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    Petty bitch that I am, I *love* this! https://pagesix.com/2018/11/13/megyn-kellys-exit-has-been-great-for-today-ratings/
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    It's Fakey. There's a good chance that it's not true. I'm really hoping that it's not.
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    https://themighty.com/2018/10/prince-harry-boy-with-down-syndrome-luke-vincent-australia/?utm_source=media_partner&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=ScaryMommy Prince Harry has really turned things around. It’s hard to believe this was the guy partying hard in Vegas and dressing up as a Nazi for Halloween.
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    When I was in Egypt on vacation everyone in my group got along brilliantly. One of the women I would chat with about fashion and fun run costumes, etc., didn't think much of it. The last day of the trip, her travel companion (both their husbands didn't want to go to Egypt) says "You don't know who she is, do you?" Turns out she was a big wig at Vogue. As in worked with Anna Wintour. She is retired now. She is currently in San Diego for few days, she messaged me and we are going to dinner on Saturday night. Hope to sneak in a few Vogue questions
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    My father passed away suddenly from a brain aneurysm in 2002, I took care of most of the arrangements as my mother and sisters were just incapable of handling their grief and I was the only one that held it together. About 2 months after he passed away I had a visit from him. Sounds surreal but I was in bed, finally crying my heart out over losing him, and I felt a heavy weight on top of me, so heavy I couldn't move, I opened my eyes and flexed my fingers to make sure I wasn't dreaming. As soon as I realized it was my dad, the weight became comforting and I knew he was trying to tell me everything would be alright and he was in a good place. I fell asleep with him close to me. It happened again about 2 weeks later, I think he was just checking to make sure I was fine. It's never happened after those two "visits" but I really believe it was him. Hope you found the same comfort. Lori
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    This is the kind of BS that makes me loathe her. Is she trying to appeal to the masses - “you know girlfriend, I can’t get Brad to pay for half of the private jet?”. My single mom friends would love to be self sufficient and not worry about money from their ex, just to have one less thing to stress about. Some of my single mom friends, have to support their kids all by themselves, and still make sure the Dad sees the kids regularly. And they choose between food and clothes. Angie has no clue. She is worth $160M to his $240M. What, in all that is holy, does she need any money from him for? I understand “the principle thing” but seriously, I am not even sure why there is any sort of support at all. It ALMOST makes me like the second most pretentious celebrity female and her “uncoupling”. With all the celebrity divorces, have we ever heard this much about custody and support? No, because they all realize their kids and matters related to their kids should be kept private. Just like Brad is doing.... Note to self: stay off this thread Bran, it just makes you really really mad 😂
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    I am not sure I could even date a Skeeter.... But she was married to Narvel forever, so I cannot decide if that is a move in the right or wrong direction 😂
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    As I read it, Charlie Sheen is the only actor in the BI -- Fakey's prose is awful, but I think he's saying that the actor in question was an A+ tv actor and was close to being an A+ movie actor. Also, I read this site which compiles BIs from a variety of sites and then provides probable/definite conclusions: http://www.agcwebpages.com/BLINDITEMS/MAINPAGE.html
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    Paris Hilton & Chris Zylka Splitsville ... Engagement's Off!! TMZ I don't think any of us are shocked.
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    Yeah, it's total escapism for me.
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    I know I'd much rather discuss royal baby timelines than American politics. So I'm happy to debate this topic
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    Just announced that Royal Meghan is pregnant
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    I thought her dress was gorgeous and that tiara was the best! But the Gatsby reading? Nope, nuh-uh. That's up there with playing "I will always love you" as your first dance song - because you CLEARLY have not listened to the words, that is NOT a wedding song!!!!
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    Wow -- top shelf liquor TOO?!?!? TMZ blows.
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    ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/05 **#3** Multiple police reports were filed, against a low level operator, who is part of a big network of very evil people. This is only the beginning of a very bad month for many extremely sick and powerful people. You all know all of the players, and you all know who has been working to bring them down.
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    We decided to go to Chicago instead of New York (NYC last summer so want something different), so, Hamilton it is 🙂
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    No, but it sounds like a lot of people were pouring drinks after Anna meetings
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    Had dinner with her last night and she talked a bit about it. She asked if I had seen Devil Wears Prada (ha ha ha, of course haven’t we all??) and she said that Streep you could still see a sliver of a good/kind person in there somewhere. With Anna there was none. Her office was right near Anna’s and she poured a lot of people a drink after meeting with Anna. She was on the editorial side of things. She did say Anna was good at her job and had a great eye but as brutal as they say, if not more so.
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    I have no answers, but just wanted to say that I’m sorry you are dealing with this. What an awful situation.
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    Because all they see are indictments/convictions on "unrelated" charges that don't contain the words collusion, conspiracy and are not capable of understanding the long process involved. That plus the whole, once you're in a cult, its hard to admit it and seek help.
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    Every time this thread pops up now, I fear the worst😢
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    Agreed. I am SO sick of that fucking man. And the twat half-sister. They are only embarrassing themselves, because I (and most everyone else) don't believe a word that comes out of their mouths. I couldn't imagine doing that to my own daughter. Shameless.
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    Thank you for sharing, Lori. I believe it was your father, too -- I'm glad you were able to receive some comfort. Hugs ❤️
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    and what about a mother of means -- That comment makes no sense -- Child support is not optional in California, but it is determined by a computer program which takes into account the income and expenses of BOTH parties and the percentage of custodial time -- if she already has a support order in place and given her assumed income she should be able to make it works. Those kids don't need three/four houses or to go off jet setting just because she is bored. She wants it to be voluntarily because she doesn't want to have to put in writing what the money is for and where her money goes (up her nose or in her arm). Guilting someone into coughing up the money after you just put him through shit is probably not the way to go. I am sure that this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he has obviously moved on.
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    Not even bothering to post this in the BI forum; it's clearly about Clooney and apparently there was a second scooter that dodged the accident: There would have been a ton of questions about why this A+ list mostly movie actor was out with this 15 year old boy. Luckily the boy had a quicker reaction time. It also wouldn't shock me if we find out someone involved was the parent of the 15 year old. Lots of questions that will never be answered unless someone in the mess, decides to speak.