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  1. fykeylicious


    Jesus Christ Carole go feed a tiger and STFU
  2. fykeylicious

    The Kardashians

    I believe she used surrogates for the last two children. Also, I shared this article in the BI forum and might as well share here too. Sounds like divorce is imminent.
  3. fykeylicious


    My district hasn't decided yet. They're still in the process of mulling it over, sending out surveys to parents, etc. We're in the suburbs of Philly so right now things are good (or as good as can be, anyway) in this area -- but it's only a matter of time before, in my opinion, cases rise again. I'm not sure what I will want to do with my kids (who will be in first and third grade in September) if we are given the option. I'm so, so conflicted. (Then again, without concrete options, it's hard to anticipate what I would do, so we're all in limbo right now.) Add to this -- two local elementary schools in my children's district (not their elementary school, though) advertised for an assistant librarian position. I applied. It's like my dream job. I am a former high school English teacher, and I'd never go back to the classroom, as there is no way I could handle the workload and take care of things at home. But this? An assistant librarian job? OMG. So I applied and have an interview via Zoom next week, but now I'm feeling a lot of anxiety about it all. My husband is like slow down Nellie, you haven't been offered anything yet. And he's right! But I can't help but worry anyway how it will all pan out. I'm hoping we go 100% virtual and then it's all out of my hands....but I know a solution like that has its own problems, too. So many worries! Edit to add: If I had to listen to my spidey senses, I think schools in my area will open but will shut down in October. We'll see how accurate of a prediction that is.
  4. fykeylicious

    Jada Pinkett-Smith & Will Smith

    Why can't they just admit to having an open marriage??? I mean, it's 2020 and with everything going on it would be hardly a blip on everyone's radar. People would think about it for 0.005 seconds before moving on to the next disaster. Also -- it's 2020. Is it really a big deal? Instead everyone is now talking "entanglement" and shit -- way more hassle than if they just said, yeah we have an open marriage so everyone can stfu and deal with it.
  5. fykeylicious


    I should add this same mentality is going to come into play with climate change. Covid is merely the appetizer, and, like Covid, climate change is going to require action from EACH AND EVERY SINGLE PERSON, everywhere. It's one thing to think, "well the government should ban x" or "corporations should start doing y" but guess what? It's going to take dedication and purposeful CHANGE from every single one of us if we're going to do what needs to be done. That's an uncomfortable, even frightening, thought. But if we can't even get our shit together to wear a friggin mask when leaving the house..... then God help us with climate change. (And I'm pretty sure God wants us to figure this one out ourselves, anyway.) Ok rants over
  6. fykeylicious


    Covid is highlighting the weak, selfish nature of most Americans. Waah I don't want to be inconvenienced! It's MY right to do what I want, where I want! What about MAH FREEDOM! For a supposedly "Christian" country, the idea of "do unto others" has certainly been flushed down the toilet. Unfortunately Americans as a whole -- and this is a controversial opinion here, but whatever, I got tons of 'em -- have been gaslit by the notion of American exceptionalism.*** That is, we have been taught from childhood that we live in the greatest country on earth. That what happens in other places cannot happen here. That we are better than others, cause we're the United States of America, dammit. And thus we are blinded to our own faults and the very simple fact that this country is, like every other nation on earth, truly only a hair's breadth away from collapse. That the very systems we believe set us apart are not, in fact, infallible. Unless people wake up and realize that each and every single person has to work for the good of all, then we are doomed as a nation. It's not always about what you want. It's about what others need. Or do we really not give a shit about others? Is America really only ME ME ME? ***We've been gaslit by other false notions as well, most notably that the Cold War ended in 1991, but that's a tale for another day ... ?
  7. fykeylicious


    don't mind me, I messed up
  8. fykeylicious

    The Celeb Price of Fame

    Love Cameo - got one for my best friend after she was hospitalized for several weeks due to a bad injury. I find the psychology of Cameo quite interesting. Who is on there? Has-beens? Mostly, but more and more "current," working people are joining. And, even better: what price do they set for themselves?? Brilliant.
  9. fykeylicious

    Election Year 2016

    The people I know who support him still support him. How, I have no idea. What I do know is that, if he loses in November, there's no way he will leave. He will say the election was rigged and declare martial law -- he knows if he leaves, he'll be indicted, and if he's indicted, he will go to prison. And when that happens? The protests we are seeing now will look like child's play. I fear for this country.
  10. fykeylicious

    British Royals

    Maybe the theatrical couple is David Foster and Katherine McFee or whatever? I believe she just said that David is "like a father" to Harry, which I'm sure ruffled some feathers.
  11. fykeylicious

    British Royals

    nice work there
  12. fykeylicious

    Celeb Death Watch

    The great Jerry Stiller has died. Ben announced his father's death via Twitter about an hour ago -- natural causes. A legend.
  13. fykeylicious


    I must admit I am well adapted to quarantine life. My husband, on the other hand, is a very social extrovert and has found the lack of socialization difficult. (He is considered essential, though, so once he fully kicked the 'rona, it was back to work for him, which was the best thing for him, I think.) As for me, I'm reading a lot more, listening to a lot of music. Trying to limit my online spending, haha.
  14. fykeylicious


    you don't want none of us anyway....we're a shitshow over here ???.....I kid, I kid* *not kidding
  15. fykeylicious


    Roger that, dixie. How are you? How's everyone?