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  1. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    Thanks all. The Rose affair story picked up little bit of speed in the UK papers after I’d read about it on NA sites, but it has definitely not been overtly and widely covered - it’s oblique references if anything (like that DM story about church - they know exactly why they’re pointing out Rose was there but not really saying it). Which is weird given that it’s been a long, long time since U.K. papers refrained from big negative stories about the royals (I think probably Edwards abdication was a turning point there). so I understand why there might be a hmmmm around why the press are going after one couple and not the other. But this is also the first I’d heard about Meghan possibly being behind the leak, and that could be innocent but could also well be not (surely tipping off the tabs or paps is from the minor Hollywood celeb playbook?). again I’m back in the middle ground that neither side is squeaky clean. I’m starting to feel sorry for Kate - husbands affair exposed, birthday ruined...and she is one party in all this I believe would not want to put a foot wrong!
  2. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    Oh that reminds me of something I saw today on Twitter - which was the suggestion that there’s a widespread story in the US that Harry and William fell out not over Meghan but over William having an affair. Is this really a big story that the UK press aren’t reporting? I’d heard the Rose rumour, originally on NA sites as it hasn’t been big news here (which could fit with the idea the press are being fed stuff about M&H in return for protecting the Cambridges) - but the idea the brothers fell out over this was news to me.
  3. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    Good day to be Zara and have this pass without notice. Already having 9 points before this offence suggests she is indeed a speed demon! I am generally also there with you and - absent the creepy sex trafficking stuff obviously - I actually think this is very similar to the space where Andrew wants to sit, except he is there with successful businesspeople rather than Hollywood celebrities. there are racism issues in Britain that M has brought to the fore, and it’s awful to see and I do feel for her on that front. The pressure must be immense. That doesn’t mean she is not trying to use it to her advantage, for her own ends. equally the tabloids did go after Kate a lot in her early years with William because we also have class issues, yay! Her family were seen as social climbers, now they’re saints. i think my advice would be - just don’t marry royal. 🤣 I believe the main argument goes that the money from the crown state is intended to be used for the administration of the country as a whole (so the plebs don’t get upset about the fact one family basically owns the island by virtue of being borne, you know? ). Anything that is then given “back” to the Queen could technically otherwise have been used by the government to fund other public services like the NHS, education, police etc instead - so by giving an amount to the Queen it then requires the taxpayers to make up the gap in funding for those services (through higher taxation than would theoretically otherwise be required). I don’t think it’s direct taxpayer funding as such, it’s almost more an opportunity cost? the reality is way more complicated obviously - you can argue the royal family results in the country collecting more money by way of tourism than it otherwise would. But then the counter to that is how much does the family itself actually add, if people would still come to see the palaces even without active royals? Edinburgh castle hasn’t been used in centuries but is still a major visitor attraction, for example. so the taxpayers money argument is potentially because a lot of people would like to pay less tax but still maintain or improve public services, and this is a clearly visible outflow of money that doesn’t necessarily create value for those people, so it’s an easy target. Reality is again that the civil service as a whole is hugely inefficient (in my experience, as I work a lot with a government department) and likely ‘wastes’ far more money than the Queen gets. or it’s just that we like a moan when it’s cold and raining, which is most of the time this is long, and just my take on it - I grumble but reality is I don’t care that much day to day 🤣
  4. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    Hadn’t realised that they chose to announce this news the night before Kate’s birthday. Seems a bit petty!
  5. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    I also saw reference to trust funds like you mentioned before, apparently both Diana and the Queen Mother may have paid into trusts for Harry. I presume it can only be that statement was written by them and not sense checked by anyone else, because no one else knew! This overriding theme of “we can do it all on our own” is perhaps not the best idea, but it is what it is now.
  6. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    Haha! I think, with the benefit of hindsight, the Windsors are not so sad to have gotten rid of the Nazi-adjacent Edward (whatever number) v quickly! I was reading that they’ve published something on their website about what they mean by “financially independent” and it appears it may basically be “we’ll not take a grant from the Queen and will mostly live on the money we get from Harry’s dad’s private income from the duchy” - which Charles really only gets by virtue of being royal! They’ll also get security paid for and use a royal residence when living here. I’m strongly reminded of Kylie Jenner being declared “self made” tbh. But I’m mostly just amazed by the emotive language being used to describe the palace’s feelings: “The BBC understands no other royal - including the Queen or Prince William - was consulted before the statement and Buckingham Palace is "disappointed". Senior royals are understood to be "hurt" by the announcement.”
  7. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    Well, the Queen wanted a distraction from Andrew....if this was a UK tv soap opera she’d pop her clogs now and there’d be a family fight at the funeral ending with Meghan or Kate getting pushed in the grave!
  8. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    Ooft. Doesn’t look like the rest of the royals knew much about this statement going out, according to the new chat. A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman said discussions with the couple on their decision to step back from the royal family were “at an early stage”, adding: “We understand their desire to take a different approach, but these are complicated issues that will take time to work through.” This is not a great look. “https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jan/08/prince-harry-and-meghan-say-they-are-stepping-back-from-royal-family”
  9. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    “Not you, Andrew. Sit down.”
  10. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    Exactly - I couldn't decide if they meant “we will be financially independent from now on by working” or “we’ll need funding from you for a bit until we are able to find work and fund ourselves”. I imagine their bills will be hefty - surely security costs alone will be enormous!
  11. Wordsworth

    Michelle Williams

    I remember being surprised when she married the previous guy because I thought she was engaged to someone else, so that fits!
  12. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    How fortunate to be in a position to have the time to “work to become financially independent” when you decide you don’t like your current role in life! That part strikes me as tone deaf, to be honest. I’m not a royalist so don’t care much beyond my usual grumps about use of taxpayers money, but I suspect Harry may have just pissed off a lot of people!
  13. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    To be fair, unlike most parents she’s probably the one still paying for the party. Hope she can get the deposit for the trampoline centre back!
  14. Wordsworth

    Official 2019 Divorce Poll

    For some reason I can’t imagine Biel will ever leave him.
  15. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    There’s been a sense Fergie’s been getting lined up to take the fall by certain members of the press over the last few days; I wouldn’t go out of my way for him. i also doubt that him stepping back will leave a gaping void, but Charles might be pleased given he wants to trim the monarchy when he’s king - this is his chance to show losing minor members doesn’t have an impact.