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  1. Wordsworth

    Baby Boom

    Such awful news. I think it’s incredibly brave of them to share it while it must still be so raw.
  2. Wordsworth

    Baby Boom

    Now confirmed
  3. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    We have schools and universities back open here and apparently closing bars earlier is going to help them remain open...there have predictably been outbreaks at a number of unis already due to inadequate social distancing. I think again the uni halls of residence are more of a problem than restaurants at least, although late night in pubs I can see where there’d be an issue.
  4. Wordsworth


    There’s something quite similar going round in the UK right now, after the kids went back to school and germs are circulating. I’ve had it and my cough was short and for the exact reason you suspect, so fingers crossed!
  5. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    We aren’t locking them down fully again (not yet) but we are closing them at 10pm, because the virus only attacks after then...! A lot have said they’ll just open earlier to compensate. And this is the trouble with much of the current approach to covid, stuff may be technically within the rules and being encouraged by some parts of government, but regardless it looks terrible on the front page. It also shows the hypocrisy in approach versus H&M, when the latter are getting nonsense bad press for being “too political” right now. But we don’t forget, as seen in this random jogger’s cry:
  6. Wordsworth

    Baby Boom

    This daily mail story about Rose Leslie and Kit Harrington also has a whiff of “bump watch” to it...at least the people in the comments think so! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8772539/Kit-Harington-wife-Rose-Leslie-make-rare-public-appearance.html
  7. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    Eugenie is pregnant: https://mobile.twitter.com/RoyalFamily/status/1309406638634340352?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet and we are having to top up the Queen’s coffers thanks to COVID, which seems.... https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/queen-bailout-coronavirus-sovereign-grant-royal-family-b572508.html
  8. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    I now see that the Daily Mail have also linked the Frogmore repayment to Netflix money in their headline, so I’d like to confirm that I am not an official source, just bad at jokes.
  9. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    I am aware that I am influenced in my views by a lifetime of watching the British class and education systems hand out undeserved advantages to the “old boy” network. This seems just like another of those to me. But at least it looks like Harry got the first Netflix instalment payment through https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-54062799
  10. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    I think it does matter, though, when it perpetuates the idea that to be able to have a success like the cookbook, you need the support of a rich benefactor to get noticed - it still doesn’t result in a more level playing field in the end. I’d prefer there to be space for all to have the potential to succeed regardless. Likewise, could Netflix not have used that money to directly take a chance on female or minorities who are trying to make a name for themselves in the business? That could result in actual diversity rather than those of good fortune getting to pick the causes. Sure, it’s better than nothing, but it’s not the statement it could be - to me it seems a short term business decision (as Netflix will rake in money due to the royal connection) rather than an actual commitment to ensuring long term change at this stage. just my opinion, though - and I like that you bring balance to the force Hoya!
  11. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    I guess the Netflix deal confirms that in the 21st century, it’s still who you are, and not what talent you have, that matters. Unless I’ve somehow missed the acres of fantastic programming they’ve produced that justifies this multimillion pound backing. I don’t think Suits or “my uncle once made It’s A Royal Knockout” counts. I’m a cynic on the longevity front but given how stubborn both Harry and William appear to be, I can see an unwillingness to let go if it does go wrong.
  12. Wordsworth

    Celeb Death Watch

    Couldn’t believe it when I read about Chadwick Boseman this morning, such a shock. I’m glad he was able to retain the privacy he clearly wanted.
  13. Wordsworth

    British Royals

    You can always rely on a British pensioner not to sugarcoat it: https://twitter.com/pcolemanchester/status/1291403378346676225?s=21
  14. Wordsworth

    Chateau Marmont

    Sounds like what I know as a timeshare model? I wonder if members will be able to “rent” to non members.
  15. Wordsworth

    Demi Lovato

    I love platinum as a metal. My engagement, eternity and wedding rings are all platinum with either emerald or princess cut diamonds. I’ve been married 15 years this year, but with my other half for 25. I too haven’t worn my rings since lockdown - until last week when we went out, and I was shocked by how loose they were. I lost 2.5 stone two years ago and didn’t really notice the change in finger size until now, but now I have i worry I might lose them. I am not sure I want to get them resized (one is a full circle of diamonds), so might just get a plain thin band to wear instead.