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    I think things are at least a little better than they were back then. Not so hush-hush about stalking. I remember people saying how embarrassing it must be for me, and my response was always the same "What do I have to be embarrassed about? It's his shame." Maybe that's why I like Michelle Pfeiffer/Betty Ford so much about seeing a shrink in the Showtime First Lady show, having problems does not make you less of a person It was awful, he threw a brick through my brand new car, was faxing lewd stuff to my office, lying to everyone about what was happening like I was the crazy one, the works. I did luck out, after my neighbor figured out what was going on she came to my door and told me a secret - she was a cop in the stalking department of Coronado Island. She walked me thru exactly what to do, how to document everything, safety stuff, etc. She was awesome, helped me throughout the process. I've shared her advice with others over the years, she was such a big help. But I get why she didn't tell most people she was a cop where she lived. And she never said a word about the fact that I would go onto my back patio and smoke a joint a few times a month
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    I get the impression that a lot of people either can't or are unwilling to acknowledge that a less than perfect victim is still a victim. You don't have to like Amber in order to believe that she was abused. Also, crimes can and do occur between two truly awful people. It's not a zero sum game.
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    I just see it as another example of her huge huge ego.
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    OK, I often find CB a little too mean for me, but I wholeheartedly agree with this take on KK: https://www.celebitchy.com/765373/kim_kardashian_claimed_she_lost_16_lbs_in_three_weeks_to_fit_into_marilyns_dress/
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    One of my neighbors stood in line and went to the trial today. He was just bored and figured why not. Sounds actually pretty boring. Today was a lot about finances. He ended up leaving at the 4 pm recess because he had a meeting at 4:30. I half thought about it, but he got in line at 5:30 and was almost shut out. I don’t care enough to get out at 3 am. I’m a bad chit chatter! After the lunch break he was actually visible on camera. I know this because he posted a summary on his Facebook!
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    That's where I've landed on this. I think they are both the abusers and the abused. Two people that should have run in different directions when they realized what a toxic pair they made. Instead they became the ouroboros of dysfunctional relationships.
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    My husband had jury duty the day the trial started and I was hoping he was seated on that jury. He was hoping he was not. He got a one day trial. Drat! But he did get to see all the craziness at the courthouse. He never saw either of them though. I think they both come off pretty gross and skeevy, but based on my Facebook feed it seems like most people are firmly team Johnny. I haven’t watched it that closely to be able to say how it’s going to go.
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    Maxiedad and I have been watching the live broadcasts on CNN, so I can't speak to streaming options. The first season was supposed to stream on CNN+, which obviously didn't happen. I thoroughly enjoyed the first season but am on the fence with the second so far. It wasn't bad but didn't seem to have the same charm as the first season, where he interacts with old Italian friends through his travels as opposed to strangers. His wife Felicity also makes an appearance in the first season - they married in Lake Como, so it's not at all forced. It's a good watch if you enjoy Stanley and/or the Italian culture. You may be disappointed if you go in to it expecting Anthony Bourdain 2.0 though.
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    KK never does it for me. Honestly, of all the K-J group, I think Khloe looked the best. I do not like Kim as a platinum blond and didn't think the dress did anything for her.
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    I thought was a lot of good looks this year. Some I liked better than others, but overall I thought well done this year. Agreed the men did not slack off at all either. I hate to admit it, but Kim Kardashian looked good too.
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    Ok, watched first two episodes and really liking it. The writing is excellent, and whoever did casting is a genius! Even the small bit parts are well cast. Agreed that Michelle Pfeiffer is spectacular. Viola Davis' mouth thing can be distracting, and in a few of the scenes between her and the guy that plays Barack Obama it feels like they are just doing over the top impersonations. Same with Gillian a few times, over the top impersonation of Eleanor Roosevelt. But overall like what everyone is doing. I checked imdb.com and looks like first season is 10 episodes. I'll be watching. I work with someone who worked with Betty Ford in the early 90's in the addiction industry. I'll ask her if she has seen this show and what she thinks.
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    Legal papers (divorce or otherwise) often need to be formally served to the other party by a 3rd party. You can send via US Mail (3rd party requirement filled) and have the person sign for it (Certified Mail), but if they are dodging the paperwork they simply refuse to sign for it. That's when you get someone to serve the papers in person by handing directly to them (use a professional service, not just your friend). I had an ex boyfriend stalker that I needed to have served restraining order. I tried via US mail, but he kept refusing the mail so I got a server. Then he wouldn't answer the door of his home to get the papers, and then I found out he was using his employer to run my credit & check up on me. When I called the employer they didn't believe me. So I told the server to do it at his work, and make sure a ton of people saw it. That finally worked. And I mailed his employer a copy of the final restraining order after and said if they run my credit again they would be hearing from my lawyer. Fuckers, still pisses me off and it's been 25 years.
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    Well, if someone is very private but is scheduled to be at an event, yeah. But as noted (in Lainey and other places) you don't have to do it on stage - THAT is very much a choice.
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    Ok, managed to get Showtime login info. This is first on my list to watch
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    That is too funny!! I would sport a tinfoil hat (or sequin jumpsuit??) to support that theory 🤣
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    Can we now start a rumour that the process server is a disgruntled Harry styles fan? I think I’d like that. 😂
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    “Mr. Sudeikis had no prior knowledge of the time or place that the envelope would have been delivered as this would solely be up to the process service company involved and he would never condone her being served in such an inappropriate manner.” https://www.romper.com/entertainment/olivia-wilde-served-custody-papers-on-stage-jason-sudeikis
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    I've been at a conference this week so on twitter less - I saw on the Today Show this morning.
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    I saw that on Twitter and skedaddaled straight over here to see if it was posted. I see someone has already submitted to deuxmoi on insta claiming it was a set up by Olivia to generate publicity for her film, but it read like it might have been submitted by a disgruntled Harry styles fan. I didn’t understand it until I saw the Twitter context.
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    I guess we are all horrified by the entire thing and are speechless.
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    I don't have Showtime, but very interested to see this.
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    They are reporting died by suicide this morning with not many more details. When family says "died from mental health", really, there aren't a lot of options. I don't need to know how she died - I know that's terrible to report, honestly, it's a horrible trigger - but I do think it's important to know that even those who are open about their problems can't escape them.....
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    As someone who has had to have someone served, you tell the server likely places the person would be. I wonder if this was on the list of suggest places she would be...
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    Wow that would have been wild if we had someone on the jury. Imagine the questions we could ask after it was over! Agreed the news feeds seem to be very team Johnny, not sure if that is just his PR team pumping stuff out or if that is how people really feel.