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  1. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    Savannah is Peter’s, Mia is Zara’s, so they’re cousins I guess. I don’t have a strong opinion at all beyond thinking Mike Tindall is a rugby player through and through, which is probably a bit of an asset to the Royals in terms of making them seem more down to Earth.
  2. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    I love the internet.
  3. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    Despite being British and it dominating our tv screens for 3 days, I didn’t actually watch any of it (had work and a wedding plus the French open to watch!) - but I did read somewhere that Rod sang the queen’s favourite song, so perhaps that’s by Neil Diamond 😂
  4. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    There’s a video of Charles bouncing him on his knee along with the music somewhere as well. I’m not usually into the “second son is a mischievous scamp compared to the heir” narrative that the British press usually force on royal kids, but George does always seem serious and even a little nervous compared to his sibs.
  5. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    A clip of part of the meeting between a British icon and the Queen.
  6. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    The Queen is not refusing to go to things because of Netflix. Duty has been her life. She’s not going to things - her favourite pastimes like horse races - because she’s in her 90s and clearly increasingly frail. Andrew is totally faking though. 😂
  7. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    If Harry’s granny loves him as much as it appears she does, he could always just ask her for a family snap and whip out his iPhone, right?
  8. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    Ah, he must have limited his account when the tweet took off, as they were public at first.
  9. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    The Queen is over tonight’s celebration 😂
  10. Wordsworth

    Met Gala 2022

    I was disappointed in a lot of the looks this year. Not sure if it’s a coincidence i liked SJP and Blake Lively, as from what I saw they were at least being able to explain their link to the theme. Emma Stones was blah, I was reading today it was the dress from her wedding reception but that didn’t improve it in my eyes!
  11. Wordsworth

    Official 2020 Divorce Poll

    Can we now start a rumour that the process server is a disgruntled Harry styles fan? I think I’d like that. 😂
  12. Wordsworth

    Official 2020 Divorce Poll

    I saw it last night online but (U.K. time) at that point the suggestion was it was an unsolicited script. So I was v confused earlier 😂 Based on this it looks like Olivia handled it well but if Jason did know, presumably pettiness must have outweighed any other consideration because yikes. https://www.buzzfeed.com/emilymaeczachor/olivia-wilde-served-custody-papers-on-stage-jason-sudeikis
  13. Wordsworth

    Official 2020 Divorce Poll

    I saw that on Twitter and skedaddaled straight over here to see if it was posted. I see someone has already submitted to deuxmoi on insta claiming it was a set up by Olivia to generate publicity for her film, but it read like it might have been submitted by a disgruntled Harry styles fan. I didn’t understand it until I saw the Twitter context.
  14. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    Almost 96, lost her husband a year ago and just had COVID. Fair play on leaving the house at all.
  15. Wordsworth

    Victoria Beckham

    I didn’t love the bride’s platform shoes. I know that’s the trend and they’re designer but they looked out of place with the style of her dress IMO.