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    I just have a problem when they brag about what a nice piece of jewelry their fiance purchased from them when that is not the case. I thought Demi was bragging? Although to be fair, I just saw a few insta photos.
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    Yeah, I saw that (Lainey, probably) but I think that's not uncommon for celebs when the woman makes a lot more than the man. And I do not care one fig about that. I'd rather have her spend her money on a ring she'll wear than spend it on a boat for him or something. Sorry, I've been listening to Gaslighter again today ;-)
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    Not to be snarky (oops), but I'm guessing she paid for that ring herself.
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    It's so big it looks fake, it looks like you can't do anything while wearing it (guess not a concern if you're an actress?) and yeah, I'd be terrified of losing or hurting it!
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    Preach!!!!! I'm finding very little motivation to even wear one on the rare times I do venture out. My face is over 50% covered and I am growing out my hair, so it's not like anyone will recognize me from 6 feet away. On topic - if that particular ring makes her happy and it's not stolen property, then that's good enough for me. The size, shape, and who actually paid for it are all none of my business.
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    I love platinum as a metal. My engagement, eternity and wedding rings are all platinum with either emerald or princess cut diamonds. I’ve been married 15 years this year, but with my other half for 25. I too haven’t worn my rings since lockdown - until last week when we went out, and I was shocked by how loose they were. I lost 2.5 stone two years ago and didn’t really notice the change in finger size until now, but now I have i worry I might lose them. I am not sure I want to get them resized (one is a full circle of diamonds), so might just get a plain thin band to wear instead.
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    I've thought about whether I want some anniversary jewelry (it's 20 this year, have been thinking about something for 25). My engagement ring is an estate piece, sapphire in platinum. I adore. And my wedding band is a platinum band in a celtic knot pattern. I've thought about a celtic band with diamonds. My mom's wedding ring is a celtic band in yellow gold with emeralds (not her first wedding ring...actually, I think it might be the 2nd band with the current - 3rd - husband ;-) But I have worn no rings since March when I started working from home. I feel, as with bras, I might not be going back to the way things were in the before-days ;-)
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    I believe it’s now lab created but was originally identified as naturally occurring, then recreated. I also have no issue about who pays for it. If you’re the one who’s going to wear it every day, get what you like! I love both diamonds and pearls. I actually went years ago (with my then boyfriend as company) to buy myself a diamond ring for my right hand, with a bonus I got from passing my professional exams. I wanted something to celebrate my achievement as it was hard work. The shop automatically assumed it was an engagement ring, but I soon set them right.
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    Is that a similar stone or a lab created stone? I've thought about lab-created "diamond" studs. But I'm not sure I'm a diamond stud sort of woman - I'm more a pearl sort of woman ;-)
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    I wonder if some of the really big stones we see these days might be mossanite instead, I think there’s been a trend towards that in the U.K. as you can get a larger stone for less than a diamond (but still pricey).
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    I find enormous engagement rings terrifying, I don’t know how people can leave the house in them. I’d be so worried about losing it! Mine isn’t even a carat and I don’t wear it when we’re travelling for that reason. I love emerald cuts though, it’s my favourite diamond cut.
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    https://dlisted.com/2020/07/29/open-post-hosted-by-demi-lovatos-expensive-ass-engagement-ring/#more-376674 Engaged. Ring is 10-20 carats??!! That is one hell of a confidence interval!!!!!
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    BRAD PITT HAS THE RIGHT NUMBERS http://www.janetcharltonshollywood.com/brad-pitt-has-the-right-numbers/ Looks like those rumors that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting along better are TRUE. The houses they live in are quite close to each other in Los Feliz and the kids can walk over to Brad’s home. It appears that Brad has the security code to Angelina’s place and he paid his kids a visit today on one of his motorcycles. Brad and Angelina are certainly friendlier, but they haven’t agreed on everything when it comes to money, so their divorce is still pending. Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **10** I previously told you the A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee was hooking up with his A list movie ex. Apparently it is now happening several times each week. This would be a big mistake.