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  1. princess

    Brad and Angelina

    I seem to recall more than one source, but not sure about that?
  2. princess

    Talk Shows

    Agreed that Madonna was very awkward - I think she just doesn't like doing interviews because she is guarded. But as you said, this is Graham and he always makes sure his guest are comfortable. And he does get the big names on his couch that rival Madonna in terms of fame. However, I'm guessing Madonna did not know his format or she would never have worn what she did! Why would you wear that to a sit-down interview?? And she didn't have any cute stories ready to tell like other celebs do. She was dressed to perform, not talk! I feel like Madonna thought this was just another dumb interview to promote her new album and didn't realize Graham is different. Go Graham! In terms of my mother thinking Madonna was on drugs, she thinks everyone is on drugs or drunk that can't hold a conversation. Funny considering she never caught me in my college years
  3. princess

    Brad and Angelina

    Has anyone else been following the BIs about Angelina? They are getting more disturbing. Do you believe them?? ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#8** As I suspected she would, this A list mostly movie actress acquired another of her special visas she is able to get because of her unique position to bring in two teens from a foreign country for some of her offspring to have sex with for a few weeks before she ships them back or off to friends. Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie: What We Owe Refugees)
  4. princess

    Talk Shows

    She seems very guarded. I guess if I was that famous I would be too, on the other hand this is a talk show and you know Graham isn't going to do anything shitty to his guests.... My 75 year old mother saw this episode and she said she thought Madonna was on drugs
  5. princess

    Big Little Lies

    Worth the effort to juggle to get his series. It's great. I can't believe how much I hate Meryl Streep - her character is evil!!
  6. princess

    Big Little Lies

    Anyone else watching this? Love this show. Just realized that Nicole Kidman and Lenny Kravitz use to date. Now Kidman is doing a TV show with his daughter!
  7. princess

    Kill (or "ditch)/Screw/Marry

    Different game, but saw this online today and thought it was funny: Keanu Reeves as a hemophiliac: Keanu Bleeds Keanu as a homeless man: Keanu Needs Keanu recently got a lung transplant: Keanu Breathes Keanu as your favorite librarian: Keanu Reads Keanu as a kleptomaniac: Keanu Thieves
  8. princess

    Official 2019 Divorce Poll

    Wow, not a single couple on our poll has divorced yet and it's already June!
  9. princess

    Official 2019 Divorce Poll

    In case you've been hiding under a rock (I have, I've been sick ) Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt got married over the weekend.
  10. princess

    Official 2019 Divorce Poll

    Jada Pinkett Smith Says There Have Been 'Betrayals of the Heart' in Her Marriage to Will Smith https://people.com/movies/jada-pinkett-smith-will-smith-betrayals-of-heart/
  11. princess

    Game of Thrones prequel - casting spoilers

    As a Reminder, Here's Everyone in the Game of Thrones Prequel's Cast https://www.popsugar.com/entertainment/Game-Thrones-Prequel-Cast-45443121?utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=post&utm_campaign=frontdoor&fbclid=IwAR23blZqyoEQS8raDCMKBphdFdhiqGLDcbO_zfhnZkeY-QNkeYOlnLpy3N8 Not any major spoilers in the above article.
  12. princess

    FanChitChat 16 Years Old!

    Thanks for the donation Hoyaheel, and it was a big one! I'm guessing you'd rather keep your mod status
  13. princess

    FanChitChat 16 Years Old!

    I know, right?!?!
  14. princess

    FanChitChat 16 Years Old!

    ChitChat is now officially begging for donations for our annual hosting fees! If you enjoy this site, please consider donating to assist with funds that are used for hosting, tech support and upgrades of FanChitChat! Click Here to Donate to ChitChat! The link above will take you to paypal's secure server. In case anyone needs it, the payment email address is princess@fanchitchat.com You do not need a paypal account, you can simply enter in info and submit without registering. As we have done in the past, all who donate will be designated "ChitChat Donator" status so every knows how super cool you are Thanks again everyone! princess
  15. princess

    Game of Thrones - no spoilers

    A lot of rehab facilities are not lock-down, so it's not odd about him being out and about. Court-ordered rehab facilities are usually lock down. Glad he is getting help. Will be interesting to see if his marriage survives this.