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    When I was in Egypt on vacation everyone in my group got along brilliantly. One of the women I would chat with about fashion and fun run costumes, etc., didn't think much of it. The last day of the trip, her travel companion (both their husbands didn't want to go to Egypt) says "You don't know who she is, do you?" Turns out she was a big wig at Vogue. As in worked with Anna Wintour. She is retired now. She is currently in San Diego for few days, she messaged me and we are going to dinner on Saturday night. Hope to sneak in a few Vogue questions
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    No, but it sounds like a lot of people were pouring drinks after Anna meetings
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    Had dinner with her last night and she talked a bit about it. She asked if I had seen Devil Wears Prada (ha ha ha, of course haven’t we all??) and she said that Streep you could still see a sliver of a good/kind person in there somewhere. With Anna there was none. Her office was right near Anna’s and she poured a lot of people a drink after meeting with Anna. She was on the editorial side of things. She did say Anna was good at her job and had a great eye but as brutal as they say, if not more so.
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    I have no answers, but just wanted to say that I’m sorry you are dealing with this. What an awful situation.
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    Because all they see are indictments/convictions on "unrelated" charges that don't contain the words collusion, conspiracy and are not capable of understanding the long process involved. That plus the whole, once you're in a cult, its hard to admit it and seek help.
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    Harry Potter!!! Just because I loved it
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    Fall 2018 Premier Dates: https://www.tvguide.com/coming-soon/
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    Just finished Big Little Lies. Loved it! Can't wait for season 2 in 2019.
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    Speaking of fire and flood, aren't you in NC, Hoya? You doing okay? Anyone else hit by Florence? You all doing ok?
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    Not surprised -- didn't seem like anyone even knew they were happening. I feel like usually they are given a lot more fanfare leading up to the awards. Not to mention that a good portion of the nation is battling either fire or flood....not many have the time or the inclination right now.
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    Damn, that's the clip I meant!!! I blame jet lag ;-) How long after a trip can I use that excuse?? I agree- after watching the documentary especially, I have more respect for his catty opinions ;-)
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    No, I have not! I did see the clip where he's critiquing Manafort's jackets 😂 I could listen to ALT discuss fashion for HOURS, even though I'm not really into fashion like that.
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    So THAT'S how he got & keeps his job! 'Cause I do not think it's his fashion sense or writing ability.... I hereby revoke/revise my opinion of ALT. I just watched The Gospel According to Andre Leon Talley and it was SO GOOD. OK, I still don't love all of ALT's style, but I really didn't understand his background or fashion knowledge. In the documentary, Wintour even comments that she kept ALT close to her because he had the fashion background/experience that she lacked when she started at Vogue. I highly recommend this movie!!
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    Last night was a real nail biter! Sad to see Brett go -- I really, really liked him. At the beginning of the summer I thought he'd be a douche, but I'm surprised by how much I came to enjoy him. Poor JC looked gutted. And Julie signing off as Julie Chen Moonves ..... ok then!
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    I use the find my friends app included with the iPhone. I track my kids and husband, and they have no idea when I track them. They forget we have it. No alerts etc on either phone (unless you set them up) When I took my cheer squad to Disney, I used it there with all of them and it worked great!
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    TMZ The Academy of Motion Picture Arts says it's reconsidering rolling out a new "popular" category for the Oscars, and putting the move on ice for 2019 ... and probably forever. The AMPA said Thursday that the bemoaned category of "Best Achievement in Popular Film" merits further study ... and it won't be happening for the 2019 award show. As you'll recall ... the backlash to the announcement last month was swift and fierce, with cinephiles calling it the death of the Academy Awards and simply a way to pander to ratings. The Academy's CEO, Dawn Hudson, says ... "There has been a wide range of reactions to the introduction of a new award, and we recognize the need for further discussion with our members." She continued, "We have made changes to the Oscars over the years—including this year—and we will continue to evolve while also respecting the incredible legacy of the last 90 years." We'll take this a step further and predict this means the "popular" category will never see the light of day, especially after people stop talking about it when the 2019 show's over. Once the buzz dies down, our money's on the Academy never moving to reinstate it. In other words -- sorry, superhero movies ... you'll have to fight for a Best Picture nod like everyone else.
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    That sucks. You could go with a mobile device management plan, like simpleMDM. https://simplemdm.com/features/ I'll think about other options this weekend and talk to my business team on Monday. There might be something we aren't thinking of that she wouldn't see. I know a few of the trackers can hide the app altogether as well, but they are pricey. Or a family share Apple ID account so you could look in find my iPhone. Just create him a new Apple ID and link it to yours, log him out of the old and into the new, and don't tell her. She might not realize. She sounds like a terrible person, btw.
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    Kimberly Stewart and Benicio Del Toro's kid, 1st grade:
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    That's because that flat-footed, festering sore only likes those who weren't captured -- don't forget. I have no idea how we ended up here, but here we are. (And by here, I mean....this reality.) Love Maddow too, by the way ❤️
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    Deadline White House and Rachel Maddow are my favorites. Other Presidents routinely issue a proclamation when a high-profile figure dies, ordering all public buildings and military bases to fly the U.S. flag at half-staff until the day of interment. The unindicted co-conspirator did not issue a proclamation for McCain.
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    The hypocrisy, cognitive dissonance, ignorance - whatever you want to call it - is astounding! I'm still worried the other side lacks balls and decent messaging, so, you know.....November will be interesting.
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    I still don't understand how a large portion of the country can continue to keep their head in the sand about the traitor in the White House, but ok
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    Every time this thread pops up now, I fear the worst😢
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    Daryl Hannah and Neil Young got married.
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    ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/26 **#6** They should never have got married. These two foreign born co-stars for awhile longer on their pay cable show have been in nonstop fight mode. He still hasn't got over his other co-star.