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    I do not think Mac will come out. He seems to be in such a chill place. His AMA Reddits are funny and charming. I hope that he is a peace with his part of MJ’s history and does not want to unearth it again. I am also not 100% sure he was molested. MJ was such a conniving bastard, it would not shock me if he treated Mac differently to give MJ credibility. I would not be surprised if other Jackson brothers were also molesters. I have no doubt MJ and his siblings were sexually abused as children, and their father sanctioned it (he totally gives me the creeps). History has shown abused becomes abusers.
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    This is infuriating, but damn if I’m not glad we’ve got some good gossip to talk about!
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    TMZ The 50 people who were indicted for allegedly paying bribe money to get their kids into college may just be the tip of the iceberg, and scores of very nervous and very rich parents are calling around L.A. trying to get recon. Sources familiar with the case tell TMZ, FBI agents have seized numerous cell phones and other evidence they believe will lead them to other parents, college employees and others who might have participated in admissions bribery. We know a number of wealthy parents from some of the most exclusive private schools in L.A. were calling around Tuesday, asking if Rick Singer, the ringleader who just copped a plea, kept lists of clients. As one source put it, "These parents are sweating bullets." On a different front, sources at USC familiar with the scandal tell us the University has known about the investigation for around 2 months, but they did not investigate ... because they didn't want to undermine the feds. Our sources say they've dealt with the U.S. Attorney's Office before, and they know if they conducted a simultaneous investigation it could tip off witnesses and targets, and result in the destruction of evidence. As for what USC will do with the students whose parents got them into the school via bribery, well-connected sources tell us the students will not all be evaluated the same way. We're told if the students knew they were admitted because of bribes, they will be expelled. If they were in the dark, the University will evaluate all of the circumstances and the decisions will be student-specific. And, one final thing, as for USC ... we know officials are furious at the parents who engaged in bribery. They say it has tarnished the school, the students and the athletic programs.
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    I want some focus on the OTHER 48 people named in the indictment - CEOs have been mentioned, but all we get are names of two female actresses? Bullshit!
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    https://tvline.com/2019/03/12/felicity-huffman-indicted-lori-loughlin-ivy-league-bribe/ Holy shit! Actual hollywood scandal - famous actresses indicted for bribery
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    you do make good points, Hoya!
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    Oh yeah, I totally get that. He's slimy. Like, oozy "Lothario" sort of thing. But they seem to like the same amount of PR, they do seem to love spending time as a family and superficially at least it looks like they've been able to blend the families pretty well. And he's never seemed pissy about supporting her when she's promoting something, unlike, say, Ben Affleck who didn't like when the attention shifted....
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    Date: April 2 Sex: Female Weight: 6lbs 5oz Name: Elizabeth Doria
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    All I can think is that this wasn't the only agent doing this, he was just the one that got caught. I'm sure a lot of Hollywood is very nervous right now hoping another agent isn't caught!
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    Why couldn’t they have gotten their kids in the old fashioned way by donating a library or something? Wealthy people bribe schools all the time but usually it’s hard to prove because the money is given in the form of donations. Bush Jr. and Jared Kushner got into Yale and Harvard respectively because of their parents’ wealth.
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    Felicity Huffman Arrested, Warrant Issued for Lori Loughlin Following College Admissions Scam https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/felicity-huffman-arrested-warrant-issued-for-lori-loughlin-for-scam/?utm_source=email&em_hash=5d989d9ecd736b8131c14072926e952e
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    FUll list of defendants & charges in the lawsuit https://www.justice.gov/usao-ma/investigations-college-admissions-and-testing-bribery-scheme
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    Jose Conseco tweeted out his number and invited JLo to call him to get the dirt on ARod. (What kind of world are we living in when people follow people that go by the name JLo and ARod )
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    I am watching the Oprah interview now. She is excellent. It really brings everything into focus. When Michael Jackson died, even knowing the previous allegations, I played his music all day. Remembered how amazing his music was. I watched his movie documentary This is It and loved it. Now, I cannot ever listen again. I am not sure why now is different for me. But it is. As you all may remember I have three daughters, and I coach cheer. Since the Rihanna incident, I have told my daughters and athletes Chris Brown songs are not allowed to be played in my presence. When doing comp music for my squads, I made specific instructions no Chris Brown. I feel the exact way about MJ now. I have watched hundreds of cheer routines. So many had his music, some were a complete tribute to him. I don’t think this will ever happen again. I do think MJ will go down like Spacey and Cosby. Quite honestly, I don’t think Weinstein will be as affected. Simply because it is too much work to consciously avoid him. You have to look at the credits or production company.
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    True....there's just something about him lol
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    Ugh A-Rod....I mean, if he makes her happy....congrats, I guess.
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    ^^^ Thank you! God bless you always!!! Holly
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    You are a kind and generous soul, Holly!
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    The new husband became a father 3 days after he met Miranda, with the baby's mother being someone other than the woman he was engaged to at the time of conception. Miranda may well have found her messy match here. Get your popcorn ready folks - this is a great day for gossip!!!!!
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    If it was just this one time then maybe I would give her the benefit of the doubt but almost every man Miranda Lambert has been linked to has been with someone else when she met them, and she has also been said to cheat on her partners as well. Given her track record it’s more likely than not her new husband was still with his ex when he started seeing her.
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    Keanu Reeves interview http://www.whoaisnotme.net/articles/1988_01xx_kea.htm WHO WOULD BE THE IDEAL WOMAN YOU COULD BE CAST OPPOSITE? Oh, I don't know, man. Who would I like to fuck the most? Meryl Streep. WHY? Because even if I wasn't good, she could fake it the best.
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    ......and here's footage of Michael Jackson and a young boy (suspected to be James Safechuck) shopping for wedding rings at a Zales in 1989. Jesus Mary and Joseph. https://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/114192443.html
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    This article seemed to hit home for me. Previously when our generational idols died it was tragically young and of some unnatural cause. This is really like the first person our age who, while young, is not so young that they can’t die of natural causes. https://www.today.com/health/luke-perry-s-death-generation-x-s-wake-call-t149917?cid=sm_npd_td_fb_ma
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    Luke Perry didn't make it https://www.tmz.com/2019/03/04/luke-perry-dead-dies-stroke-beverly-hills-90210-riverdale/?fbclid=IwAR1I4WOHBJit3qaovJLN8FofvLl50UY4Iv3O_lVQiK4-9jYupxSkH81ZXoY