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    Only celeb adjacent, more of a socialite gossip thing, I think this post might get me a guaranteed entry into AARP as crotchety old woman. But… I can not read this and not just find it obscene. I mean, the fashion is interesting and the peeks at the mansion are interesting, but the amount of money being spent, during a pandemic, and the pure level of narcissism on display… ugh.I believe i read she had 16 costume changes during the three day event. Maybe I’m just too old for this $hit to watch someone blow the food budget of a small county on a wedding for two people who probably will be divorced by the start of the next decade. https://www.vogue.com/slideshow/inside-ivy-getty-wedding-weekend-in-san-francisco
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    He's not a celeb; he was a grifting prosperity gospel shill, COVID & vaccine denier, and it's extremely difficult for me to feel bad someone like that died. I feel much worse for anyone who sickens and/or dies based on his very wrong teachings.
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    Another recent departure is actor Art LaFleur who is known for being the tooth fairy character during the second and third film of the trilogy named The Santa Clause. He was 78 years old and Parkinson's Disease is what gets the evil eye. God bless you and his family always!!! Holly P.S. To me, he had the funniest line of the second film when Cupid said to him, "No kid is going to put a tooth under a pillow for a man named Roy!" He then said in return, "This from someone in a diaper who shoots arrows into peoples' butts!"
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    My daughter’s friend moved to San Francisco and went to preschool with Ava Getty, one of the butterfly flower girls. The parents were supposedly very nice and not pretentious at all. I find that to be the case more often with old money than new money because they don’t have as much to prove. Apparently Ava’s birthday party was at one of those normal children’s venues but the party favors were expensive for a kid’s party.
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    The way I read it, it was Alyson's party but it was SMG and David B. making out in the backyard in the dark.
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    Exactly. An anti-vaxxer who died from covid? Once less problem on this earth, from what I can see.
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    ^^^^^^^This. All of this.
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    My sister's birthday is coming up and couldn't think of what to get her. Bingo! Happy birthday message from James (Spike) via Cameo!
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    Directv is airing all the movie channels free this weekend so I recorded the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Fucking awesome. Carole King & the Go-Gos. In love!!!! (also, the Go-Gos gave me my 2021 dress code - plaid, leather, sequins, combat boots - GenX represent!!)
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    The Wedding Guest November 12, 2021 [Blind Gossip] Yes, she was invited to the big celebrity wedding. She had known Bride for decades and was excited about being part of her special day. Then she started getting uneasy about the event. I don’t know if I would call her paranoid but she has gotten really suspicious about people’s motives. She can’t even trust her own family anymore. What changed her mind about the wedding? The ask changed. She thought she was going to be a regular wedding guest and just have a good time and cut loose. What she didn’t expect was to be asked to sign a release and get filmed. Plus she didn’t want her first musical performance in a while to be for someone else’s benefit. She wants total control over her image now and she wasn’t sure if she was getting used by [Bride] for publicity so she just decided to make an excuse and avoid it. Our Singer is not as innocent as she used to be. She is standing up for herself and saying “No.” It’s great that she feels free to do that now! It will be interesting to see if the Bride whose wedding she skipped attends Our Singer’s own wedding when the time comes. Yes, Singer’s wedding is coming! Similar: Engagement Is A Head Scratcher Singer: Bride: [Optional] Do you think Bride was using Singer? Will Bride attend Singer’s wedding? Wow, so Paris Hilton asked Britney Spears to sing at her wedding
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    That may be - I don't know him - but I do not think Roberts and Hedlund are still together....not really sure they were ever a good/strong couple, but do believe she wanted the baby, with or without him....
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    SMG was married first by one year. So that would fit with about to be married and at an engagement party for AH. I also read this as Sarah and David.
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    To me it's the popcorn flicks that seem to hold up.
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    Well, sadly I know that most of my favorite John Hughes movies from the 80s do NOT. I'll have to think about what does. I mean, I still enjoy a LOT of old movies (1930s through whenever) even while acknowledging that times & mores have changed. I think I'm still willing to see a lot of sexism in old movies but not racism....
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    Wow. Those recent photos are startling. It does look like she’s had surgery, though at the same time, she also just lost a crap ton of weight and maybe that makes her face look very different? She does NOT look well. But I also thought Angelina looked scary bad in recent photos and other people thought she looked great, so maybe I’ve just become my grandmother.