeylicious

    Big Brother 20

    What are your thoughts on the new season so far? Interesting that Sam got a home segment this early in the season. They are really leaning into her being a fan favorite, although I still think it's too early for that. Re: last night's eviction, I'm not sure it was the smartest move on their part keeping Brett since he's clearly more of a threat than time-bomb Winston, who can barely conceal his rage from hour to hour. But, hey, easy for me to play Monday morning quarterback, I guess. Other than that: Kaitlyn is a nut but she's the gift that keeps on giving in terms of entertainment. I'm hoping no one gets rid of her for a long time. Although apparently her boyfriend isn't too happy about her on the feeds snuggled up to every dude in the house...
  12. fykeylicious


    WOW I thought I had it bad -- a few years ago I damaged my knee nudging a small table back into place with my leg. But that's nothing compared to you! Hope those ankles get back to normal super fast!
  13. fykeylicious


    yeah I'm going to need more info about this, please
  14. fykeylicious


    Good luck, Princess! Keep us updated -- hopefully it will heal quickly and easily.
  15. fykeylicious

    Big Brother 20

    Agreed. I did also read that Sam is actually not so "down home" as we are being led to believe. I saw a pic of her with long blonde hair and she looked like a beauty queen -- the implication is that production is playing up the country bumpkin a la Donnie from season whatever. I hope that's not true. If it is, though, that might explain why production chose to have Winston play the sad lonely puppy -- they want everyone to fill a box, I guess. He's the hot, lonely guy.