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    The new husband became a father 3 days after he met Miranda, with the baby's mother being someone other than the woman he was engaged to at the time of conception. Miranda may well have found her messy match here. Get your popcorn ready folks - this is a great day for gossip!!!!!
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    I think if Trump goes, Pence will be implicated enough to make him unsustainable in 2020. It would be even better if he just went outright (Nancy for the win) but I don’t think that will happen. They shut down LaGuardia today, so the pressure is really on for the shutdown. This is just not sustainable. My husband is a contractor whose company is still funded (for now)but we know so many people out of work and freaking out. This nightmare can’t end soon enough.
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    She sure does have a habit of getting involved with men who don’t appear to be single.
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    Same same same same same At any rate, I'm reading The Water Cure right now and I'm liking it!
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    I am really active on Goodreads. I run a couple of challenge-based groups on there. It's a lot of fun!
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    Oh FFS. One of my favorite FB jokes is that they should just put up Hillary's emails at the border because no one can seem to get over them. I actually had CSpan on in my office yesterday. Sen Bennett's rant was quite good! And glued to twitter today, with the indictment of Roger Stone. I LOVE indictment Friday!! I know T is on tv now giving a speech - hope he's ending the damn shutdown but I won't watch him....
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    I agree with everything you said. Hopefully this shutdown ends asap and that these traitors are taken out of office soon. I cannot believe the number of "good Americans" I see supporting these traitors. Ignorant sheep. I saw someone on FB still complaining about Hilary's emails. I mean, COME ON.
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    ^^^ Thank you! God bless you always!!! Holly
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    You are a kind and generous soul, Holly!
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    If it was just this one time then maybe I would give her the benefit of the doubt but almost every man Miranda Lambert has been linked to has been with someone else when she met them, and she has also been said to cheat on her partners as well. Given her track record it’s more likely than not her new husband was still with his ex when he started seeing her.
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    I LOOOVED that book. Loved it. I listened to her reading the audiobook.
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    Becoming by Michelle Obama.
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    Small breast implants. Definitely.
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    Just finished That Churchill Woman by Stephanie Barron. Really good (about Jenny Jerome - Winston Churchill's mother, married to Randolph CHurchill). Barron wrote a series of mysteries with Jane Austen as the sleuth - loved those! Next up - most recent Sophie Kinsella that just came out - I Owe You One. I have a few non-fiction on my nightstand too - I've expanded the sources I follow on twitter and have found a lot of reading recommendations - getting out of my white privilege & educating myself.....
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    Anyone else following the feud between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds? Have to admit, it does make me laugh: Recent update: https://www.boredpanda.com/ryan-reynolds-company-ad-hugh-jackman/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=BPFacebook&fbclid=IwAR2U889GoT9_2B8VxhWHSwMh9PL1iKLN6WGEjl_X3eQzRr0TXNjk1ogXVZs
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    I hope that everyone who stuck by her because she was “an innocent” speaks with their wallet if she goes back. I know there weren’t too many but there should be none left in that case.
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    We all knew she would never actually leave him. I'm sure she knew what was going on the entire time.
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    OMG, these comments just made my day!!
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    I used to be super active on Goodreads. I was friends with a lot of book bloggers and wrote some reviews. Then I had kids. They destroyed my reading life. I hope when my younger daughter is in full time school I can find the time and mental energy to read again.
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    ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#11** The wife of the disgraced producer has been spending some nights with him.
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    From the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office: The Trump federal government partial shutdown cost the U.S. economy $11 billion including a permanent $3 billion loss.