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  1. witchkitten

    British Royals

    I remember hearing that Andrew was always the Queen’s favorite. I don’t know where he usually stands but he was positioned where I would think he would be, fairly close to the Queen on the other side of Charles and Camilla. ETA: He was standing/seated in the same place in 2018. 2019: 2018:
  2. witchkitten

    What are you reading?

    I just read Big Little Lies. I liked it although I thought the execution could have been better. I’m looking forward to checking out the show when I’m ready to resubscribe to HBO even though I can’t stand Reese Witherspoon. She might ruin it for me. I also read Thirteen Reasons Why and felt the same way I did about BLL. I enjoyed it and thought the premise was good but thought it could have been executed better. I tried watching the show but I couldn’t even get through the first episode.
  3. witchkitten

    Emmy Awards 2019

    I’m so disappointed GOT won for best Drama. There is no way they deserved it for last season. They only deserved to win for visuals, costuming, music, casting, etc. the actors were mostly good but they were limited by the material they were given.
  4. witchkitten

    British Royals

    Thanks. I didn’t catch the letter difference. I’m only familiar with Hertfordshire and couldn’t figure out why the article said it was near the border.
  5. witchkitten

    British Royals

    The article says Hertfordshire is near the border between England and Wales, which is not how I would describe it at all, unless they’re talking about a different Hertfordshire (not the county featured in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice).
  6. witchkitten

    2019 MTV Video Music Awards

    I just saw the pictures. Forget the dress, what happened to Alison Brie’s face? She looks like a shadow of her former self. I used to think she was pretty but now...yikes. I know most, if not all, of this transformation is her unhealthy weight loss. I wish these actresses didn’t have such distorted views of their weight.
  7. witchkitten

    Official 2019 Divorce Poll

    Miley Cyrus puts out a statement on Instagram regarding her divorce:
  8. witchkitten

    Matrix 4 Confirmed

    Ugh. I thought they shouldn’t have made the second or third movie. The first one ended perfectly, IMO, and I think it’s clear they hadn’t originally intended for there to be another other films.
  9. witchkitten

    Official 2019 Divorce Poll

    If you were thinking Pitt you weren’t the only one. When I first read Hoya’s post I did a double take until I remembered that her Glee boyfriend is also named Brad.
  10. witchkitten

    British Royals

    The press was brutal towards Fergie as well. I know she’s done a lot of horrible things since but they were unrelenting before she went off the rails. I feel like you have to be at least a little crazy to marry into that family.
  11. witchkitten

    British Royals

    I have no idea about her personality and if she is high maintenance or not but I find the avocado BI very hard to believe. Wasn't Suits filmed in Canada? The climate there is also not good for growing avocados and she survived. It's not like she's never lived without avocados and I find it hard to believe she couldn't get them at least occasionally with all the money she has. I do wonder if she's having some second thoughts related to the viciousness of the press. Unlike Kate, she wasn't under their scrutiny for very long before getting married and may not have been prepared enough. She had some exposure being an actress but she wasn't even an A-lister and even the biggest movie stars, as intrusive and vicious as the press can be towards them, don't have it as bad as someone who marries into the royal family.
  12. witchkitten

    Official 2019 Divorce Poll

    I think that it’s hard to delineate actors by format these days because there really aren’t too many strictly television stars or strictly movie stars or strictly streaming stars. A lot of movie stars now do both television and streaming, and many television and streaming stars also have significant roles in films. The stigma of doing television isn’t there anymore because TV (including streaming) is in its Golden Age and often better than a lot of the stuff being released for movie theaters.
  13. witchkitten

    What are you reading?

    How are you liking them? I read them after the second season of the show.
  14. witchkitten

    Remakes and more remakes...

    Why? There is no reason to remake Four Weddings and a Funeral. It's not like the movie is missing something because it doesn't take place in modern times. Who is the audience for the remake supposed to be?
  15. witchkitten

    British Royals

    Louis looks so much like Kate. I think the boys favor her, although George has a lot of William too, while Charlotte favors Queen Elizabeth (i.e. William's side). I also find it interesting that Charlotte and now Louis (although it's too soon to know if it will last) seem to really like the attention of the crowds and play it up for the cameras, whereas George, the future King, seems more reserved. I think William and Harry were the same way. William seemed more reserved and uncomfortable with all the attention he received whereas Harry seemed to enjoy it.