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    Only based on the excerpts I’ve seen, I think it’s hard to see William and Harry ever making amends after this.
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    Princess Eugenie & husband Jack Brooksbank expecting baby #2 this summer. (I thought she looked a little "full" in her winter coats in the last couple family photos I saw and I had thoughts, BUT no "baby bump" comments from me 😉
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    Same. I feel he is well intentioned, and I think you can both try to help yourself and simultaneously help others. Is he horribly naive and clueless, yes. But it seems like he means as well as he can and that he’s honestly trying to know better/do better. Which is more that I can say for others in that family. And I KNOW it’s one sided, but boy does his feeling for Camilla line up with what I want to feel about her.
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    Glad you posted - I totally forgot the $cieno connection. Not sure why - but I don't pay a ton of attention to the Presleys. OK, now that makes more sense. Did you enjoy Jerrod Carmicheal's joke about Tom Cruise & Shelly Miscavige at the Golden Globes - I thought it was good 🙂
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    I think regulations should change; I think air guns (NO REAL GUNS) should be used on sets, but cost is a huge factor. I do not think actors should be liable. I think Baldwin - as a producer who was severely cutting costs and impacting safety on set - should be charged. But not actors. I support SAG-AFTRA getting involved (rewriting contracts on this topic?) to limit liability.
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    I’m so interested to see what happens on this year’s red carpet after last year’s was ripped apart for being so so dull.
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    Sorry for the double post but this gives me the ick - I get that this is what the writer took from the book, but it seems wrong if Harry has picked on the women who married into the institution, not the men born into it. Seems to jive with what I’ve read about Harry being against his place in the monarchy, rather than the monarchy itself. The main villain is Camilla, who, in Harry’s telling, becomes the leaker-in-chief in order to protect herself. He rarely mentions Camilla without also mentioning how she usurped his mother. The runner-up villain is Kate. But on this topic, Harry’ resentment gets the better of him. In the way he describes interactions with his sister-in-law, he clearly wants the reader to choose Meghan over Kate. Informality over formality. The spare’s wife over the heir’s. It’s the same as the idea that everything is Meghan’s doing, it’s clearly not the case but it protects the monarchy.
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    https://apple.news/Arh4g3jgAR_mMxr_cnP0l9g I thought this gets close to what I’m feeling as I read.it just feels sad and inevitable. The rest of it is just the noise surrounding this family’s unique disfunction.
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    Teenager and I have watched the Netflix show while she was home on break. She wanted to read the book too. I used one of my audible credits for myself, but she wanted the print version to take back to school and share with her roommates. I ordered it online for in-store pickup and we went to my small suburban DC store today. The lady at the counter said they had 65 preorders and she said basically everyone who came to check out today either bought a copy or was picking up a hold. We saw a bunch of people picking them up from the in store display. It was definitely the hot commodity in my local shop.
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    I've put a hold on my library for this. I'm about 260th in line for 40 available copies I refuse to spend $ on it, but I will read it when I can.
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    I kind of like the fact that you hardly ever see any pictures of Suri out and about and on the rare instances you do - she's doing normal, every day things. It's a refreshing change from the KarJenners and Olivia Jades of the world.
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    It was just announced that Lisa Marie Presley has passed away from cardiac arrest. She was 54 years old. God bless you and her family always!!! Holly
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    Lisa Marie Presley, 54, rushed to hospital after suffering cardiac arrest: report https://pagesix.com/2023/01/12/lisa-marie-presley-54-rushed-to-hospital-for-cardiac-arrest/
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    Baba Wawa (Barbara Walters) age 93. Pope Benedict, age 95