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  1. witchkitten

    British Royals

    I'm not going to buy it but I already have the digital version on hold at my library. I'm number one in the queue so I'll be getting it the day it's released.
  2. witchkitten

    British Royals

    I really really really want to like Meghan and Harry because I am opposed to the idea of monarchy. I think the British monarchy (and probably all monarchies, I just don't know as much about the other ones to comment) are toxic, not only for the people they "represent" but also for the members of the monarchy itself. I think Meghan was a victim of racism from the family, the media, and the general public. All of that can be true and she and Harry both can be some of the most out of touch entitled people on the planet at the same time. Meghan is so inauthentic and no matter how much I want to like her, I just can't because it's clear she isn't being honest a lot of the time. Does she really expect anyone to believe that she didn't know who Prince Harry was, that she decided to go on a date with him based on his instagram profile and his pictures of Africa? It would be ludicrous in anyone's case, but it's especially unbelievable for someone whose stated goal was to become rich and famous. At one point she also says that she thought the main takeaway from her interview with Oprah would be her struggle with depression, and she was shocked that everyone was focused on the allegations of racism. 🙄 These are just two examples but there are many other unbelievable things that she said throughout the documentary. Harry, on the other hand, is extremely authentic, which is charming at some points and off-putting at others because he is authentically entitled and self unaware. He thinks very highly of himself and his journey to self discovery but he's not as far along in that journey as he thinks he is. I agree with @princess that when a couple has to try this hard to sell their love as the greatest love story in history, it indicates that the relationship isn't on very solid ground. If you listen to couples who have been together for decades and who are clearly secure in their love and their relationship, they're not afraid to admit that being in a relationship is hard work, that they have disagreements and that there are difficult times caused not just by environmental factors but also internal factors as well, and that is part of their story. I don't think that Harry and Meghan are headed for imminent divorce, and it's entirely likely they'll never split, but I'm not convinced of their current happiness nor am I convinced that even if they are happy now that they'll be happy in the long term.
  3. witchkitten

    British Royals

    Blindgossip has been as transparently anti-Meghan and Harry as Celebitchy has been anti-Kate and William. They’re a conservative outlet. They’ve done some political blinds about democrats too that were none too flattering while often ignoring bad behavior from republicans. I 100% believe Andrew faked COVID as a way of explaining his absence at the Jubilee events as though we don’t all know that he’s been forbidden to go by everyone other than the Queen, who has a real blind spot when it comes to him. I don’t think Blind Gossip has any inside intel on this, though. It’s just really obvious. I loved Meghan’s outfit at the Trooping of the Guard (from the pictures through the window). I thought her hat was much prettier than Kate’s (can’t help comparing because they’re the same colors). I’m in the minority on the St. Paul’s service fashion because I didn’t like the cream coat outfit Meghan wore. The outfit was fine but I don’t think it flatters her at all. I did like the yellow dress Kate wore (it is flattering on her), though I’m always struck by how thin she looks.
  4. witchkitten

    Met Gala 2022

    It kills me that they let Kim wear Marilyn's actual dress for even five minutes. Historic dresses should be kept in a museum and not worn. Wearing them ruins them. The body oils, make up, etc. will degrade them. Plus she stepped on it at one point, and I heard that even with the massive weight loss her rear end still didn't fit into it so god knows what they did to get it on her. I'm with the many costume historians that are outraged by her being allowed to wear the dress at all. I also didn't think it looked good on her (Marilyn she is not) and the hair was atrocious.
  5. witchkitten

    British Royals

    I get it. My statement, though it wasn’t clear at all, was in response to all the people I saw defending the decision online. I just needed to get that off my chest. I didn’t think you were defending it. It’s mind boggling that this even happened. They had to have known how terrible it was going to come across and they did it anyway.
  6. witchkitten

    British Royals

    Anyone else see the coverage of Will and Kate's disastrous trip to the Caribbean? The monarchy is just so tone deaf and inflexible. An outdated institution in the modern world. The images of them greeting those people who are behind the fence is especially cringeworthy. https://www.independent.co.uk/world/william-kate-bahamas-slavery-b2042524.html
  7. witchkitten

    British Royals

    I've seen a lot of people defending the decision to have Andrew escort the Queen because he's her son. The reasoning goes you can't expect a mother to turn on her son even if he is a vile piece of crap (though you wouldn't blame her if she did either), which I generally agree with when it comes to regular people but Elizabeth is the Queen. She gets a boatload of money from the public and is given a position of power and influence so she doesn't get to act like a regular mother in public. She's supposed to belong to the people in a sense. Obviously, she can do what she wants in private. I don't begrudge her a relationship with her sexual predator son, but allowing him to escort her to an event in public doesn't just look bad, it's wrong, IMO.
  8. witchkitten

    Oscars 2022

  9. witchkitten

    Things that make you say "Hummm....."

    Chris Noth accused of sexual assault by two women. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/chris-noth-accused-of-sexual-assault-1235063596/?fbclid=IwAR1ew9IZIAZoSChfKcURU5kteTBtz8uAd2hTj4d5e3zhRrOi_ngcmiM5VEg
  10. witchkitten

    And Just Like That… (Sex & The City reboot)

    I've read the reviews and the spoilers and I know I won't enjoy it so I'm not going to be watching. I loved the original series but this sequel series doesn't interest me at all.
  11. witchkitten

    Things that make you say "Hummm....."

    My daughter’s friend moved to San Francisco and went to preschool with Ava Getty, one of the butterfly flower girls. The parents were supposedly very nice and not pretentious at all. I find that to be the case more often with old money than new money because they don’t have as much to prove. Apparently Ava’s birthday party was at one of those normal children’s venues but the party favors were expensive for a kid’s party.
  12. witchkitten

    Who will divorce first?

    We were right Kaley, was the first to divorce (she’s now on her second one). I can’t believe Tori and Dean lasted as long as they did, and I’m really surprised Eddie and Leann are still together.
  13. witchkitten

    Tom Cruise

    Fourteen is the most common age specified for when a judge is required to consider the child’s wishes but many states don’t specify the age and instead use language like a “‘mature child”. I think in many of those states, though, 14 is the unspoken age. A few do specify 12 as the age at which a judge is required to take the child’s wishes into account. Georgia is an outlier. They require that a judge consider a child’s preference at 11 and they are the only state that specifies that a 14 year old can decide which parent they live with, however, a judge can overrule the child’s wishes so it’s still ultimately up to the court.
  14. witchkitten

    Tom Cruise

    There is no age at which a child can legally decide their own custody or visitation. Until the child turns 18 the court can still disregard their wishes and order them to live with or see a parent they would rather not see or not see a parent they wish to see. However, at age 14 the court is required to take the kid’s wishes into account even if they ultimately disregard them. Prior to that, it’s at the judge’s discretion whether they want to hear what the child wants. At age 12, children get a say in whether or not they’re adopted. Before 12, a child can be forced into an adoption they don’t want. I thought the age at which children would get a say in court would be the same for custody and adoption but apparently not.
  15. witchkitten

    Britney Spears

    Jamie Spears is stepping down as Britney’s conservator. I think this is for the best regardless of whether the allegations against him are true or not. https://variety.com/2021/music/news/britney-spears-father-jamie-spears-quits-conservator-1235040690/?fbclid=IwAR1wbPY8ZuHKzyeKCux0dzWNIBt3F7X7a_SxGp1eH9MU4Yfg3bIUqRkLxN8