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  1. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    According to the BBC they can’t actually “take away” the HRH bit, but the agreement is he will no longer use it - which is the same with Harry. I wonder if there’s still scope for others to refer to it anyway? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/explainers-59993936 There’s no good outcome for him, and I assume he’s now guaranteed that his daughters won’t get to keep the ‘royal’ treatment he wanted for them if/when Charles’s slimline monarchy comes to pass.
  2. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    Bet he’s not sweating now. Guessing some of the money he got from selling the Swiss ski chalet this month (which he was also getting sued over) will be offered up as a settlement. Such a shame. /s Prince Andrew loses military roles and use of HRH title; Queen also strips royal patronages from duke, who will fight US sexual assault lawsuit as private citizen https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/jan/13/veterans-ask-queen-to-strip-prince-andrew-of-honorary-military-titles
  3. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    Not sure what happened re the first birth certificate but in England, only the mother or father can request a change to a birth certificate. https://www.gov.uk/correct-birth-registration/who-can-apply
  4. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    An “exclusive” about William just for you guys. 😂 He and Kate have been in Scotland this week, a fair bit of that time in Edinburgh. One of our football teams made the Scottish cup final last week. Someone I vaguely know had booked (required under covid rules) an area in a bar to watch the final on tv. It got cancelled last minute, pissing them off...news stories subsequently popped up about William watching the final at that bar. My story is not first hand but...Getting their plans cancelled after everything that’s happened is not really the way to win over the locals, William! 😂
  5. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    I liked the first film and I’ve read the source novel, but my favourite thing is the Universal Studios water ride.
  6. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    I enjoyed the Jurassic Park recap, haven’t watched that in years.
  7. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    You’re a better person than me. 😂 I have absolutely no doubt that being a royal is crap at times with unwarranted press intrusion, but it also comes with a massive amount of privilege that they continue to benefit from, yet don’t appear to recognise.
  8. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    I also wanted to post this, regarding the BBC's interview with Princess Diana in the 1990s: Princess Diana interview: What did Martin Bashir and the BBC do? - BBC News Essentially the interviewer falsified documents etc and Diana might never have done the interview if he hadn't. William and Harry have both issued statements, I thought it was interesting that William referred to "my" mother while Harry went with "our" mother, suggesting he is still at least trying to produce a united front. Prince William condemns BBC ‘deceit’ over Diana interview | BBC | The Guardian
  9. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    Harry’s gone nuclear with public criticism of the Queen and Prince Charles in this Apple TV series, if what I’ve read is true (I’m not invested enough to listen). Whether all of his criticism is accurate or not (and I imagine some of it is), you’re not going to convince me now that Harry wants a quiet life not linked to the royal family. he’s clearly more than happy to take the publicity (and money? Not sure if any had changed hands for this) by talking about them. In short I am happy to believe they are all as bad as each other. 😂
  10. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    I can tell Beatrice and Eugenie apart but that’s it. 😆
  11. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    The Daily Mail indeed claimed this was Beatrice getting revenge for H&M announcing their pregnancy at her sister’s wedding. I left that bit out cos I was trying to be nice although I was not nice enough to bother reminding myself of Beatrices husbands name so I could include him.
  12. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    Beatrice has announced she’s pregnant with her first child.
  13. Wordsworth


    I get my first dose of vaccine next week! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
  14. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    Like it happened because she tripped and fell on top of him with unerring accuracy?
  15. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    I feel like that’s not the first secret love child claim ever made to be honest. 😂 I love that “the likeness speaks for itself though”, no need for pesky stuff like DNA testing.