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Baby panda's birth caught on tape: Sept. 7 -- Officials at the Atlanta Zoo announce the birth of a giant panda, one of only a few to occur in the United States. The delivery was taped by the pandas' keepers. NBC's Michelle Kosinski reports.


[Watch video here]

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Rocco's cute but he has been a living nightmare as far as chewing stuff up. I think he has finally almost gotten out of that stage but he is kenneled up all day while we are at work and my sons at school. Hopefully someday he can roam free during the day. Right now he cannot be trusted.



So far he has chewed up about


20 hair clips.


Dog toys dont work. He will demolish them in about an hour.


About 15 of my bras which he digs out of the dirty laundry. I have gotten so many new bras this past year.


My husbands 300 dollar cell phone which he had a week.


Both my pairs of Rx eyeglasses.


He chewed a big hole in my couch and loveseat in the middle of the night.........we thought he was through the chewing phase but obviously not.........


He has chewed up various throw rugs in the house.


He chewed up my 13 year olds cell phone twice. Luckily it was cheaper versions of cell phones.


I got a shirt down out of a storage box in my closet. It is not easy to get that box down. Anyway...I get the shirt out...put this heavy box back. Turn around and my shirt is gone. Im thinking I left it in the box........I dont want to even get that heavy box down again so I said hell with it............next time I look in Rocco's kennel he has it in there and its no longer the nice white shirt I thought I had.........its filthy looking with a 100 chew holes in it.


He has chewed the waistband off many pairs of my husbands boxer briefs.


Anyhoo...........he is a good dog. Just went through a hell time with the chewing.


He is funny...........he eats lightning bugs outside.


My old German Shephard that died awhile back in April...........Rebel...........she loved going on car rides and would hop in and out of the car. Rocco wants to be chauffered. He will not hop in and out of the backseat or car. You have to open the doors for him like he is in a limo or something.


Anyway....love him though.....

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Since i own a dog store, i thought I;d share the pic of my dog in his halloween costume. My dog is half Pug have Shih tzu. He is so ugly he is cute. he is also on my web site www.thediscerningdog.ca


here is Buddy! ( looking rather ticked off)

Posted Image

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