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    I thought her dress was gorgeous and that tiara was the best! But the Gatsby reading? Nope, nuh-uh. That's up there with playing "I will always love you" as your first dance song - because you CLEARLY have not listened to the words, that is NOT a wedding song!!!!
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    Wow -- top shelf liquor TOO?!?!? TMZ blows.
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    We decided to go to Chicago instead of New York (NYC last summer so want something different), so, Hamilton it is 🙂
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    No, but it sounds like a lot of people were pouring drinks after Anna meetings
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    Had dinner with her last night and she talked a bit about it. She asked if I had seen Devil Wears Prada (ha ha ha, of course haven’t we all??) and she said that Streep you could still see a sliver of a good/kind person in there somewhere. With Anna there was none. Her office was right near Anna’s and she poured a lot of people a drink after meeting with Anna. She was on the editorial side of things. She did say Anna was good at her job and had a great eye but as brutal as they say, if not more so.
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    ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/05 **#3** Multiple police reports were filed, against a low level operator, who is part of a big network of very evil people. This is only the beginning of a very bad month for many extremely sick and powerful people. You all know all of the players, and you all know who has been working to bring them down.
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    I'm enjoying Manifest. Two episodes in and I'm still interested.
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    Yes you are right! It was for Stoneman. Miranda was all over the news for these two events last year - rightly so
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    The Emmys were moved to Monday because of some weirdness with the football schedule this year. Glad to hear that y’all are safe and dry. My family was supposed to be at a sports tournament for kid #1 in Wilmington and staying beachfront in Wrightsville beach. We were supposed to arrive at the same time as Florence. The hotel called and cancelled on us and we were all kind of bummed but wow, so glad we didn’t go! I can’t even imagine the clean up and the devastation that will be left behind.
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    I have HBO channel from my cable company, so I was able to watch HBO On Demand episodes. Haven't read the books. The acting was excellent from everyone.
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    We're fine - we're a little north of the Triangle, so our worst weather was Sunday/Monday - I think we had about 5" rain total so nothing compared to others. I couldn't drive to work on Monday due to flooded roads (I work in Durham, it was raining blindingly hard at 7am, after I hit the 4th flooded road, I turned around and drove back home and worked from home, just like Thurs & Friday when the campus was closed but nothing happened....Slow moving storm!) We had power flicker a couple times, and I lost internet (satellite) for an hour or so, but otherwise no problems. Glad you're ok! My in-laws primary residence is Oak Island, and of course, they can't get back there now to see the damages. I think the bridge re-opened yesterday, but I don't think there's a route from here to there open yet.... We were on vacation and flying home on Sept 12 (last Wed) so our flight was full of people on standby trying to get back before the storm hit. My in-laws told us the grocery stores near us were sold out, so we stopped at a store on the way home from airport and they had been restocked - had plenty of milk & eggs. But no bread 😉 So no Hurricane French Toast for us. Was able to do the rest of a quick "I've been gone 2 weeks and my fridge is empty" shopping though. Floyd was my first major storm in NC, 1999. And it was a very wet storm, I thought it was the worst thing I'd ever seen. This is worse.
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    I am headed to Hamilton on the tour through Charlotte next month! I am a season ticket holder so I thankfully automatically got seats. Bonus I was aseason ticket lottery winner and had the opportunity to buy two more. I am really really excited!!! Next year Dear Evan Hanson will be here, and I cannot wait for that either. I love the mashup song with Hamilton that they did for Hurricane Irma last year...
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    I tuned out after the opening was just SNL people over and over. I love that they own their jokes no matter what, but they were super bad. Hoya is outside Raleigh, who I think faired okay, maybe some power outages. I am outside Charlotte and except for Sunday when all three main arteries out of my neighborhood were flooded, we were fine. My Husband works during the week in Fayetteville and his apt was evacuated. It is devastating in Wilmington and the southeastern part of the State.
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    Harry Potter!!! Just because I loved it
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    Fall 2018 Premier Dates: https://www.tvguide.com/coming-soon/
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    Just finished Big Little Lies. Loved it! Can't wait for season 2 in 2019.
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    Speaking of fire and flood, aren't you in NC, Hoya? You doing okay? Anyone else hit by Florence? You all doing ok?
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    Not surprised -- didn't seem like anyone even knew they were happening. I feel like usually they are given a lot more fanfare leading up to the awards. Not to mention that a good portion of the nation is battling either fire or flood....not many have the time or the inclination right now.
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    wow I don't know why, but I'm surprised to hear this. Not even a sliver??? Damn.
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    Damn, that's the clip I meant!!! I blame jet lag ;-) How long after a trip can I use that excuse?? I agree- after watching the documentary especially, I have more respect for his catty opinions ;-)
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    No, I have not! I did see the clip where he's critiquing Manafort's jackets 😂 I could listen to ALT discuss fashion for HOURS, even though I'm not really into fashion like that.
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    So THAT'S how he got & keeps his job! 'Cause I do not think it's his fashion sense or writing ability.... I hereby revoke/revise my opinion of ALT. I just watched The Gospel According to Andre Leon Talley and it was SO GOOD. OK, I still don't love all of ALT's style, but I really didn't understand his background or fashion knowledge. In the documentary, Wintour even comments that she kept ALT close to her because he had the fashion background/experience that she lacked when she started at Vogue. I highly recommend this movie!!
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    Over 5 million chickens have drowned so far. Can't remember how many billions in damages the last estimate I heard was.....Knock wood, not so many deaths. I think the rivers have all crested by now and should be receding, so people will really start going back/in to assess damage (and of course, potentially discover more deaths....) Also, hurricane season goes until Nov 30, so.....