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  1. Wordsworth

    Anna Wintour

    I have never related more to Anna. 😂
  2. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    My favourite photo from the coronation. Scotland unsure what the fuss is about.
  3. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    If you ask me it was never the face, it was the hair (or lack thereof). I wonder if I’ll get arrested for treason now.
  4. Wordsworth

    Official 2020 Divorce Poll

    Reese Witherspoon just announced her divorce. https://people.com/movies/reese-witherspoon-husband-jim-toth-announce-divorce/
  5. Wordsworth

    Official 2020 Divorce Poll

    And he’s done his usual “leave it vague enough so that when someone who fits does get divorced, I can reveal it as them” 😂
  6. Wordsworth

    Official 2020 Divorce Poll

    I think I missed that “superhero movies” implies for than 1, in which case not Cate.
  7. Wordsworth

    Official 2020 Divorce Poll

    I forgot Cate Blanchett! She did a Marvel film.
  8. Wordsworth

    Official 2020 Divorce Poll

    We can add Emma Stone (Spider-Man) Natalie Portman (Thor) to the possibilities.
  9. Wordsworth

    Harvey Weinstein

    Jane Doe has revealed her identity. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/general-news/harvey-weinstein-jane-doe-victim-reveals-identity-1235333076/
  10. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    My employer has just announced we’re getting an extra day of annual leave for the King’s Coronation. Even though it’s on a Saturday! Between that and the extra two days we got last year (jubilee then funeral), this is the most the royal family have ever done for me. 😂
  11. Wordsworth

    Met Gala 2023

    I’m so interested to see what happens on this year’s red carpet after last year’s was ripped apart for being so so dull.
  12. Wordsworth

    Presley dynasty

    I was reading a gossip item earlier that suggested she was struggling at the golden globes, how sad.
  13. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    Sorry for the double post but this gives me the ick - I get that this is what the writer took from the book, but it seems wrong if Harry has picked on the women who married into the institution, not the men born into it. Seems to jive with what I’ve read about Harry being against his place in the monarchy, rather than the monarchy itself. The main villain is Camilla, who, in Harry’s telling, becomes the leaker-in-chief in order to protect herself. He rarely mentions Camilla without also mentioning how she usurped his mother. The runner-up villain is Kate. But on this topic, Harry’ resentment gets the better of him. In the way he describes interactions with his sister-in-law, he clearly wants the reader to choose Meghan over Kate. Informality over formality. The spare’s wife over the heir’s. It’s the same as the idea that everything is Meghan’s doing, it’s clearly not the case but it protects the monarchy.
  14. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    I’ve experienced this at fancy functions in the U.K., I hate it. Thankfully I don’t go to many that fancy 😂
  15. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    I don’t think that is right based on googling just now, sources including the Daily Mail suggest the party was 2005 and Kate and William’s break (or at least the known one) was 2007. https://people.com/celebrity/prince-william-kate-middleton-split-up/ That said, it doesn’t seem like everything was roses in 2005 https://www.marieclaire.com/celebrity/a25661497/prince-william-said-no-when-asked-about-marrying-kate-middleton-in-2005/. That’s the thing that’s been really interesting to me on this book stuff from a pure gossip perspective - and it’s something I knew from my love of blind items, but has been even more obvious here because of the profile of the source - is how easy false narratives can be uncritically accepted on the internet. I’ve seen people insistent Harry says William went to the same party as a “native” in blackface, when I understand he actually says he went in a leotard, as a lion.